knee flexibility???squats

  1. knee flexibility???squats

    OK, I have been training for several years now and have been doing leg presses instead of squats due to my limited flexibility in my knees and it kills them to squat. I have no pain after working out. So I want to start to squat to train heavy for strength in a year or so. What would be some good excerises to get my knee flexiblilty up and start to squat with light weights. I was thinking maybe more on the hack squat machine but do not know if it is wise? any suggestions?

  2. Are you sure that your technique is ok? Most of the time if there is knee pain, bad technique is the culprit.

  3. I am not ruling out technique at all. I know when I bend my knees while standing or while squatting they are tight and I can feel that. Should I watch my technique and do several sets with just the bar? I do not have weak legs but with squats just the bar is tough at the bottom. I understand that any new excerise until u get the technique and all down it will be very light with weights. So I just what I am asking is should I do lots of sets very light weights and work on the weight with an aux excerise until I get it down and my knees get used to it. and if so, would u do the light sets (squats) first then hit the heavy on the press latter.
    Thanks for all the help and any thoughts would be helpful

  4. First make sure you are fully warmed up.
    Then for a few workouts just squat using your own body weight.
    For an otherwise healthy 25 year old male, a squat with good form should not cause knee pain, and should only increase flexbility.
    Finish up your workout with some nice deep static stretches, ideally use PNF if you have a partner.

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