My 5-split, 45 minute, 6-second TUT/rep workout

  1. My 5-split, 45 minute, 6-second TUT/rep workout

    I do this on a 2on/1off basis, so this is pretty much equivalent to a 5-a-week split, but not exactly. It boils down to 14 training days on 21, whereas a 5-a-week would be 15 days... Details. I follow this with 20-30 minutes of moderate to low intensity cardio. Goal is leaning out and keeping/adding muscle mass.


    EDIT: I've updated the images to reflect the supersets. The pairs of exercises marked + or = are supersets. The * indicate single-sided exercised for which the number of reps or sets was doubled on the spreadsheet in order to let the computer properly display time elapsed.
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  2. wow, thats some volume! with this hypertrophy setup are you going to eat above maintenace?

  3. Well it boils down to about 20 sets per workout. Yes it is fairly intense, but because the sets are also fairly close together, the weights are lower than they might be. Especially that with a 5-second negative, the weights are nowhere near my strength routine.

    Diet-wise, I am actually about maintenance, even somewhat lower. I have some fat to lose, as my sig shows. There are two mitigating factors here: 1. I have been off for about 6 weeks, so that diminishes the weights right there, at least at first. 2. Diet will slowly show an increase in calories and mostly protein as time wears on. Oh and on top of that, someplaces it's written 6 or 8 sets, but that's 3 or 4, doubled up so the spreadsheet will add up the time correctly. I'll change this later on in the file. I plan on using this same routine on my upcoming bulk with superdrol and perhaps MAX LMG stacked on top of it, and add about a chicken and a rib steak per day to my diet. I also designed this split so that it would be easily adapted to ACIT, which I am wanting to try out as soon as I get back to my usual strength and size.

    Oh, I also have the file in .xls format for those who might want to try this kind of training for a bit. Oops, this thing won't let me post an .xls so it's a .zip, just unzip and use. UPDATED.
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  4. what are dillet pulldowns and kelso shrugs?

  5. The Dillett pulldown: grip the wide pulldown bar, hands shoulder-wide, palms facing your eyes, thumbs opposing the fingers. Recline back 45 degrees and pulldown to where the wrists touch the serratus, bringing the bar down to the level of the diaphragm.

    Kelso shrug is done on a 45 degree bench, chest on the bench. Holding dumbells, shrug the shoulder blades together.

  6. This very interesting study excerpt suggests that the kind of low-rest training I'm doing does promote cortisol release moreso than workout length. This is news to me. I was purposefully doing short-rest training in order to max out GH release...

    Any thoughts?

    The effects of plasma cortisol elevation on total and differential leukocyte counts in response to heavy-resistance exercise.

    Kraemer WJ, Clemson A, Triplett NT, Bush JA, Newton RU, Lynch JM.

    Center for Sports Medicine, Pennsylvania State University, University Park 16802, USA.

    The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of heavy-resistance exercise-induced elevations of plasma cortisol on circulating leukocyte counts. Nine healthy, recreationally weight-trained men volunteered for this investigation. Two exercise protocols were employed. Protocol 1 (P-1) consisted of eight sets of ten-repetition maximum leg-press exercise with 1-min rest periods between sets. Protocol 2 (P-2) was identical except for 3-min rest periods. A non-exercise protocol was used as a control treatment (C). Venous blood samples, heart rates and ratings of perceived exertion were obtained pre-, mid- and 5 min post-exercise. In order to examine the maximal influence of cortisol on leukocyte counts, we placed the subject's highest magnitude of cortisol change in response to one of the heavy-resistance exercise protocols in what we designated as the response protocol (R) and the other value was placed into what was designated as the non-response protocol (NR) for analysis. Significant increases in cortisol occurred from pre- to post-exercise for P-1 [mean (SD) 241.4 (25.0) to 302.0 (60.0)nmol . 1(-1)] and in the R conditions pre- to mid- and pre- to post-exercise [218.0(0.0) to 302.4 (37.1) to 326.8 (51.9)nmol . 1(-1)]. No significant changes in cortisol occurred for P-2, NR or the control conditions. Significant increases in total leukocyte counts occurred from pre- to mid- and pre- to post-exercise both for R [5.6 (0.4) to 7.4 (0.3) to 7.3 (0.3) cells . 10(9) . 1(-1)] and NR [5.7 (0.3) to 6.9 (0.4) to 7.1(0.4) cells . 10(9) . l(-1)]. No significant changes in differential leukocyte counts occurred. In addition, no significant correlations between cortisol and total or differential leukocyte counts were observed. These data indicate that acute increases in total leukocytes along with no changes in differential leukocyte counts can occur in response to heavy-resistance exercise that does not significantly elevate plasma cortisol concentrations.

    PMID: 8861675 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


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