alpha-2 receptors and women

  1. alpha-2 receptors and women

    Hey guys,

    Tried searching but couldn't find anything on this. So, does anyone have studies that clearly indicate that women have more alpha-2 receptors on their body (lower?) than men?

    Tried looking through PubMed but couldn't truly find anything that answered my question.


  2. Someone here may very well have info that you are looking for. In the mean time do a search over at Avant. Using usernames such as Par Deus, Spook and Loki (to name a few) as well as product names like lipo-derm, ab-solved and the like (in addition to alpha-2 receptors). There is a huge knowledge base over there regarding this type of thing. You could also post your inquiry there as well.

  3. Heya!

    Thanks man. I appreciate it.

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