M-drol/H-drol - Week 1 update

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  1. Here's my typical day of eating, FYI:

    Meal 1: Protein shake with 50grams of Whey Isolate Protein. One instant packet of reduced sugar maple brown oatmeal, mixed with warm water on the side. (30 grams carbs total)

    I take the following supplements 15 minutes prior:
    * 8 gram MCT oil mixed in the protein shake
    * 2 caps CLA
    * 5 caps Fish oil
    * 1.33mL Sesamin oil
    * 300mg ALA
    * Active Multivitamin
    * Glucosamine/MSM
    * 1 H-drol cap
    * 1 M-drol cap
    * Juice Plus+ (2 caps of each of the three kinds)
    * Milk Thistle

    Meal 2: 1/2 cup steamed brown rice, 1 cup steamed green beans. 300 gram chicken breast. (~35 grams carbs total)

    Meal 3: Same as #2 (~35 grams carbs total)

    I take the following supplements 15 minutes prior:
    * 2 caps CLA
    * 5 caps Fish oil
    * 1.33mL Sesamin oil
    * 300-600mg ALA
    * Juice Plus+ (2 caps of each of the three kinds)
    * Milk Thistle

    Meal 4: Same as #2 (I take one M-drol and one H-drol with some fish oil 15 minutes prior to this meal, as it is my pre-workout meal.) (~35 grams carbs total)

    Meal 5: post workout shake -> 50 grams Whey protein, 3/4 scoop cell tech, 3/4 scoop waxy maize starch (equal to a total of ~70 grams of simple sugars/carbs - also add 300-600mg ALA with this PW shake)

    Meal 6: Same as #2 (~35 grams carbs total)

    Meal 7: Pre-bed protein shake. 50 grams Whey Isolate Protein.

    I take the following supplements 15 minutes prior:
    * 8 gram MCT oil mixed in the protein shake
    * 2 caps CLA
    * 5 caps Fish oil
    * 1.33mL Sesamin oil
    * 300mg ALA
    * Glucosamine/MSM
    * 1 H-drol cap
    * Juice Plus+ (2 caps of each of the three kinds)
    * Milk Thistle

    Protein = ~350 grams
    Carbs = ~ 200 grams
    Fats = ~ 60 grams (all from CLA, fish oil, MCT oil, and a little EVOO)

    My carb sources are only from brown rice and oatmeal. I buy pre-boiled brown rice pouches. Each pouch has a total of 100 grams of carbohydrates in it, and this is divided in to three equal servings to go alongside 3 out of my 4 chicken meals/day.

    The order or the meals vary somewhat ON OCCASION, but lately I cut carbs beyond 7PM. Since I did this, all three meals of chicken WITH rice come BEFORE 5PM, and the Oatmeal is for breakfast no matter what, every morning. Beyond 7PM, my chicken will be eaten alongside a salad or green beans.

  2. you eat a lot of carbs compared to how lean you are. lucky guy !!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by nycste View Post
    you eat a lot of carbs compared to how lean you are. lucky guy !!
    Lol, I've got great Norwegian [viking] genetics, and I'm taking ALA.. That's the be-all/end-all stack of the century right there ! hahah . .

  4. I didn't up the carbs as much as expected cus I'm paranoid about losing definition or retaining water. Total for the day was abuot 450 grams, where 300 grams were from brown rice and oatmeal, and another 150 grams from Waxy maize starch and the dextrose content in the cell-tech.

    Today was arm day, and it'd be the last workout before two days off, so I figured I had to make the best of it, and tear up as much as possible, as the turkey, stuffing, and pies were just around the corner.

    My last meal prior to working out was at 4.15PM; 50 grams of protein from chicken with 50 grams of carbs from brown rice. I took my second dosage of the H-drol and M-drol with some fish oil as well.

    6.30PM and I'm finally feeling a little 'emptier' inside . . stomach bothered me some for whatever reason. I took two scoops of VasoCharge (Scivation), one scoop of whey protein, and one 50gram scoop of Waxy maize starch and drank it in a second. (Mango flavored protein, and the WMS makes it taste ever sweeter, so it was awesome!)

    Mixed 1.5 scoops of White Flood and 3 scoops of Xtend in half a gallon of water and took off for the gym.

    Now, I don't have workout numbers here, but let me explain . . let me TRY to explain. Because of my elbow pain, i decided to go somewhat light, but for high reps. Lots and lots of volume.

    I didn't hit my calves hard enough on monday, so I figured i'd throw some of those in there too, so I started off super setting triceps rope pressdowns and ez-bar pressdowns with different calf exercises. I mean, why not, it's not like i was gonna run out of steam for my bicep workout. Did a solid 16 sets of calves on 4-5 different exercises. After a couple sets of triceps, my arms were already swelling up. Literally. Finally got to the dumbbell section where they had mirrors so I could see, and my triceps stood out as if I'd just popped a couple CCs of synthol in there, I'm not ****ing kidding ! Had veins going down my shoulders, down my arms, across my tris and bis . . It looked semi-retarded. haha. No, **** that, I've never felt better in my life ! I did high volume, and the pump was ridiculous, so I lost count of reps and sets . . after like 5 exercises for triceps, I decided to warm up my bis, but instead I continues supersetting bis and tris for 4-5 more exercises of each (totaling 9 exercises for triceps and 7 for biceps each for 2-4 sets each, lost count of reps but 'within range', haha)

    I had never looked better in my life, and people were staring me down at the gym with that typical 'what the **** look' .. I was jacked. My energy levels were THROUGH the roof, my mood was WAY up [result of confidence probably, lol] and I seriously did not want to leave the gym. After like an hour and a half or so I was done. Could've gone another hour, but I needed some more protein and carbs in me.

    Post-workout shake consisted of:
    * 2 scoops 4EverFit Whey isolate
    * 1 scoop Cell-tech (orange)
    * 1 scoop WMS
    * 1 sample packet of Refuel (adds another 16 grams of sugar and some beta-alanine, etc.. had a sample packet, so why not take it ?!)

    The drink kicked ass to say the least. Took 300mg ALA with it as well.. I down the drink, and my stomach didn't even bloat, I still looked tight as hell, and could see veins down my stomach when I tightened it.

    Got some post-workout pics here . . Bodyweight @ 229.2 lbs today.

    I am confident in saying that today's carb increase, portioning and timing worked out pretty damned well.. I didn't add much water or bloat, and I'm looking full as hell, with vascularity I've never had before.

    Side effects: Short fuse when I'm in stressful situations (traffic, class, studying....). Not suffering any other issues - KNOCK ON WOOD - I have not had any aches or back pumps; no more acne (KNOCK AGAIN, cus I don't feel bad rolling up my sleeves when working out now!)..

    Well, I'm gonna hit the hay now.. Took some Lean Dreams a little while ago, so I'll be getting laid tonight for sure !

    PEACE !
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  5. goddam genetic freaks of nature !!!

    you got best body on board

  6. Day 13:

    So, after two days in a row OFF training, you'd think I'd come back to the gym bigger, better, stronger and all the rest . . I was wrong . . Eating has been on 95% of the time the past two days, and I'll throw myself a high five there, cus I spent too many hours in the car for that to really be possible, but I made sure to pre-pack both chicken and rice in zip-lock containers, and the likes .. So I got my meals in when I needed to, and stayed on my diet for the past two days apart from ONE meal, Thanksgiving turkey/ham dinner with all the extras. I sort of hate myself for not binging more, but it's whatever, I feel confidentin saying I didn't gain an ounce of water. Weighed in today @ 227.2 lbs, so I was happy to see that.

    BUT.. I said my workout went to ****s cus it did. This piece of **** ****ing texas weather really ****s with you ! Up until and including wednesday we had temperatures of between 72-80 degrees. Then it dropped overnight; it's been averaging 40 since Thanksgiving, and my body is NOT used to the cold temperatures, NOR do I enjoy the cold anymore, cus I don't have 20% bodyfat to keep me warm. Needless to say, I'm walking around freezing, with the HEAT on 80-82 degrees, and shock my body every time i step outside to 40-50 degrees with rain. So to be fair to myself - and so that I won't be depressed for the rest of this weekend - I got to say that the weather is what ****ed me up today ! I can't run outside with my dog, so I don't get my 2-3 hours of outdoor time anymore, and instead I'm sitting inside and don't move around too much - i mean, you can only do so much indoors. AND, as I left for the gym, I was freezing my ass off, and that doesn't really keep the blood pumping like you want it to . .

    Anyway. I took my regular pre-workout drink, and like I said a couple days ago, I'm gonna make the WMS a habit to put it in my pre-workout VasoCharge. EVERYTHING WAS SPOT ON today as far as eating every 2.5 hours, perfect servings of chicken and rice, and I even upped both carbs and protein a little bit, just because I needed to fuel my body for the workout. I also started to put protein in my Xtend that I drink during workout (Substance WPI watermelon flavor in Xtend watermelon flavor - works out damn good)

    I didn't even bother to record the weights today. Started off with compound lifts for Chest, just Incline Barbell Press and Flat Dumbbell Press. It didn't take many sets before I noticed my pump wasn't there, and the 'feel' just wasn't there. And my strength was OFF ! As a result, I did what i did on wednesday, just made the most of it.

    For Incline Bench Press I did 2 second negatives with a complete 1 second pause on the bottom before pushing it back up. For Flat Dumbbell Press, I did the same, only I did 2 second negatives, 1 second stop on bottom of the movement, then 2 second 'positive'. The weights were lower than I was used to, but I still got a decent pump, because doing the reps as slow as I did them, I focused on a strong contraction, really stretched out the chest in the bottom position, and reduced the strain on the secondary muscles (ie triceps and front deltoids). My vascularity was great still, yet I didn't look as full, but like I said, the cool weather doesn't exactly get my blood flowing. For the first time ever, I was having to wear a sweatshirt when working out, cus my body temperature just wasn't what I'm used to.

    After flat dumbbell press, I headed for the Incline Hammer Press, where I did 2-3 second negatives, 2 second hold on bottom, before exploding back in to top position. I also leaned my head forward, made sure my whole spine was touched the back pad, and my body was at a 90 degree angle on the seat. This really got me feeling it in my upper pecs, but the weight was once again lowered from what I'm used to, so I didn't really feel too good about myself.

    I then did flat dumbbell flyes, arnold-style, hugging the hellllll out of a tree. Arms were at the same angle the whole time, stretched so that I almost touched the ground, and when I felt that I wouldn't get another solid rep (3 second negatives are hard as hell on these damned flyes!), I'd finish off each set with fly-presses until failure - where I'd lower the dumbbells like a fly, then bring them back in to my chest in the bottom position, and press them back up like a regular dumbbell press. If you've never done Fly/Presses like that, you ought to try it. It's AWESOME for a sick pump !

    I then went to the Pec-deck and did 3 sets of 10-12 reps with 3-4 second negatives where I'd stretch so far back that the weight would almost fall back down on the stack for every rep [if ya get the picture]. Once again, here i leaned my head forwards, and my ass was touching the back-pad at ALL times so that the form was perfect.

    Finished off with a couple sets of dumbbell pullovers, and got the hell out of there.

    This entire workout I'd sit at my station and not even look at myself in the mirror. I'd avoid all eye contact - even if I saw buddy's up there i'd ignore them - cus I just felt lousy - and PISSED OFF for the weights I was using, and not being my same old self [like 3 days ago] in the gym. Seriously, I was just pissed off, and everyone there annoyed me, and I'd be cussing at myself and so on . . Sounds absolutely retarded, I'm aware, but I expected a WHOLE helluvalot more from myself, and to think this is one of the final chest workouts on the cycle makes it even tougher to admit that I had a ****ty workout.

    I'll be making a couple changes, AGAIN . . now, for over a week, I've been telling myself I'm gonna up the carbs, but when it comes down to it, my conscience won't let me. I'm too worried about losing definition and getting some more water-weight on me. Instead, I'll be upping my protein intake to somewhere in between 400 and 450 grams/day. These extra 50-100 grams will come from an extra scoop or two of protein powder here and there, and/or an extra meal with chicken (this will all depend on my daily schedule as well as my appetite).

    The only way I can cheer myself up right now is to tell myself I'm even leaner than 3 days ago. And I am. My abs are tight at all times, and my shoulders are getting some great definition and separation. I've added a shoulder shot from today, but I didn't bother taking too many pics, I just didn't feel good enough about myself.

    Side effects: NONE !!! - KNOCK ON WOOD !!! (apart from a ****ty workout that I blame on this damned weather/season)

    Oh, yeah. Elbow pain was in my right elbow today, not my left one like the other day. It wasn't as bad as my left was the other day, and I feel retarded for stating that the Glucosamine is already in effect - as it takes 4-6 weeks for improvement - but the MSM is probably helping already. [I mean it's helping as the right elbow pain is no longer there - knock on wood - and that **** was PAIIIIINFUL on wednesday ! Two days off from all heavy strained activities was also much needed I bet ..]

    Once again, an unplanned post where I just wrote what came to mind. Pardon the mixture of information, and the - at times - lack of detail. My mood will be better tomorrow, and granted I work out tomorrow, I'll be updating you guys then.

    PEACE !
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  7. u beast haha

  8. Oh yeah, forgot to mention this - and it COULD have had some effect on my strength, but normally it doesn't do that to me . .anyway . .

    I've got this thing where i gotta time everything correctly, and I've got a certain 'anabolic window' where I tell myself, THIS is the IDEAL time where you got to refuel your body. What I mean is that after ANY workout, I feel the need to mix my post-workout shake immidiately upon completion of the workout. Today was my chest workout, but I also did calves - I try to prioritize them, not to proud of what I've currently got. I was gonna do them AFTER my chest workout, but here's my whole 'anabolic window' issue: I feel the need to have that post workout shake immidiately after working out the 'MAIN' muscle I'm working out on any particular day, ie. when I've got a pump going and the blood is engorged in my muscles. Now, if I were to do Chest and THEN 20 minutes of calves, I'd lose my chest pump, and I'd feel like the post workout shake isn't 'doing it's thing' like I want it to. Therefore, I supersetted seated calf raises with incline bench press, and one legged bodyweight calf raises with flat dumbbell press. I'd go forth and back from a set of calves to a set of chest with little to no rest in between.

    To me, this feels like the right way to do it. I'd feel like my calves are what would grow [don't over-evaluate what I just said, just bare with me] and not my chest, if I were to do chest, THEN the calves, and THEN follow up with the post-workout shake.

    Anyway, I'm gonna stop talking now, cus I feel like I'm rambling, and if you don't understand what I mean by the 'anabolic window' by now, then I don't know how else to put it..

    PEACE !

  9. i hear ya, so just wise up and do pushups till you drop... that will get the blood back in !!

  10. I'll do a couple sets of push ups to failure after completing my chest workout every once in a while. But if there was to go 20 minutes in between the chest workout completion and the push-ups, I feel like I'm having to warm up again.

    But yeah, you just gotta listen to your body, and go by instinct.. that's the way I've trained for as long as i can remember.

  11. you should try icing your elbows. My shoulders hurt when I bench sometimes and I will ice them in 20 minute sessions. If I don't do that I need more time between heavy bench and shoulder workouts...

  12. Day 14:

    I had a great day of eating, felt well rested, and figured that my legs were already recovered from last monday, so I bit the dust and hit the gym after all.

    An hour prior to workout I had a Muscle Milk shake - Dulce de Leche. I found it for $12 the other day, so who the hell would resist buying that ?! Half an hour after, I mixed a sample packet of WTF Pumped with 1.5 scoops of Vasocharge and 35 grams of WMS. Once again, the WTF Pumped didn't agree with my stomach, and I spent a couple trips on the 'loo' before hitting the gym.

    I mixed 3 scoops of Xtend with one topped scoop of White Flood and one scoop of WPI Substance in half a gallon of water, and took of to the gym. The fact that only 3 scoops of Xtend on workout days help my recovery to the Xtent (good one) that it does simply amazes me, so why bother throwing more in there ?! At this rate, Xtend has become the most economically efficient supplement I got in my stack, and I will not get off it. I've been using Xtend for 4 weeks now, and the Large sized is still half-full !!

    I felt ready. My head was clear, and I was ready to hit the weights. I said **** the cold, and got dressed for once.


    Warm-ups: 135 * 15, 225 * 12
    Working sets: 315 * 10, 365 * 8, 365 * 6, 365 * 4, 315 * 8 -> DROP 225 * 8

    Once again, these are RAW and ROCK BOTTOM. NO belt, and ass to the ground. The drop set was insanely intense, and I wasn't gonna give in until I matched my 8 reps of 315 with 8 reps of 225, even though I took NO rest in between. On my 8th rep, my buddy was about to grab my chest cus he thought I got stuck at the bottom, but I just paused on the bottom of the 8th rep of 225 for two FULL seconds before I popped back up. It felt GOOOD!

    Vertical Leg Press: 290 * 12, 290 * 12, 290 * 12, 340 * 15

    - my mind muscle connection is fantastic to say the least. I did 1-2 second negatives, paused on bottom of movement, before slowly squeezing up the rep. Each set lasted 45-60 seconds, and when i racked the weight each time, I thought I was gonna spill my guts in agony. The veins were popping out of my calves like never before even when doing these, and I got an hellacious pump. I flexed my calf on the way over to the next station, and veins stuck out from every direction, and my buddy was just like, 'WTF' [Pumped, LOL].

    Two-legged Seated leg Curls - 270 * 15, 285 * 12, 285 * 10

    - held the peak contraction for a second, and each rep was done in an entirely controlled fashion, with a slow 2 second negative to full extension, before curling back.

    Seated Two-leg Extensions - 140 * 12, 140 * 12, 140 * 12
    superset with
    One-legged Leaning Leg Curls - 30 * 12, 40 * 12, 50 * 12

    - Slow reps, held peak contraction for a second, and squeezed as much blood as i could in to my hams and quads.

    I then finished off with 3 sets of Calf Raises supersetted with SLOW bodyweight squats, just to keep that blood flowing until i got to the locker room mirrors so I could check out the results. My thighs, hams and calves were jacked like never before, and they're starting to look REAL good. I'm actually proud, but I hate to say that I got no good pics, so next time, I'll be asking my buddy to bring a camera and take some post leg-workout pics so you can see for yourself. Veins all the way up my thighs, and the separation is coming in.

    Bodyweight: 226.6 lbs. - Can't explain this really, apart from that I threw up A LITTLE BIT after the Vertical Leg Presses.

    Side Effects: None

    I will drop my H-drol dosage to 50mg/day, and keep the M-drol @ 20mg/day. Why? Just because I'm getting the gains [looks wise] that I'm wanting, and they are side effect free [KNOCK ON WOOD] so why would I increase if I instead can just secure my gains at a lower dosage ?

    Also, I added Testabolan yesterday. 2 caps in the morning, 3 caps prior to bed. Figured I'd let you all know..

    So, with the decreased H-drol dosage, I'll be running the cycle for another 9 days total. [got 18 caps left of H-drol]

    PEACE !

  13. nice bro

  14. Day 15:

    When the cold front set in, my veins are disappearing. ****in a ! I'm always cold, and it sucks.. I don't feel as full as I should be, and it sucks that the only time I feel 'good' is after I've gotten a pump in me.

    Anyway. I took my Vasocharge with a scoop of WMS 30 minutes prior, and mixed my Substance WPI, White Flood and Xtend in my during-workout drink.

    Today, instinct told me to focus on shoulders. Almost feel like I've been underprioritizing them for a while now, as i've been working back and shoulders on the same day for the past couple weeks.

    Here are the numbers:

    Seated Barbell Military Front Press: 135 * 15, 185 * 12, 185 * 8, 185 * 6, 135 * 8, 135 * 8.

    First two sets were light as HELL, and I lowered the bar to just past my chin. The lift off on this machine is what keeps ****ing with me, cus I unrack the bar from chest height - SO THAT I START THE FIRST REP FROM ROCK BOTTOM ON MY CHEST ! This drains me every time, and I didn't have my buddy working out with me today to help unrack. But I got a decent pump going.

    Wide-grip EZ-bar Upright Rows: 115 * 12, 115 * 12, 115 * 12

    These showed off impressive vascularity in the upper arm/shoulder area. My skin is REAL tight around the top of my bicep/shoulder tie-in, and I felt real confident after these sets.

    Side Laterals - 25 * 15, 30 * 12, 35 * 12, 40 * 12, 40 * 12

    HOLY **** !!!! I seriously looked wide as a Hummer during these sets, and the vascularity on my side-deltoids looked semi-retarded. Also, the pump made my side deltoid stick out as if I just put some Castrol oil in there. I could tell that 3/4 of the gym were staring me down and whispering about me.. and this was in the peak hours of the gym, when it's packed. This gave me one helluva boost !

    Reverse Pec-deck Flyes - 100 * 12, 110 * 10, 110 * 10, 110 * 10, 110 * 10

    as usual, I have palms facing one another and I 'push back' with the top of my hand. Nothing makes me feel it better in my rear deltoids, which is why I went a little over the top with my sets.

    Dumbbell Shrugs - 100 * 15, 100 * 15, 100 * 15, 110 * 15
    supersetted in non-stop fashion with...
    Front Plate Raises - 45 * 15, 45 * 15, 45 * 20, 45 * 20

    - once again, my skin is real tight around the upper bicep/shoulder tie-in area, and it shows REAL good separation of the shoulder and bicep. Definitely shows well when I do those plate raises.

    I was starting to feel a little strain on my left elbow by this time around, but I had lots of energy, and started a bicep workout.

    Dumbbell Curls - 30 * 20, 40 * 12, 50 * 10, 50 * 10, 55 * 8

    - I did two sets of one-armed machine curls after this, but the strain on my elbow was so ****ing painful that they were throbbing. Needless to say, I was done for the day.. Got a hellacious bicep pump too though . . .

    Weight: 226.6 lbs.

    That wraps it up for the day.. Like I stated yesterday, dosage is only 50mg/day of H-drol and 20mg/day of M-drol. Also doing 2 caps Testabolan in the morning, and 3 in the evening.


  15. Norwegian,

    Awesome Log Man. I am new to this site and I was following you over at the BB site. Your transformation is truely awesome. Such hard work and determination! Your discipline it what is so great.
    I am thinking about starting a stack myself and maybe I could speak with you sometime and maybe get some insight and recomendations. I am 6'3 myself and weigh in at 223.

    Keep up the great work man! I love reading about your transformation

  16. Just wanted to apologize ahead of time to you fellas.. The only reason I haven't gotten back with you guys as much as before, nor responded to a couple PMs, is because it's the end-of-semester, and I'm wrapping up things. Lots of stress. anyway, I promise I'll answer PM's and everything the minute I got some spare time..

  17. Day 17:

    To sum up what I've changed lately.. I've increased my protein intake to 400 grams/day, and kept my carbs right at 200 grams/day. H-drol is reduced to 50mg/day, both taken prior to my breakfast along with 10mg m-drol, and another 10mg caps m-drol an hour prior to working out. I've been experiencing random throbbing pains in my right elbow as well as a little cracking in left shoulder, so I've decided to reduce weight, increase reps, and increase intensity in my workouts so that the elbows don't get a chance to cool down whatsoever in between sets.

    I went to the gym this evening, planning to do Back/Traps and Triceps, but realized that just like with my shoulders, I haven't focused as much on back as I feel I should've this semester, as a result of me dieting non-stop since August. It turned in to a Back/Traps workout, only.

    Here are the numbers:

    Wide-grip Behind-neck Pulldowns - (150 * 15), 200 * 12, 200 * 10, 200 * 10, 200 * 10

    Full stretch for a full second, squeeze down until the bar almost touches the traps. Got one helluva starting pump with there.

    Short-bar Barbell Rows (25 lbs. bar) -165 * 15, 195 * 12, 195 * 12, 195 * 12, 195 * 12

    - I haven't done these since I can even remember.. So i figured why not. No belt, no straps, and I didn't even get a lower back pump/pain..

    One-arm Incline Dumbbell Rows - 70 * 12, 70 * 12, 70 * 12

    - FULL stretch at bottom for one second. Slow, controlled reps.

    Wide-grip Palms-In Seated Cable Rows - 150 * 15, 180 * 12, 180 * 12

    - Victor Martinez' favorite back-widener if you can picture the exercise better now. Stretch the lats slowly to the front, before raising up my chest as I pull the cable grip to just underneatch my pecs. Elbows pointing OUT the entire movement, which allows me to focus more on my upper-back, and I also feel these in my lower/outer traps when I squeeze back.

    Seated Narrow-grip Cable Rows - 200 * 12, 200 * 12, 200 * 15

    - full stretch to the front, before pulling back towards my abs

    One-arm Hammer Stretch/Pulldowns - 45 * 20, 70 * 15, 90 * 10

    - Anyone see Battle of the Olympia 2000 ? Vince Taylor does them here.. It's a strange movement, you stand on the side of the Hammer Pulldown station where you can do single-armed pulldowns, and basically it's only an awesome stretching of the lats, before squeezing down to peak contraction, and really squeezing the helllll outta your lats. How I can explain the movement, I dunno.. haha

    Seated One-arm Hammer Rows - 90 * 10, 90 * 10

    - the station was right next to the Hammer Strength, so I figured i'd get a final stretch in my lats. SLOW and controlled reps, squeezed my lats for a second on the peak contraction.

    Barbell Shrugs - 225 * 15 * 5 sets

    Seated Dumbbell Shrugs - 80 * 15, 80 * 15, 80 * 15

    - My traps are lagging behind the width of my shoulder girdle, they've just never grown like I wanted them to.. Maybe it's time for some Castrol oil to put in them, HAHA, not.. Then again, i'm not really looking to get traps up to my ears, so I gotta deal with what I have given to me ..

    Weight: 225.4 lbs.
    - HOLY *^#*@^% ! I wasn't this low on the U.D 2.0 diet even, and that was running @ 40-50 grams of carbs/day. I don't know what to put this one, but my muscles are leaner, and look longer.. Does that make sense ? My bicep look like they stretch all the way to my forarm when i stand relaxed, and my shoulder girdle and pecs have a much leaner shape to them .. I mean, they ought to by now, I've lost 10 lbs in 2.5 weeks here.. - taking NO thermogenics, but for the past two weeks, I've had HOT SALSA and jalapenos next to every frikking chicken and rice meal...... I'll blame that ! lol.. All I'm saying is that I don't think i had 10 lbs of water on me when I started, I sure as hell didn't look it, so I won't attribute that to the H-drol/M-drol entirely.

    But I'm still as big and vascular lookin as before in the gym, so I'm not worried about muscle loss. Skin is obviously tightening up from top to bottom, and I'm seeing striations on the lower/outer quad area when I flex them. My arms are filling out my polo shirts just like before, only any minor movement of the arm, and I can see the tricep, bicep or brachii tighten.. I'm LEAN to put it that way, and I'm getting the looks I'm wanting. BUT, I'll praise the ALA-increase along with my diet for that . . .

    I'm @ 1,500mg ALA/day as well - pretty much prior to EVERY carb-meal. Also, sodium-intake is close to NON, so water doesnt stick on me. Haha.

    That should be it for now... PEACE !

  18. BTW....

    To be fair, as far as results I'm seeing, I can't really.. well, attribute too much to the H-drol nor M-drol. Maybe I'm impatient, maybe my dosage is too low, I dunno .. But I'm not getting the kind of boost I was expecting.. I guess what I'm saying is that the LOOK I'm getting is something that I'd put more on my diet and supplementation other than the H-drol/M-drol.. That seems to only 'keep up my strength' while dieting. And I'm 'dieting'.. Carbs are not even ALL THAT LOW..

    - ALSO.... NO BACK PUMPS ?! PERIOD !!! I think I'm the one person who's not experiencing this while on M-drol.. (not that I WANT those painful pumps, but 9 out of 10 people I read about who took M-drol suffered PAIIIIINFUL backpumps, and resorted to taurine on a daily basis....)

    To be honest, I'm looking forward to getting off this, and doing my PCT, and then stick with Epistane/Havoc in the future.. If that.. I like the way I'm looking now, but I'm not feeling nor seeing too much of a difference since day one.. Could be the current cool weather that's ****in with my psyche, hell if I know. Or maybe I'm just getting comfortable standing at the bodyweight I'm at now.. ****, I'm ranting, i gotta shut up, I couldn't even sum up this little post if I tried..

  19. Oh.. I'll be adding Secretagogue (or however you spell it) by MHP as well as Insulean-R by Nutrabolics (k-r-ala product) starting this coming Monday. I heard good things about the Secretagogue, and found it at a reasonable price, so I'm hopin to enjoy some added GH benefits in my PCT.. Excited about the k-r-ala, too, wanting to compare it to the regular ALA I've been taking for 8 weeks now.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Norwegian View Post
    Oh.. I'll be adding Secretagogue (or however you spell it) by MHP as well as Insulean-R by Nutrabolics (k-r-ala product) starting this coming Monday. I heard good things about the Secretagogue, and found it at a reasonable price, so I'm hopin to enjoy some added GH benefits in my post cycle therapy.. Excited about the k-r-ala, too, wanting to compare it to the regular ALA I've been taking for 8 weeks now.
    i always wondered about secretagogue. i'm guessing it's supposed to boost natural gh secretion a little bit. let us know how it goes!

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Norwegian View Post
    Oh.. I'll be adding Secretagogue (or however you spell it) by MHP as well as Insulean-R by Nutrabolics (k-r-ala product) starting this coming Monday. I heard good things about the Secretagogue, and found it at a reasonable price, so I'm hopin to enjoy some added GH benefits in my post cycle therapy.. Excited about the k-r-ala, too, wanting to compare it to the regular ALA I've been taking for 8 weeks now.
    k-rala...is a less potent isomer of NA-rala....but cheaper...........basicly low blood sugar is nessisary for GH production....that is where ala comes in.....there are about 100 things i could say right now..but i'm tired....sorry
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  22. sorry to interrupt with a lame question what could you explain to me what ALA really are and do for your body during training or not?

    i am also right now on M-drol its my 3rd day i take it like 40mins before i work out and i feel like a beast already
    weight is up like 2 pounds and my diet is on key

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Ironmale View Post
    sorry to interrupt with a lame question what could you explain to me what ALA really are and do for your body during training or not?

    i am also right now on M-drol its my 3rd day i take it like 40mins before i work out and i feel like a beast already
    weight is up like 2 pounds and my diet is on key
    I would be interested in that too !!!

  24. I don't feel like going too in-depth as it's much easier to do a quick search anywhere to look up the benefits of ALA. . In one sentence: it helps nutrient flow to the muscles, and helps absorbtion of carbohydrates, hence I take it prior to every carb-rich meal.

    Ironmale; for the first week, I also 'thought' i felt like a beast when taking the M-drol prior to workout.. That faded within the said week, and I won't credit the M-drol for that [feeling like a beast] as much as the White Flood/Xtend/Vasocharge ...

  25. Day 18:

    I always look the best when I wake up in the morning. Not one ounce of extra water on me. Although not as full as a week and beyond ago - obviously, as I've lost TEN POUNDS - I'm LEAN AND MEAN as HELLLLL when I look at myself in the mirror upon waking up. Stomach is real tight, clear muscle separation.. more a fit look than a bulked up bodybuilding look, which I'm happy about.

    Anyway, diet is spot on as usual. I've added one serving of Dulce de Leche Muscle Milk with an extra scoop of protein alongside my oatmeal for breakfast.. Also, lots of HOT JALAPENOS and salsa with each chicken and rice meal. To be honest, I'm at 450 grams of protein now; five big pieces of chicken breast (~250 gram protein total) and another 200 grams from protein shakes. Call it overkill with the shakes if you want to, but hell, the protein attained from the chicken is equal to more than 1gram per lbs of bodyweight of mine, so I'm not worrying about that.

    Had a stressful day though. My **** of an ex girlfriend is threatening to sue me for taking her dog.. Long story short, we got a puppy together in August - shared custody-like, LOL - and she refused to take care of the basics such as vaccinations and the likes, and kept him in the kennel for hoooouuuurs at a time, so I said to hell with her I'm keeping the dog to myself. Anyway, her pops a rich SOB and he's encouraging her to make a huge ****in fuzz about it. **** that, I've got my name on all records regarding that dog, and hers is nowhere to be found, so I'm ready to take on any wealthy family !

    That **** fueled my fire during my workout though. I went in to the gym to do Triceps and Biceps, and ended up supersetting four exercises of calves for 12-20 reps with the first four exercises for triceps. The pump I got in my tris was so beyond belief that I kept piling on the exercises and the reps, and finished off supersetting my final two triceps exercises with two biceps exercises just to put the icing on the cake. Seven high repped sets for biceps was all I needed, and I figured I'd just grab my post-workout shake, eat dinner, and start growing, as opposed to throw more exercises and sets in there for biceps. Obviously, I go by feel when I workout, I only train instinctively cus that's what seems to work for me - - - aaaalways switching things up and trying to shock the system.

    The pump I got from the TWO topped scoops of White Flood and 3 topped scoops of Xtend was insane. I was getting stares from every corner of the gym...

    Like I said last night, reps are increased and rest between sets is decreased [60-90 seconds only] to keep the intensity going as much as I can. I only spent an hour in the gym, but I ended up with some 25-30 sets for triceps, and they were bulging out like I've never seen them before. Totaled 16 sets for calves. Vascularity was great from my forarms all the way to my traps, and got a couple thick veins on my calves. The high reps are easing all stress/strain on my elbows, and I've had no pain today. Shoulder still feel somewhat strange doing some exercises - sort of like a popping-sound every once in a while - but it's not painful.

    Weighed in at 225.6 lbs once again. People tell me I sure as HELL don't look like I'm only @ 225lbs, which is always good to hear.

    Pardon not having any numbers for ya'll here . . that always seems to happen when I do arms, haha !

    PEACE !

  26. just keep on trucking

  27. Obviously, I go by feel when I workout, I only train instinctively cus that's what seems to work for me - - - aaaalways switching things up and trying to shock the system
    Good Deal!

  28. Day 19:

    I took the day off and enjoyed ... umm .. well, nothing ! Diet was the same old, apart from enjoyed a Helachio Muscle Milk in fat free milk prior to bed alongside some pretzels. One HELLUVA cheat meal ! LOL . . 30-45 minutes after this, I took 4 Lean Dreams (2 old ones, 2 new ones - both from sample packets) and went to bed . . didn't KNOCK me out like I wanted to, nor did that **** keep me asleep for more than 7 hours, so WTF ?!?!

    Day 20:

    Had allll day to do nothing . . and I took advantage of it. Woke up at 9.30AM, and tried to enjoy a Dark Chocolate Muscle Milk mixed with skim milk, but that almost got me sick.. Tasted like OVERLY potent chocolate milk - you know, like when you mix a whole [protein]-scoop of NesQuick with 6 oz. of milk, THAT kind of overly chocolaty tasting. Got me nauseous, and ruined my 'first meal'..

    Did nothing all day apart from taking my dog out walking several times . . . and cooked all of my chicken and rice meals, and ate . . Man, how productive ! But SO enjoyable to not worry about school for one whole day. Took myself a nap from 4.30 till 5.15PM, when i realized that the gym was closing at 8PM, and I HAD to get my ass in there today to do chest, as last chest workout went somewhat to ****s . .

    5.30PM: I mixed ONE scoop of Dulce de Leche Muscle Milk with one scoop of vanilla protein in some water. I figured why not get some quick nutrients in me, since my last meal was at 3.30PM ?!

    6.20PM: I mixed two scoops of Vasocharge with 25 grams of WMS, and drank it within 10 minutes.

    6.50PM: I mixed TWO scoops of White Flood with 3 scoops of Xtend and one scoop of Substance WPI, and took off for the gym.

    7PM: I was ready.. HELL, was I ready ! I'm so lean at the moment that any movement of my arms and shoulders show striations and real good shape. I knew I was gonna continue my favorite way of working out: HIGH intensity, lighter weight, supersets, movement in a slow and controlled fashion to the point where I feel it in the muscle intended, and only this muscle, and 60-90 seconds of rest in between sets. Also, I've noticed the past month or so that by holding my chin down, resting it on my upper chest, I am able to take my shoulders out of the chest exercises... TRY IT ! I urge you !

    Here at the numbers for once.

    Incline Hammer Press - 180 * 12, 230 * 10, 230 * 9, 230 * 8, 180 * 8

    - OK, reps weren't as high as I thought they'd be here, but only because I did 1-2 second negatives, stretched at the bottom, and squeezed on the peak contraction. After 3-4 reps of each sets, I thought I was gonna give in . . but **** that, cus when I looked at my shoulder/bicep tie-in from the corner of my eye, I saw veins running in every direction, and this kept me pumping till I couldn't go any more.

    Flat Dumbbell Flyes - 40 * 15, 40 * 16, 40 * 15, 40 * 15

    - talk about hugging the hell out of that tree ! once again, lower slowly, stretch at bottom (I mean STRETCH!) and only bring them up till they're in-line with my shoulders - hence, dumbbells never touch one another, and there is contant tension on my pecs. Rest was only 60-75 seconds in between here, and once I sat up after a set. my shoulders/traps/pecs and arms stood out massively, and I had those much-wanted veins running horizontally on my outer bicep. I felt good !

    Incline Dumbbell Press - 70 * 10, 70 * 10, 70 * 10, 70 * 10

    - normally, I'd feel miserable only picking up the 70s, thinking I was a little *****, but I was using uber-strict form, and rested my chin on my chest, and just focused my whole attention on my pecs. Before I used to only feel like Goliath when I threw up the 100-120s on incline dumbbell presses, but I swear, I've never gotten such an outstanding pump as I did today!

    Dips - BW * 15, BW * 15, BW * 15, BW * 15

    - like I said, I felt good, and massive, and had lots of energy.. so I decided to get a little pump going in my biceps, and ended up supersetting each set with high rep barbell curls (just the 45 lbs bar for three sets of 25 reps). It was outrageous. The dips were performed in a controlled fashion, lowering slowly, stretch at bottom, and explode up. I leaned forward during every rep to reduce tension on my shoulders and triceps.

    Pec-dec Flyes - 140 * 15, 140 * 15, 140 * 15, 140 * 12

    - these are my ultimate favorite exercise to finish off my chest with, particularly on days in which I got such a great pump goin ! The weight is reduced, which allows me to stretch further back without risking injury. I followed the weight back as far as my joints would allow me, stretched at the 'back-position' and with a slight bend in my arms squeezed the hell out of my inner pecs on the ascent. My final sets on these were only 12 reps, and that whole set took me almost one whole minute to complete, THAT'S how slow I went. I had so much blood in my pecs by the time I was done with these, that I knew I was done . . Oh yeah, I forgot to tell ya, I supersetted these with four sets of 25 on an ab-machine with the full stack. I haven't trained my abs in one whole month, yet they were stronger than they ever have been.

    7.50PM: and I was DONE ! 21 sets for chest, 250+ reps, 4 sets for abs and 3 sets for biceps. I almost ran in to the lockerroom to take a look at myself without the shirt on . . . and I HATE myself for not having a camera there, because I had veins clearly showing on my entire abdominal area, chest, arms, lats . . . I have NEVER seen myself with such a pump before, and the shoulder-to-waist ratio looked insane ! The fact that my upper body was engorged with blood only helped the way I looked, cus although I'm a pasty-lookin fellow, I looked 'dark' [red] and this only enhances the ripped appearance. Now it was time to get on the scale . . .

    Weight: 224.0 LBS !!!!!!! I have not been this low since my high school days ! SINCE THE END OF MY JUNIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL !!!

    I forgot to mention earlier, that my ALA intake today was a total of 6 or 7 capsules @ 300mg/each spread throughout the day, taken prior to every meal, and prior to working out . . . [this is from between 9.30am to 6.30PM, fyi, so not counting the evening hours!] I also drank half a gallon of water mixed with Xtend for dinner earlier in the day.

    I don't know what to say now. I feel good, confident, top of the world ! I mean, I've done NO cardio apart from walking my dog several times a day the past 5 weeks ! NON !!!

    Well, I gotta hit it, already had my postworkout shake, and now it's time for my last dinner for the day.


    (pics are from post-workout btw...)
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  29. gahhh your perfect body makes me sick hah, keepup the good work u rhino

  30. Sh*t son! U look just unreal. Sick veins. Dude u have an awesome body!

  31. holy ****. dude u r lookin awesome. (no homo.)

  32. You make me ashamed of myself.

  33. So far out of all your cycles what has been the best over all?

  34. Day 21:

    Originally, I was gonna work out legs today, but I spent all day studying and cramming for exams that are coming up, and although I got all my meals in, etc, sitting down in front of your books for too many consecutive hours make you tired in every way possible . . I was gonna work out at 7PM, but found myself sound asleep - a good nap - at 6.30PM. I had also had some stomach issues because I 'endulged' in some cottage cheese with fruits, so I knew hitting up legs wasn't gonna be the most clever thing I could do at the moment, so instead, I started mentally preparing for my leg workout the following day....

    Day 22:
    I only got 5.5 hours of sleep, but I instinctively woke up at 7AM to the foulest stench I'd ever smelt.. my puppy had shat all over the carpet in the living room; GREAT way to start my morning; scrubbing up ****..

    I took all my morning vitamins and supplements, mixed up 50 grams of whey isolate in a shaker bottle, had my oatmeal (30grams carb) and took off for class at 8AM. I 'cheated' and popped one JetFuel and one Amp upon waking as well, knowing I would have an early workout.

    I didn't eat my first meal until 11AM due to errands after class. I had my chicken breast, with a wheat tortilla wrap and brown rice on the side. Alongside this, I obviously had my hot salsa and jalapenos. This meal is seriously a treat, and a healthy one at that ! I already planned on an early workout, around 2PM.

    1.20PM: I popped two AMP (just to avoid getting any drowsy feeling prior to working out), and mixed one scoop of Cell Tech with 1/2 scoop WMS (totaling 60 grams of carbs, total), 2 scoops of Vasocharge and one scoop of protein powder. Also popped an extra ALA with this.

    2PM sharp: With my gallon jug of water mixed with 1 scoop of White Flood and 3 topped scoops of Xtend, I was standing in front of the squat rack, about to start tearing it up.

    Here are the numbers:

    Squats - 135 * 15, 225 * 12, 275 * 12, 315 * 8, 315 * 8, 275 * 8, 225 * 10

    - 60-90 seconds of rest in between sets here; it was GRUELING to say the least ! Not ONCE did I sit down in between sets, as that tends to only make my legs tired and stiff. Then again, it's not like I had much time to take a break anyway. Notice I reduced the weights, kept volume somewhat high, and intensity wass upped by 100% - it felt like no rest in between sets, and I had a pump going within my first set of 225.

    Front Squats - 135 * 10, 135 * 10, 135 * 10, 135 * 12

    - ROCK BOTTOM. I wasn't even worried about piling on any weight here, cus these completely finished off my quads after that squat session. Rest was 60-90 seconds once again, and my legs were shaking by every rep. Looked like I was about to have a seizure, but that's besides the point . . Like I said, these were ROCK BOTTOM squats, and every couple reps, I'd pause at the bottom, before exploding up, just to make sure I hit every muscle fiber in my thighs.

    Bodyweight Lunges - Each leg * 10 reps * 3 sets, 15 reps * 1 set

    - laugh all you want for me doing some '*****' bodyweight lunges, but that was all I needed to squueze the last couple ounces of blood in my upper body down to my thighs/hams. Got a good stretch, and alternated legs after I completed each side. After two sets of these, I grabbed a trashcan and spilt my guts a little bit.

    Stiff-leg Deadlifts - 135 * 15, 185 * 12, 185 * 12, 185 * 15

    - this is the first time I've ever done these as a REAL part of my leg training, and the stretch i got was phenomenal. Didn't go too crazy with the weights, but used perfect form, not locking out on top, head/chest up, arched my back, light bend in knees, and constant tension on my hams. After two of these sets, this random guy came up to me and asked me, 'so, do you normally throw up on leg day?' . . I just answered, 'well, leg-day, arm-day, chest, anytime really, as long as the intensity is there, it could happen at any time!' hahaha ..

    Leg Extensions - 120 * 12, 120 * 12, 120 * 15
    supersetted NON STOP with
    Seated Leg Curls - 240 * 15, 240 * 15, 240 * 20

    - I wanted to finish the workout with an awesome pump, and nothing gives me that like supersetting these two exercises with no rest in between. And did I mention Im' NAUSEOUS as hell now ?! I could barely keep it in . . and went in to the bathroom stall, and spilt my guts again . .

    2.55: I WAS DONE ! **** calves today, I just completed probably the most intense leg workout I've ever had in my life. Besides, calves are worked 2-3 other days of the week - including tomorrow . . I pulled down my sweats, and veins and striations were still apparent although the pump almost ripped up my Under Armor boxers.. The shape and symmetry is coming in like I thought I could never attain . . I felt good, real confident about having trunks I dare to show off now !!

    This was 25 sets, including one warm-up set on the Squat rack, completed in 55 minutes.. That should say it all as far as my intensity, and I literally jumped from one exercise to the next as if it was 'just the next set-no big deal'..

    Weight: 226.0 lbs.

    Oh yeah, as I walked out of the gym, I passed this trainer who had worked out two clients next to the station where I did my squats and front squats, and I overheard him tell two of his associates. 'oh yeah, that kid's getting crazy !' haha, gave me a good laugh before heading out . .

    I just finished my post workout drink consisting of one scoop Cell Tech, 1/2 scoop WMS, 1 scoop protein powder, and a 300mg cap ALA. Now I got to go cook another one of my mexican meals, and prepare for a loooong day ahead [considering i'm not having to 'waste' my evening at the gym] . . .

    PEACE !

    (with a crappy web-cam, this was the best pic I could get, but it doesn't justify how veiny they actually are.... Oh well)
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  35. Day 23:

    Cycle update first and foremost. I looked in to my bottle of H-drol this morning, and found that i've only got 4 caps left. As I've already decided on running the M-drol until this coming Sunday, I figured I'd make the H-drol last as long as it could, so I will continue with only 25mg/day the next 4 days, and I will UP my M-drol dosage to 30mg/day. I feel safe doing this, because I've experienced NON of the common shut down effects. NO nut shrinkage, NO pimples, NO back pumps, NO lethargy, NO decrease in sex-drive (only an Increase since I added the Testabolan a week and a half ago..)

    Whether or not it's a bad batch of CEL Products, I can't really say.. I'm feeling real good nowadays, but I've found that the cycle has done little but add hardness to my physique, and like previously stated, my diet and other supplementation could also have had a major effect on that .. Maybe the M-drol dosage was too low for me to really reap the benefits .. Maybe the H-drol dosage was too low .. I can't really say, but I find it odd that people can run two week cycles of this [or 3-weeks] and put on 10-15 lbs .. BUT, **** it, the cycle's coming to an end, and I'm feeling good still, but not much different from day 1 apart from hardness and vascularity. No significant strength increases either.

    I've got to admit, however, I've enjoyed a couple treats lately, including endulging in some cereal and extra pasta/brown rice. Also, the Cell Tech dosage and WMS has been upped a little the past couple days. As a result, I stood at 229.8 lbs today. This is 4 lbs heavier than yesterday afternoon. I'm looking full, though, particularly in my legs, so it's safe to say I pushed quite a bit of water and nutrients in to the muscles post-leg workout yesterday. Stomach is still lean, and vascularity/leanness in my upper body is great, so I'm not worrying about those couple lbs.. It's not pudge to put it that way.

    I realized I had not worked out my shoulders in 8 days, so I was stoked to be doing those today. I had my pre-work out drink 40 minutes prior to working out, consisting of 3/4 scoop Cell Tech, 1/2 scoop WMS, 2 scoops VasoCharge and one scoop of protein powder.

    7PM: @ the gym, ready to hit it hard !

    Here are the numbers:

    Seated Behind-neck Barbell Press - 135 * 15, 185 * 10, 185 * 10, 185 * 10, 135 * 10

    -last set here was done real slow and controlled, just to get a starting pump going.

    Seated Front Press - 135 * 10, 135 * 12, 135 * 12

    - already had the station to myself, so I figured, why not to the barbell presses to the front as well ? Lowered bar to chin, before pushing up to full extensions. Body was literally upright @ 90 degrees, so I felt these in my shoulders ONLY.

    Seated Side Laterals - 30 * 15, 35 * 15, 40 * 12, 40 * 12

    - Man, the first set with 30s felt like 15s. I cranked out the reps non-stop, and got a hellacious pump. By now, i was rolling up my t-shirt sleeves, and my shoulders had FREAKY vascularity like I'd never seen before. Sensing everybody lookin from the corner of my eyes also made me push myself even harder, and ctrank out those final grueling reps.

    Upright EZ-bar Rows - 115 * 12, 115 * 12, 115 * 12
    supersetted NON-STOP with
    Dumbbell Front Raises - 20 * 15, 20 * 15, 20 * 15

    - the vascularity in my deltoids and upper arms area was beyond belief. I've never seen anyone as vascular at any gyms i've been to before, but then again, i've never been to a gym where the real hardcore bodybuilders spend their day. But that's besides the point, my physique looked freaky, with insane definition between each of the three deltoid-muscles.

    Reverse Pec-Deck Flyes - 120 * 15, 130 * 12, 130 * 12, 120 * 12

    - like always, i don't grab these handles, I 'push' them back with the top of my fists. I was a helluva lot stronger on these today than last shoulder workout, and I was able to get a great squeeze at the top of the movement, and stopped just before the weight racked itself before moving on to the next rep. For each of the sets, I'd do a couple half-reps and quarter reps when I was unable to finish a whole good rep. I met some buddies of mine there, and they were just amazed how cut/ripped I looked now, wondering what the hell i'd done the past two weeks when they hadn't seen me as much. Haha, made me feel real good, to say the least. I threw a couple poses, and I have never seen my shoulders look as engorged yet as striated and veiny as they did today. Needless to say, i couldn't conclude my workout already.

    Incline Rear Deltoid Raises (with dumbbells) - 40 * 15, 40 * 15, 40 * 15
    supersetted NON-STOP with
    Front Plate Raises - 45 * 15, 45 * 15, 45 * 15

    - when I laid down on the incline facing the mirror, I could see splits in between every head of my delts. When I let the dumbbells down, veins were running from the top of my traps all the way down to my hands; freaky vascularity ! The only reason I threw in the Plate Raises was cus I had the energy for it, and cus I was in the ZONE like never before !

    Barbell Shrugs - 7 sets of 235 * 15 reps

    - I found a station already loaded up with 235 lbs total on a barbell. These were right next to the calf machines, so I supersetted seated calf raises for 6 sets of 12-15 with these shrugs. I pumped them out non-stop, and didn't worry about weight - obviously - cus I was in it for the pump. And I got it like never before. My traps are taking much better shape, and looking much more dominant on my upper torso than even just a week ago. They're thicker even when relaxed, and I've only 'focused more attention on them' for a little over one week.

    Donkey Calf Raises - 260 * 15, 260 * 15, 260 * 16

    Machine Calf Raises - 200 * 20, 200 * 20

    - my calves are definitely gaining some momentum in they're growing! I have freaky veins running down the front and the back, and I'm starting to get real proud of them. I'll be continuing to work them 3 days a week, and hit them with 2-3 exercises every time, for lots of high rep/high intensity.

    I walked with a limp after my calves were done, and they were jacked. The scale showed me @ 229.8 lbs., but like i said, I endulged in some extra carbs yesterday just to reward myself for a kick ass leg workout. I added some extra rice and beans to my chicken with every meal yesterday, and had a big bowl of cereal last night as well. ****, i deserve that by now ! LOL

    Well, that wraps it up for now. I won't know whether or not I'm working out tomorrow until I see how I feel in the morning. I may end up going and do biceps and abs only, or perhaps I may find the energy to do a whole back workout. Time will tell....

    PEACE !!

  36. Day 24:

    Had a good day of studying today . . and as a reward, I allowed myself the second cheat meal I've had in two months. I had 4-5 slices of pizza for lunch . . It was awesome, haven't had that since the end of august !!

    Because I ate pizza, I knew I was gonna work out after all.. gotta try to burn a couple of thoe fatty calories, anyway ! I decided to do biceps and triceps. Same old pre-workout drink routine as always . . .

    Here are the numbers:

    Dumbbell Curls - 35 * 15, 50 * 12, 55 * 10, 50 * 10
    EZ-bar Curls - 75 * 15, 95 *12, 115 * 12, 115 * 12, 115 * 12
    Cross-body Hammer Curls - 35 * 15, 40 * 15, 45 * 15
    Horizontal Preacher Cable Curls - 70 * 12, 70 * 8 -> DROP 40* 5, 70 * 8 -> DROP 40 * 5
    Dumbbell Concentration Curls - 25 * 15, 25 * 15, 25 * 15

    One-arm DB Extensions - 30 * 15, 40 * 12, 45 * 10, 50 * 10, 50 * 10
    Rope Pressdowns - 50 * 20, 60 * 15, 70 * 15, 70 * 15
    Dips - BW * 25, BW * 25, BW * 25
    Straight-bar Pressdowns - 70 * 20, 90 * 15, 90 * 15
    Machine Pushdowns - 100 * 20, 100 * 20, 100 * 20

    - numbers are rather redundant here . . I went in with the mindset of high volume training, and I went as heavy as I could were I could keep a good form and just pump out rep after rep. I've never felt bigger in my life, and the vascularity on my arms - around my WHOLE arm, bicep, tricep, forarm, brachii, verything - veiny as hell . . gym buds come up to me and just say 'what the **** man, what the ****' cus Im' the only one with that kind of vascularity up there, It looks freaky..the main vein running down my biceps stood out with incredible thickness for every bicep-repetition..and veins running horizontally all around my delt . .

    Weight - 230 lbs.. - blaming the pizza without a doubt . .but the Cell Tech will have to be reduced I'm noticing, cus it does put a little water on your gut . . I'm feeling a little bloated particularly around the workouts now - considering i'm drinking half a serving both prior to and after workouts. Starting now, I will only have 1/2-1 scoop after workout. Damn, carbs are dangerous ! haha

    Pics are post-workout . .
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  37. Bro you have any pics of what you looked like @ 270lbs+?

    Impressive work ethic and ripped up body. It's like you are in competition shape! Keep it up Viking

  38. Hey man a quick question for you what is the Batch Number on your M-drol? Mine is working very well strength has been about 20+ lbs to everything and i am only day 2 of the 2nd week and just start taking 20mg instead of 10mg

    Yours looking very good all it really takes is a good diet and hard work few supps too add a few +reps on your workouts and your good to go. I didn't really believe when people/magazine also said diet is key but it really is

  39. Day 31:

    Damn, it's been a whole week since I updated. Sorry fellas, I've had a one week long study session with exams .. I didn't keep out of the gym, though, and because of my stress, I opted for upping the calorie intake, and I've been staying at 400 grams carbs/400 grams protein/50 grams fat per day, so obviously upped the carbs. It sure as HELL has helped my fullness, I'm looking pumped at all times. My work outs have been insane, and traps are growing FINALLY !! Vascularity is better than ever, top to bottom, apart from the stomach - put a little water on it, nothing to worry about. I did back and traps on Saturday, and finished off with 10 sets of barbell shrugs with 225 for 15-20 reps supersetted with seated calf raises. Got one helluva pump, and the pump lasted in my traps all day long. And the next day . . . Sunday was legs day, super-high intensity -> I had to take advantage of the 'carb load' I have had. I kept my rest periods short - 80-90 seconds in between sets - and combining that with reps between 10-20 reps on every exercise, got me light headed as ever before ! Threw up in the middle of my workout, then went back to finish up, and threw up immidiately after completion. I didn't weigh in, but I knew I had put on a couple pounds, cus I was looking FULL !

    Last night, Tuesday, I did shoulders. Like the past couple weeks, lots of volume training and very intense. Did standing behind neck shoulder presses, wide-grip barbell raises, standing side laterals and very core exercises like that. Concluded the workout with barbell shrugs supersetted with different calf exercises once again. I can literally just go forth and back between exercises non stop, and I did 10 sets total of barbell shrugs ranging from 225-315 lbs for 15-20 reps. The pump was insane, both in calves and traps. I couldn't believe how great my grip strength was either; especially considering it was the end of a shoulder work out.. I don't use straps, so these were raw.. Even with 315 lbs I got 20 reps on a couple of my sets, and these were solid reps. Forgot to weigh in because I was too busy looking at 'the results' in the mirror in the locker room. I'm getting a very fit and muscular look, with capped shoulders and obvious traps. I feel insanely strong nowadays as well, so it sucked that Tuesday was my last day of M-drol. I guess it does indeed work, but I was @ too low of a dosage to yield the early results. BTW, I kept my M-drol @ 20mg/day the past week. I had no side effects, and was feeling results, so why up it ? ****, I almost considered going for 5 weeks total - 35 days - but that's a little too long on a methyl, even though I haven't seen/had/felt any side effects in terms of gyno, shrinkage, back pumps, kidney pains, dark urine, acne or the likes. Actually, what you guys think ? You think going 5 more days is overdoing it, considering the circumstances of only seeing/feeling the results the past week ? Hmm . . .

    Today was my last final. I CRASHED @ 11PM last night, and got up @ 4am to cram a little more, popped 2 Jet Fuel and 2 Leviathans (had samples). Had a protein shake alongside, and this actually kept me awake until 8.30 -> which is a long period of time of feeling awake/alert on thermos for me ! It sucked that I nearly crashed in the middle of my test, tired as hell and mind-****ed..

    Took an afternoon nap, and another two Leviathans mid-afternoon just so I wouldn't get the normal 6PM crash.. I put 5 topped scoops of Xtend with 2 scoops of White Flood in 3/4 gallon of water, and began drinking this 30 minutes prior to working out - I ran out of Vasocharge the other day.. But I was excited to try a heavy dosage of Xtend (250% my normal dosage) when doing arms.

    I started off with biceps, lots of reps, lots of weight, lots of intensity. I saw every vein I have under my skin on my arms, shoulders and traps - it looked ridiculous. I wasn't the only one who thought so, most of my buddy's came up to me and were like, dude, that's messed up ! These two girls working the counter looked at me and just went, you've got veins all over !! Haha.. Made me feel good to say the least, but the vascularity was literally that insane.. Particularly when I supersetted a couple biceps and triceps exercises with tons of reps. I did cross-body hammer curls using 40-60s for 15-20 reps each set, and I kept pumping them out like they were 20s. Good reps, not the jerky twisty ones. The 60s made me feel invincible ! This workout was another one of those arm workouts that just get out of control, and I really just ended up doing any exercise for any amount of sets and reps I felt like. Touched by 7 or 8 exercises for biceps, and 4-5 for triceps, supersetting some, and so on . . It's all instinct, so writing a workout journal is just a mess. Felt strong as an ox, too, and did 135 for 3 sets of 10 on barbell curls, after building up with 95-115 lbs for 15-20 reps. Then I did 3 drop sets, starting with 135 -> 115 -> 95 all for 8-12 reps to conclude the exercise. I just get carried away in my workouts nowadays . . Haha

    Weighed in for the first time in a week. Weight : 232.2 lbs. I was happy about that, cus I feared I'd see 235 or so.. But arms, rear delts and traps are really lookin full nowadays. Kind of makes me want to stay with these daily amount of nutrients - 400 grams protein/carbs, 50 grams fat per day - but I'm worried that carbs that high would get me a little bloated if I ran it for too long. I've been used to low carb for 3 months now, that's why . . .

    I'll post new pics either tomorrow or Friday. Too tired right now.

    PEACE !

  40. Quote Originally Posted by BigCasino View Post
    Bro you have any pics of what you looked like @ 270lbs+?

    Impressive work ethic and ripped up body. It's like you are in competition shape! Keep it up Viking
    Got a couple here . .

    Going from 278 to 230 lbs @ 6'3"


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