Losing my virginity! test Enth + superdrol

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  1. Losing my virginity! first log and cycle: test-250+ superdrol!!

    Ok guys, after much though and endless research i'm doing it..........


    On the 20th of this month i'm planning on taking the first shot i was hoping you guys could look over my plan and let me know what you think before i pop my cherry!

    any comments welcome!
    taking SD twice daily
    taking Test twice weekly to reduce possible sides from hormone fluctuations

    1-4 superdrol 20/20/20/30 (going to play the dosing by ear as i go)
    1-12 500mg test bland
    12-15 superdrol 10/10/10

    first day of wk 15:300mg clomid/40mg clomid
    second day off-wk 17: 100mg clomid/40 mg nolva
    wk 17-19 50mg clomid/20mg nolv
    Tribulus, Fenugreek and ZMA throughout PCT
    (wish i could get HCG but no chance)

    maybe rebound xt and dhea

    throughout: multi, fish oil, flax, whey, creatine, milk thistle, B5 at 5 grams a day for acne, FINASTERIDE at 1 gram ED for prevention of any hair loss, saw palmetto, glutamine, FOOD!

    have arimidex on hand in case gyno or bloating bother me as well (also have nolva and climd of course)

    i've got my diet and training pretty in check I feel, and i'll have 1.5 months off work and school so training will be as intense as possible, standard split four days a week (I'll be posting my exact exercises and weights as i do them along with what i'm eating)

    I'm 24 right now 5'8" [email protected]% BF(3 part caliper testing) (just finished cutting)
    No AAS experience before except 3 stupid m1t cycles before i knew anything
    When i first started lifting i was barely 130lbs! in the last 5 years i've gained about 40 lbs despite ACL surgery and severe rotator cuff injuries, which i'm happy about but have hit a plateau in the last year at 175lbs @11%BF, I would like to gain a solid 20 lbs Net after PCT, not too concerned about putting on body fat cause i cut easy (gaining is a biatch though)
    tried to keep the cycle simple since its my first

    will post before and after pics if i can find my camera, had some simple bloodwork done last month and everything was cool so i'm good to go!

    Thanks for your time! This board rules!!!

  2. tattoopierced1
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    get some glucosomine and start taking it asap so that your joints dont have a chance to get too mucked up...I'm running a similar cycle plus EQ and my joints are achy as all get out. If you want the test to kick in fast, I suggest instead of frontloading 1g of test, to frontload with prop to get you off the ground.

  3. thats a good step, i'm waiting on some adenin equine right now, if that doesn't make it i'll add some glucosimine/chondriotin for sure,
    I have deca i could add but am worried about it reacting with the Finasteride, the deca could help my joints also

    although test Prop would be ideal, I have pretty limited access and am worried about test prop giving me test flu as well. Is taking double dose on first hit a viable option for test E when it comes to trying to make the test kick in faster? what are the downsides besides the short spike in test levels that will occur?

    also, i'll be starting with SD so that should help get me started a bit

    thanks for the comments! keep em comin! everything is helpful.
  4. tattoopierced1
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    Frontloading 1g of test e would be fine, i am just partial to using test prop to start things out... to each their own though. Good luck, and I'd still get some glucosomine to use even if you get the adequan. Better to have it than not when you need it.

    Also, see Beez post

    Frontload or not?

    Frontloading with prop however, would not be a waste of gear as it is short estered. that will get you going until the long estered enan kicks in....again, just my opinion.

  5. if yhou front load

    wk 1 - 1000
    wk 2 - 750

    i'd run the sd for 5-6 weeks

    and i get test flu from enan not just prop .. you may not get it .. but you can get test flu from any kind of test

  6. tattoopierced1
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    i wouldnt run SD that long....but it affects everyone different. at 4 weeks, it did a number on my cholesterol, so now I will not go over 2 weeks with SD...anyways, most of the time after 3 weeks the gains diminish for me anyways. Its best to get some bloodwork done before hand to see where you stand. Keep a close eye on your cholesterol.

  7. tattoo makes a good point .. it will hurt your liver values

    personally i don't like orals at all .. but your liver WILL rebound afterwards .. so its up to you .. i just don't think 3 weeks is long enough and i'm not sure you're liver values wouldn't suck almost as much after only 3 weeks

  8. thanks for the tips guys! i appreciate any help

    I'm going to frontload anyway cause the test is pretty cheap, and i'm going to use Glenihan's advice for 1000 and then 750. Even if Beezle is right and it doesn't do anything i'm not out much $.

    I think i'm going to plan on running the superdrol for 4 or 5 weeks but i've never used that stuff before so i'm going to play it by ear. If pumps are too intense i'll drop doseage and if i dont make any gains for 5 days i'll discontinue use after week 3, I'll keep a detailed log to keep everyone up to speed,
    would love to be able to continue to run it for 5 weeks though! planned on 3 cause that seems standard but open to anything. I'm not super worried about liver values, i literally have about 5-6 drinks a year these days and dont do any drugs, eat right and always drink a lot of water, my liver should be able to take a bit of abuse,

    Gleni -
    are you suggesting run the SD for more weeks cause you think the Test En wil take that long to kick in or just because you think that is the most effective length i should run SD at ?? I thought test flu was from the test flooding your body and that test en didn't do that like prop?? I hope i dont get that.....
    Glen, do you notice that frontloading works? I see you have recommended it to others as well.
  9. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    Test E. should kick in around week 4-6, hence the suggestion for Test Prop to kick start your cycle. and yes you can get test flu from any type of test, not just prop. I got test flu from cyp before, but it only lasts 3-5 days.

  10. that sucks, i was under teh impression that if i double dosed the first two weeks i would see effects from teh test at 4 weeks MAX, wish i could get some test prop to go with this.......

    REPS to both of you guys! thanks for the help! i really wish this stuff was legal so we didn't have to hide our names and we could find definitive answers in normal medical journals! i guess i can keep wishing huh

    maybe i'll run the SD at a lower dose and carry it out for longer like gleni was saying, or get something non-methylated and finish with the SD,
    I'll be sure to keep this log updated

  11. If one was to get test flu. would you start getting sick the day after your first injection? also what are the symptoms?

  12. I've never heard of test flu? Could someone explain

  13. You do mean B-5, not B-6 for acne right? 1g of B-6 can surely cause nerve damage. Please let it be B-5... lol

    Otherwise looks ok to me.

    Test Flu is just an overall ****ty feeling that some of us get from a surge of exogenous test in our systems. It can happen with any estered Test. It happens more frequently with Prop because of the quick levels rising.

    It just feels like body aches, lethargy.. just like a flu.. it goes away pretty quick IMPE.

  14. Good luck dude, I'm sure you'll have great results.

    yeah, i meant B5, pantothenic acid, my bad

    i took my first superdrol today and i'm going to be running it according to glenihan's suggestions for 5 weeks, i know it is more duration than most but i should be ok and i will be watching everything very closely

    I'm planning to run the SD like this


    i'm only going to step up if i dont put on a lb for a week though, that will be my definition of gains ceasing

    i'm planning on taking the first shot on the 21st and may run only 500mg a week, thinking about closing out the cycle with 3 weeks of superdrol at 10/10/10 or 10/10/20, not sure yet how i feel about that, comments welcome!

    this is going to be sweeet! i only hope my results are as good as brogers! your log has been super helpful bro, i wish i could get some HCG also...........

  16. Honestly bro for Test E and SD HCG IMHO isnt needed. Maybe if it was Test and Deca for like 20+ weeks or 15+ weeks, or Test and Tren, but not just Test itself.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  17. Why does everyone think that the injectable AAS compound matters for use of hCG? After a few weeks almsot any drug will have you SHUT DOWN.

    hCG is good to go on ANYTHING over 6-8wks.

    edit: Hell, its good to go on any cycle if you want to speed up recovery.

  18. Its always good to have it yea, but i mean if its not needed really then why use it? Just another thing to stick ur self with.

    I may get flamed to hell and back for that statement but what the hell!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  19. Well, technically, you don't NEED anything. lol...but if your goal is to minimize shutdown, hcG after week 3 or so isn't a bad idea.

    I'm never going to harass anyone if they don't use hcg...some peopel don't care to have kids, so be it. But, if he wants to maintain sperm count, hcg is a good idea b/c u get shut down quick!

  20. Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00
    Well, technically, you don't NEED anything. lol...but if your goal is to minimize shutdown, hcG after week 3 or so isn't a bad idea.

    I'm never going to harass anyone if they don't use hcg...some peopel don't care to have kids, so be it. But, if he wants to maintain sperm count, hcg is a good idea b/c u get shut down quick!
    Yea your right, but because someone doesnt use HCG they wont have kids if there PCT is in proper order? I wouldnt go that far. Ive run SD before where my nuts were the most shrunk up theyve ever been. Ran PCT and testes were the biggest theyve ever been. I dont think just because HCG isnt in use that you cant have kids.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  21. No, I didn't mean to suggest that.

    But, for some people who are giong to run lots of long cycles, their sperm production WILL be shot. After a year, test is more effective as birth control than condom and the pill combined. haha.

    hCG will keep you producing.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00
    No, I didn't mean to suggest that.

    But, for some people who are giong to run lots of long cycles, their sperm production WILL be shot. After a year, test is more effective as birth control than condom and the pill combined. haha.

    hCG will keep you producing.
    Right but if they run stuff that brings the boys back and everything shows up fine in the tests, they should still be able to concieve. Correct?
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  23. In reality, the chances are low that you'll be permanently shut down; but, no, you're not always going to come back, especially after long cycles.

    As far as sperm production, I've NEVER heard of sperm production being permanently shutdown, no, but its not impossible either> i don't want to be a statistic.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00
    In reality, the chances are low that you'll be permanently shut down; but, no, you're not always going to come back, especially after long cycles.

    As far as sperm production, I've NEVER heard of sperm production being permanently shutdown, no, but its not impossible either> i don't want to be a statistic.

    LMAO you aint lien bro! Im not trying to be a statistic either!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  25. after taking my superdrol last night i did a bicep workout since that is the only part of my body not raging sore right now and didn't notice anything different from normal yet,
    this is roughly what my workout was:

    warm up cardio and light lifting

    barbell curl 35 lb in each hand 4sets
    30lb for arnold curls 4 sets
    25lb hammer curls 5 sets
    3 sets of pullups to failure (22/18/12)

    NOTE: there has also been a change of plans, the test en i though i had, my source just told me he ACTUALLY has some "test-250" that is basically like sustanabol 250, aka: a blend of tests
    this is NOT ideal for me and is NOT what i wanted,

    i have been doing research and it seems like since this has test Prop in it i will now have to pin EOD which sucks, I'll get back to everyone about the exact contents and esters of each test in this blend i have.


  26. Ok, first i want to say that i do ALOT of cross training besides weight lifting including rock climbing, mixed martial arts and kayaking. so alot of the comments here will be harder to quantify and generally i lift weights four days a week and do everything else the rest of the time. I eat more than most families of four (all relatively clean) and sleeping AT LEAST 10 hours a night (gotta love vacation!)

    I have decided to run the superdrol for till December 26th and then starting the test where i will continue the superdrol until i have taken it for 4 weeks, i will NOT be frontloading the test because what i have now is a test blend and dont want the prop and phenylprop to kick me in the dick and i'm using SD anyway

    I am super excited about the superdrol! i am three days in @ 20mg ED and i must say i have certainly noticed a difference, i'll try to get some picks in the next few days.

    POSITIVE:my veins are more apparent and the pumps are starting to get crazy! plus the muscles in my abs and obliques are already more apparent. i started the cycle at 167lbs and now am at 172 althouh i'm sure much of this is glycogen and water, its hard to explain but my whole body feels a little pumped all the time and my whole body feels much harder! so far i like that!

    NEGATIVE: i am getting weird pains around my joints, when i ice them they are fine, it feels like the little supporting muscles are getting pumped up to much, did legs the other day and got a cramp in my quad right above my knee, fealt like i hurt it or something but then after massaging it, 5 minutes later i was fine and carried on with squats. my lower back hurts a bit around my liver and kidneys, and i've begun to break out a little (which i'm super prone to), i get headaches if i dont eat enough pretty bad and mild lethargy, overall much more mild thatn M1t though

  27. three days into the superdrol and i am definately noticing its effects now
    i have been eating everything in sight, no burgers and candy though, but lots of carbs and tons of whey shakes, aiming for 3500 calories but not getting there yet, tryin to keep it clean if possible

    did back today:
    just starting back in the gym after barely working out for 2 weeks due to finals so didn't go super heavy on most exercises, i'll took some pics and i'll post em up in the next few days

    pullups to fail

    Lat pull down 12reps/150lbs,10/160,10/160,8/170

    cable rows

    reverse curls (started to hurt my elbows)

    upright rows

    and did some slow arnold curls for pump

    i am so damn excited to start the test! will be interesting to see how it works with the superdrol at the same time!

  28. ok guys time for a serious update,

    I took my first shot of test today! i was so fcukin excited i stared at my quad for a good 5 minutes, then just stuck that sucker, little sore now but was super easy once it broke the skin, slid right in, aspirated and became a level 3 drug user according to the government!
    cant wait for this stuff to kick in especially the prop with the superdrol for the next two weeks! by the way, the actual breakdown of the blend i have is:

    it is pet pharma

    prop 30mg
    phenylprop 60 mg
    isocap 60mg
    decan 100mg

    i'm a little bummed cause the bottles look a little underfilled and its mex gear so probably underdosed as well , also not even the type of test i wanted, time to look for a new source......
    I guess i'll just do two shots a week till i run out and we will see if its underfilled
    also will most likely end it with a three week cycle of SD at 10 mg a day then start pct

    176lbs AFTER my leg workout today!
    dont think i've put on any bf either, i seem to be more vascular but hard to tell, i've been eating like a pig as well and not very clean these last few days, one thing for sure, everyone from my parents to my buddies have all commented on how i look like i've put on some weight, thats good enough for me!

    day before christmas did a one hour full body blitz workout and have noticed a good increase in my arobic capacity, was only taking 30 second breaks between supersetting opposing muscle groups and, while i was sweating an amazing amount, those last few reps that i usually just squeeze out i was pumping out like nothing

    today finally did legs, will really be much more consistent in my workouts now that christmas is over
    10 minute cardio warmup followed by 5 minutes of deep stretching

    (the weights may not seem like alot, but keep in mind i have a rebuilt ACL and had surgery just a few years ago)

    squats 15reps/145lbs, 10/175, 8/215, 8/225, 6/235 (new personal best since knee surgery!)

    calf machine: 15/90, 10/135, 8/145, 6/145
    followed by
    donkey calf raises: 10/

    squats on smith machine with legs 2 feet out in front of me and done reeeallll slow and painful
    15/145, 12/145,12/145

    leg extension machine (per leg): 10/55,8/65,8/75,6/75,

    hamstring curls(per leg)
    10/55, 8/60 then someone stole my machine and i was in a hurry

    then supersetted the "schoolgirl" inner and outer thigh machines at 120lbs for 4 sets of each

    drank a coconut water drink while working out to try to help with the SD pumps in my lowerback, which where CRIPPLING on my squats, other negative sides include: light acne on my back and occasional headaches plus my elbows have been aching since the SD, which i have never fealt before

    other than that its great! tons of energy/libido and i feel very focused and positive all the time, complete opposite of m1t which makes you want to burn your neighbors house down and cough up your kidneys.

    chest tomorrow............

  29. good to see things are looking up right now, bro. just stay consistent. i'm running my first real cycle also right now which is very similar to yours: wk 1-12 test enan 750mg, wk 1-4 sd 20,20,30,30mg. i'm on day 16 right now and am up ~20lbs but i'm quite bloated around the midsection, my joints were KILLING me tonight during my workout (had to cut it short), and my nips are puffy and sensitive. i'm not meaning to scare you, but be prepared for anything because i had no sides until about 4-5 days ago. hopefully you'll respond better than i have, side-effects wise. i still wouldn't trade these gains for anything though

    be careful and best of luck!


  30. thanks bro, i've been super paranoid about side effects the whole time, i swear every damn time i look in the mirror i feel like my hair is falling out, i've got lots of joint issues also so i will be VERY careful not to go too heavy and hurt myself again. so far i've been remarkably side free aside from some acne when i first started and some crazy back pumps, still amazing myself with gains and strength also, i swear i put weight on the bar thinking i'll barely be able to do a few and then just pound out like 15 reps easy! SD rules!
    did chest today!
    exercise order got screwed up cause it was so busy, still developing my starting weights in my workout logs so i started a bit too light on many of these,

    5 minute cardio warmup
    10minutes stretching

    incline bench
    45lbs/25 reps, 95/20, 135/15, 155/9, 165/8

    decline bench
    90/20, 135/12, 145/10,

    flat bench
    135/14, 155/10, 175/8, 195/6

    cable press
    70/10, 80/10, 80/8, 80/10

    flyes with machine
    10/120 10/130 8/150 6/150

    pushups to fail


    weight AFTER workout 178lbs!!!

    11 days in and up 11 lbs, plus i feel GREAT ALL THE TIME! still virtually no serious side effects at all.

    i wish i still had my exact blood numbers around for everyone so i could compare them before and after, but if nothing else at least this log will help to serve as another example of what SD does and also perhaps some of my trials and tribulations of this cycle may help someone else making my same mistakes


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