CYCLE HELP! Caber or A-dex?

  1. Exclamation CYCLE HELP! Caber or A-dex?

    This is my 5th cycle. 230Lbs 20%BF starting to lean down. Current cycle:

    Test E 400 2x a wk for 12wks
    Deca Durabolin 300 2x a wk for 10 wks (First time using Deca)
    HCG wk 4-12 500ius a wk

    - PCT -
    Clomid 100/100/50/50
    Test Booster starting day after last injection.

    My problem is that I only have Caber .5MG for 2 wks tops! I do have a new bag of A-dex 1MG on hand. I ordered a week ago Caber from MP. But I have not received any tracking number nor a response back from them. I read else where that someone is in the hospital and that they are refunding order's or will fulfill some orders. Lucky me right? but hope they get well soon so business can be back to usual.

    So that now said will Arimidex be ok rather than the Caber? If anyone has experience with this please help! This is my first time trying Deca but I am experienced with Tren E at 400-600mg a wk. I do get prolactin issues with Tren E and Caber always seemed to help.

    Can anyone PM me and refer me another place for Caber? I really do not want to wait to see if I get my order in a timely manner. Thanks guys I really appreciate you guys helping me out every time even if its a dumb question. This new place you refer me to will also help me get Clomid for my PCT. Thanks!

  2. Dude MP got raided you wont be getting that order.
    ForeRunner Labs
    The Future of Human Performance

  3. NO WAY! I wonder if people claims that got "refunded" are true then? I hope that is not the case but good thing I started looking else where for my lab rats to test on... Would you have the link for the details on MP getting raided?

    I know Caber and Arimidex are for two different purposes, I was wondering if ill be ok only with A-dex for now until I can get some more Caber. Im only on wk 3 of my cycle. not sure if I made sense in my original post.

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