My first anavar only cycle

  1. My first anavar only cycle

    Ok so for starters I'm 24 I'm a boxer and lifter, box 4 night a week and lift 4 mornings a week. My diet consists of 5 meals 30+g protein per meal with about 50g of good fats exclusing fish oil and half a cup of brown rice each meal and spinich and brocolli aswell and 1x casei before bed and 1 post workout shake WPI 40g carbs 60g creatine 10g. BCAA during boxing with electrolytes. Animal pak and 10x fish oil daily along with oxeyelite pro 2c upon waking 1c early arvo.

    So as you can tell I'm cutting. I have already dropped from 93kg to 85kg in 10weeks and body fat is between 10-11 calippered. I'm 5'10"

    Have a fight coming up in December no drug testing but basically taking 30mg am 20mg pm with trib and avena sativa or how ever you sell it just for libido. Also taking milk thistle and NAC drinking 4-5litres a day. PCT I have nolva on hand in case. Basically the cycle is to make sure I hold onto as much size while cutting as possible without adding too much weight as I don't want to get over 85 for weight class I sti want to tone up and try get some strength aswell though.

    I will be judging the cycle based on strength and aesthetics along with commenting on possible sides and other notables along the way.

    Feel free to voice opinions but no negativity although constructive criticism I'm more than happy to take sorry this is brief but typing it from phone

  2. If your not drug tested why not pin broski?
    Email me for free prodigy samples
    [email protected]

  3. Don't want the water weight brother btw I'm on day 3 now will post weekly results. So far can't really notice anything positive or negative.

  4. If you have the nolva on hand there is no good reason to not use it for your pct.

  5. If I feel all good post cycle then I wouldn't want to put something else in my body for no reason?

    By the way starting to notice my muscles are feeling denser and harder

  6. Glad to hear that you are starting to see results.

    How you feel does not necessarily determine if you are shut down or not or if your other hormones are out of wack. It is always better to just use the serm especially if you have it to ensure that you have a proper recovery. The amount of stress a few weeks of nolva will put on your body is very minimal and definitely worth it.

  7. Thank you so much for putting in effort for a detailed response to help me out I will definitely run the nolva now!

    Hitting push day tomorrow will update you all on how I feel about the day

  8. Hit chest shoulders triceps and was pumped like a balloon no noticeable strength gain but had an amazing workout!

  9. keep me updated on how this is going I may run give it a shot very soon

  10. So far so good, I mean libido isn't where it was but body composition improving and strength going up each workout looking leaner aswell but that also has to do with my low card diet.

    So far I can say its giving me mild gains less than I thought but definitely is working


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