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  1. I've lost almost 70 lbs and 11 inches from my waist a couple years ago from very low carbs. (I blew up when I got engaged/married/etc) I currently have 1 cheat day per week that is really high in carbs, like pizza or something. I also read the blood type diet book that recommends high meat/low carb for type O blood. But I do play around with carb levels and when I'm feeling like I need some, I up it. But I'm wary of eating too many carbs on ph or not. But I guess this whole thing is an experiment on myself all around...

  2. ok so it seems you know ur stuff pretty well. just wanted to give some input
    what cycles have you done before ? only the hdrol listed in first post ?

  3. yeah, just hdrol and now this epi

  4. Day 7
    Macros yesterday
    Carbs 63g
    Fat 106g
    Protein 285g

    Today I felt real strong and super focused at the gym. I ran for a few minutes to warmup. Then bench (I almost never do bench) 135, 185, 185+45lb chains. I f*kn wrecked my shoulder. It was already fkd up and the bench just made it retarded. I'm pissed. Anyways, then I did a bunch of cable flys and then back for some more bench. Then I ran for about another 15 minutes on incline 8
    I felt really good and the bench was not my max but my shoulder was limiting my weight. I got 961 cals in 91 minutes. I'm looking really vascular in my arms especially my forearms. I have a cool new vein running from my wrist all the way up my left bicep. I already had the one on the right.
    I can really feel a drying effect and my abs are showing a bit more. I'm just pissed I couldn't push as hard as I wanted to because of the shoulder. whatever

  5. Day 8
    yesterday's macros
    68g carbs
    111g fat
    311g protein

    This morning I did 30 minutes on the stairs with a 50lb barbell on my shoulders. I was on level 62 the whole time. My heart was pounding hard, probably from the white flood. I don't care, I love the focus and stim. My legs and back felt really strong and tight
    Then I did about 30 minutes on the leg press with different weights up to 300. I went as deep as possible and all my muscles tight. It felt awesome. some sets fast and high reps, some sets slower and less reps. Then I did cable biceps with different wrist positions and .Even now, almost 4 hours after I started my workout, I still have that super alpha feeling and high energy. Today was 86:50 and 919 calories
    Joints aren't dry anymore. I have noticed a little more aggression and a shorter fuse in my patience. I'm glad I didn't start the havoc at 30mg. 40 seems awesome.

  6. glad to hear that the havoc's kickin in that fast! hope my cycle will start to be effective this fast,too

  7. How is the mirror looking? And do you feel like its "fully" kicked in yet?

  8. DAY 9
    Mirror is looking better! I have veins popping out of the top of my forearms now and that one up my left bicep is lasting longer and longer each day. Lifting feels really awesome. Weights are getting heavier but form is staying in check. So I can definitely tell it's working. I know people say it takes until week 3 or whatever, so I'm really stoked for that.
    I spent lots of time today working out this knot in my upper back. I think the shoulder impingement is stemming from muscle tightness all around the joint. I was rolling on a lacrosse ball for awhile on my back and then on the front of my shoulder. I feel like I'm working it out and losing the sharp pain in my anterior delt. After my workout, I was laying on a kettlebell and had a 50lb one on the front of my shoulder to push me into it. It hurt like hell but felt great at the same time.
    Anyway, I felt strong today. It wasn't my super high intensity workout like usual. I ran for about 15 minutes on a 10.5 incline. Then I did deadlifts for about 30 minutes. I got a new best of 375x1. I think I could have gotten 385 but this shoulder is still goofy. Then I did some body weight rows in the smith machine and then some 1 arm rows in there with 85. It's not the most weight I've ever done 1 arm but the muscle contraction felt really solid in my arms and back. Overall it was 675 calories in 71 minutes

    so far, ZERO sides. I was hearing rumors of EPI on the upcoming banned list and I was thinking of starting a stockpile. I love this PH so far. I mean it's awesome.
    Macros Yesterday
    111g carbs (high for me)
    91 g fat
    278g protein

  9. Yes it is on the ban list. However it still has to pass in BOTH houses ( witch can take a while) so no hurry. Good to hear though bro. Becareful with that shoulder!

  10. Also any back pumps? Or calfs punps when running?

  11. no calf pumps. Back pumps, no not really. Maybe juuuust beginning to start but I've also been lifting back alot. I've been rolling the shot out of my back on these lacrosse balls. Its definitely helping but I still can't do dips or bench. Cable chest toys have been OK though so I guess I will just ride it out like that.
    My neutral grip pull ups today were cool. My whole body was completely flexed and the pull ups were easy. That's definitely new. Tomorrow is squats, running, and pullups.
    My sex drive is way up. Waaaay up. That's definitely new and awesome. When I was cutting on clen, I had zero sex drive so its good to be back.
    Carbs 67g
    Fat 131g
    Protein 267g

  12. Day 11
    My muscles are feeling strong and tight all day. The vascularity in my forearms is more and more, now starting in my front delts and in my neck. I did squats today, nor trying for PR, just slow and as deep as possible. I did about 10 sets of 135-185. It was easy but I didn't add more weight, just upped the reps and sets. Then a circuit of 10 24" rapid plyo jumps into pullups, into deadlifts, into squats. I did that circuit 4 times. Then leg press machine until my low back got too tight, about 5 sets @200. Then some lat pull variations. Today I'm going to look into massage options. My traps/lats/delts are tight and knotted up..

  13. Day 12
    My shoulder was feeling almost back to normal until this morning's workout. I jacked myself up on purpose because I have a massage. I killed my workout this morning. I did 10 sets of 5 like this: 3 plyo boxes in a row 12", 18", 24" jump over,over,on top. Then jump down, burpee,pushup, jump up to chin up. It's one of my hardest workouts. My heart rate gets up to like 180 which is high for age 34. Anyway, after some lat pulls it was 825 calories in 60 minutes.
    My muscles are dry and tight all the time now. It's totally awesome and I love the feeling. I feel really strong everywhere. I feel like I want to do chinups and squats all day.
    I ate more than usual yesterday. I had a 1 bread pb&j before bed and a bunch of almond butter. Sometimes my body just does not want to be in a deficit. Also, I'm drinking more water than usual I'm 2 gallons easy and still thirsty.

  14. Day 13
    Massage was awesome. I'm much better, I'd say about 85%. I killed my legs today. Squats were easy, even with a pause at the bottom. I got sets of 4-5 up to 250lbs. I don't know how many sets I did, prob around 10. Then I did some 1 leg plyo jumps into pistol squats. I did about 5 sets of 5 on each leg. I started getting a little shaky from the PWO drink and my heart rate got pretty high. Then 7 sets of 25 jump squats. My low back started getting really tight so I hit the foam roller. That is new from the EPI so I took some taurine to help it out. I felt really strong and tight today. When I was in the sauna afterwards, I was wishing I had time to do the whole workout over. 848 calories in 77 minutes. Definitely feeling the EPI working now. I feel great and energized all the time. Water is 2+ gallons easy.
    Macros Yesterday
    88g Carbs
    45g Fat
    229 Protein

  15. Day 14
    Man, this is definitely getting cool. When I do chinups and pullups now, my whole body is flexed so tight I don't swing at all. The movements are super controlled and I feel like a professional. Barbell rows were easy at 205 today. Then I did good mornings for the first time in a long time @135. I could have gone heavier but I those tend to cripple me enough and I want to be able to do squats in 2 days. I did a front lat pulldown machine at 110 each hand and then some cable lat pulls with different hand angles. I feel like I could do chinups all day. I am noticing some tightness in my low back so I'm at 1-2g taurine x2/day. But I've also doing lots of back lifts. I feel like I want to lift all the time, even when I just finish, even if I lift for like 90 minutes. I could keep going. Even if I cash myself out in a set, I'm fully recovered in like 1-2 minutes. It's wild
    Today was 606 calories in 74 minutes.
    Yesterday's Macros
    70g carbs
    137g fat
    291g protein

  16. Nice log man....can't wait till my EPI starts kicking in strong. Wish I could push the clock forward.

    Keep killing it!

  17. Thanks man. I just subbed to your log as well.

  18. Day 15
    I started dermacrine today. Upper back and shoulders. I've never used it before. It gives a warm feeling and a tiny bit of pins and needles but I like it. I was reading about the best spots to apply. After applying to upper back and shoulders, I did wipe the remaining on my balls. It made my balls really warm and tingly. Then I read more from this link which says that absorption is better through the scrotum but it has less receptors. So I will just stick with the back area and not the sack.

    My workout was pretty good this morning. I took a little too much pwo and I got weird pressure in my ears again. But once I put in my headphones, I didn't notice. But it's probably not really good for me even though I won't stop.
    I did stairs on between level 55-100 with a 60lb barbell on my back. That was my warmup for about 20 minutes. Then I lifted back and I maxed out 2 machines. 1 was a cable row that I maxed at 150 and the other was a machine low row that I maxed at 150 each hand for sets of 5 reps. That was cool, I haven't maxed those before. I could have gone heavier. I forgot what else I did but I ended with lots of good stretching in my back/shoulders. Then I rolled my feet on little 8lb dumbbells. It hurt like hell but felt awesome.
    Macros Yesterday
    24g carbs
    69g fat
    342g protein

  19. Day 16
    I'm noticing I can easily get my muscles to cramp if I flex. No biggie though, it's just something new. My back is sore but I don't think it's back pumps, or at least it's different than when I ran hdrol. Anyhow, I'm taking 3g of taurine and I'm fine. Today I took d-stunner for pwo. I have like 5 different pwo's. I was unstoppable. Last night, I said I was going to take today off but after I hit the d-stunner I was like let's go. I only did cardio today but it was intense: stairs mostly at level 75. Then I did a bunch of 30 second sprints at 162 the max it goes. Then I kept going at level 77 with a 65lb barbell on my back. I could have kept going but the wife was cashed after her sprints. Total was 837 calories in 58:05.
    I ate differently last night. I ground my own grass fed beef and added a bunch of bacon in the grinder. I probably ate a little over a pound of meat with a bunch of cheese and a bun. I never eat buns or carbs like that. Also had some paleo pound cake (made with almond flour, not wheat flour) I think it might have helped a bit but I can workout like this without the carbs too. I didn't put all my food in to myfitnesspal so IDK the macros.
    Anyways, I'm feeling really good, strong, and tight. My abs are looking pretty good, actually best ever. Still no cover model, but a personal best each day I can nail my diet.
    We have to go to this huge party tonight so it will be entertaining for sober me to fck with all the drunkys. Oh speaking of, my sex drive is awesome. I wish I was always like this.

  20. Rest day today. The first in a long time. Remember, you don't get stronger when you lift, you get stronger when you recover.
    Not exactly sure my macros from yest. This party was a Mexican theme with chefs and a mariachi band. These people have retarted amounts of money... So I ate a bunch of shrimp,pork, chorizo, tilapia, guac and salsa and tortillas. Only water all night. Those people got so wasted, it was entertaining for me to watch.
    I was standing all night and my low back got kind of tight towards the end. That's new, so another 1g of taurine and g2g.
    The hardest part for me on rest days is keeping my calories at 1850. I usually eat the same amount, around 2600 whether I exercise or not, so today I'm going to really aim for 1850

  21. Quote Originally Posted by threeFs View Post
    Rest day today. The first in a long time. Remember, you don't get stronger when you lift, you get stronger when you recover.
    Not exactly sure my macros from yest. This party was a Mexican theme with chefs and a mariachi band. These people have retarted amounts of money... So I ate a bunch of shrimp,pork, chorizo, tilapia, guac and salsa and tortillas. Only water all night. Those people got so wasted, it was entertaining for me to watch.
    I was standing all night and my low back got kind of tight towards the end. That's new, so another 1g of taurine and g2g.
    The hardest part for me on rest days is keeping my calories at 1850. I usually eat the same amount, around 2600 whether I exercise or not, so today I'm going to really aim for 1850

    Everyone has their own opinion on things and I may be wrong....as perfect as I am .... ha ha

    But...I've always figured while bulking .....eat the same calories even on rest days. Your muscle needs energy to repair and grow, so feed it. Only when I'm cutting do I circle my calorie intake around my activity levels.

  22. Good stuff man. I definitely agree with that.

  23. Day 18
    Holy shot am I tired right now. Looking at my macros from test, my protein was 172g, carbs 135g and fat 140g. Definitely a different eating day and I'm glad its over. I slept like crap because there were fireworks all night. Really? Who the f shoots fireworks on labor day? Whatever.
    I did the stairs on level 66 with a 60lb barbell. That was 15 minutes to warm up. Then 8 sets of squats up to 225 axx 2 grass for 4 reps. My mind felt like lets go but the alpha strength just wasn't there today. I could have fallen asleep mid workout several times. Then leg press at 7 plates/side for sets of 6. Then hams curls and quad extensions. Whatever, I'm just tired so I didn't destroy it like usual. I got 635 calories in 74 minutes.
    I'm going to take a nap now

  24. Get your sleep bro...then go back to the gym and hit a couple more sets on the muscles you worked just to make sure you exhausted them. Rest is important though....gatta get that sleep.

  25. Ay bro hows that weight & mirror so far? And how is that strength? Big gains yet?


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