Blood pressure changes on Cycle?

  1. Blood pressure changes on Cycle?

    I am curious as to how much I can expect my blood pressure to rise while on cycle?
    What is normal?

  2. slight to drastic rise depending on what you are using and how it affects you. also normal is 120/80 prehypertension is 120-139/80-89 and hypertension is 140/90. higher numbers are higher stages of high blood pressure

  3. Should they return to normal once off cycle.
    Mine raised from 117/78 to 131/80
    I guess that is tolerable, however I am used to much lower numbers.

    My cycle is
    300 test blend
    300 deca
    Once a week.
    Numbers increased actually 6th week of 8 week cycle.
    So i may stop now and go to PCT.
    Or is this to be expected and somewhat normal?

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