Proviron + Deca Durobolan + Sustanon 300 + Trenblone Enanthate

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  1. Cool Proviron + Deca Durobolan + Sustanon 300 + Trenblone Enanthate

    Had my first shot of sustanon ever yesterday.

    I was a little snapy today, but lifting a little more weight, which made me happy.

    I have one 10ml bottle of Deca (250mg/1ml) and one Sustanon, (300mg/1ml) One bottle of Tri-tren (150mg/ml). One Bottle of Test-enanthate (300mg/ml) and two bottles of Test-prop (100mg/ml).

    To start off Ill be shooting 1ml of Deca and 1ml of Sus twice a week. (about 5 weeks)

    Later when the Deca and Sus runs out Ill start shooting the Tri-tren and Test-enanthate twice weekly and Test-prop eod. Im gona go for HCG at the end of the course and Letrozol for PCT

    I havnt managed to get hold of Proviron so Im pulsing Dbol 4X pw & dosing .5arimadex lat thing at night, not quite the same thing but in the same direction.

    Ill be shooting 1ml tuesday and 1ml on saturday of each so for each week its 1ml x2

    .....................wk1...... ..wk2........wk3.........wk4.. ......wk5...........wk6....... ...wk7.........wk8......wk9... .....wk10
    Sus.............1ml(x2) / 1ml(x2) / 1ml(x2) / 1ml(x2) / 1ml(x2)
    Deca............1ml(x2) / 1ml(x2) / 1ml(x2) / 1ml(x2) / 1ml(x2)
    Test-E............................. .............................. ......................./ ..1ml(x2).. / 1ml(x2) / 1ml(x2) / 1ml(x2) / 1ml(x2)
    Tri-tren.......................... .............................. ......................../ 1/2ml(x2) / 1ml(x2) / 1ml(x2) / 1ml(x2) / 1ml(x2)

    Test-prop.......................... .............................. ...................../ (1ml eod)

    Ill spread the prop out so that it lasts through week 11 and 12 while the Tren makes finnishes its job. Ive got 20ml.

    Just pionting out incase ppl dont notice, once the bottle of deca is finnished it will still be active at peak levels in my body for another two weeks while Im shooting the Trenbolone
    Has anyone heared of shooting IGF-1 ed and what that does? Im thinking about running this next year just for the sheer excitement.

  2. Supps:

    1. after each workout Anabolic mass2 - 60g protien, 60g carbs, 17g BCAAS, 3.3g fat

    2. Probiotis Acidophilus with pectin (3billion active cultures!) after a the post workout meals.
    3. Full Spectrum Enzyme Formula. with post workout meals.

    4. Purer Creatine Monohydrate before and after each workout.

    5. Ashwaganda - to keep me happy incase of roid rage. (already finnished :O)

    6. Echinacea tea; Dandelion root tea; Cleanse herbal tea (ruhbarb root, fennel root, licorice) and Psyllum husks. For the toxins. (Ive knocked the teas on the head, they were messing with the anabolics, apart from green tea)

    7. N.O Ignite (Redefinenutrition)

    8. NX Labs Mythel Test.

    9. Milk thistke.

    10. I have 50mg Diclofenac sodium tabs on hand incase I injure myself (Im aware of the sides)


    I feel better eating as soon as Im hungry, if my appetite goes down I set my alarm and eat every 3 hours, but I find I get hungy and eat before it goes off.

    I dont have an extremely varied diet, I stick with what works for me.

    I was a chef for 6 years, I use tons of spices and herbs in almost everything, sometimes even on my bacon, sausages and eggs at breakfast.

    A sirloin steak for a treat every now and then but generally for meat protien I eat:

    chicken, Tuna, Fish(other), casserole beef, pork sausages.

    I like to throw a big tray of chicken in the oven twice or 3 times a week and just eat it all day.

    I eat alot of eggs - love em.

    For protien I aslo eat Soya mince, Kindney beans and Chick peas - Vegetable protien actually builds stronger muscle firbres and immune system.

    For Carbs I like rice, Ive done a little reaserch on Metabolic typing which has shown me how to be in tune with my body concerning how what Ive eaten affects me, and nicely cooked rice is the best thing for me. But I do mix in a little pasta and cous cous every now and then.

    Every time I cook I use vegetables aswell - every meal will contian something from - broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, tomatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes (sometimes normal potatoes).

    Occationally Ill make sure Im not too acidic and simmer methi, spring onion, beet root leaves, black raisins, spinnache and lemon juice (because friut acids turn to alkaline in your stomach).

    I have a shake after every workout. I dont believe shakes build muscle, they just stop muscles bieng burnt as energy and help start the anabolic process after a workout.

    FOOD every 2/3 hours (setting my alarm for 3 hours but
    eating as soon as Im hungry!) KISS

    To cut a long story short,

    Ill be playing it as I go to try to fit my whole body in 2 times a week! and Ill be training every day . Im breaking it down like this:

    1. Back & Traps in the morning including post delts of course.

    and Shoulders later on in the day at the first opportunity I

    get and including post delts too.

    2. Legs. I like to have a day between back and Bis.

    3. Chest and Bis. if the ant-delts fell good Ill throw in some

    different isolations in too.

    I hate training Triceps so Ill do them all by themselves later in the day so I

    can just focus on them without any distractions for an excuse.

    Its roughly a 14 week course (but 22 including PCT) so Ill periodise it like this to keep my body adapting :

    1. First 5 weeks - Power Body building.

    2. For 2 weeks - High amplitude (full range at speed) Balistics, Ployo's and Partial reps . (this will be exciting)

    3. For 6 weeks - Drop sets.

    4. For 6 weeks - Loads of drop sets and sweet super sets.

    When my course is finnished Ill go on a diet and start cutting. Ill have to put pictures up afters aswell.

  3. yesterday I weighed in at 77.9kg (22/10/10).

    I would like to put on 15kg on this course, if its not working out Ill up the doses esspecially on Tren at the end and the Proviron caps, Deca puts on alot of water which Ill loose quick at the end so Ill stick with the dosage Ive got planned, Im only running it for my joints anyways.

    *I only had my first Sustanon shot yesterday and already Ive gained strength, on my hammer st Iso low row I usually do 60kg (3plates) each side for 10reps, today I did 80kg (4 plates each side !!!) - skippin and a jumpin. (23.10.10)

    79.4kg today after a workout ( 27.10.10 ), But these pictures were before the workout:
    Attached Images Attached Images   

  4. if it were me I'd front load the deca by taking a double dose the first few shots. I'd probably do the same with the sust.

    It's just me, but I'd also wait 3 weeks after the last shot of deca before considering it out of your body. the half life is very long for that stuff.

    IGF is ok, I think it is best for healing injuries and running in PCT. generally you don't measure it in IU though, you measure it in mcg. if you search around I'm sure you'll find more. it is fun but nothing like gear. the gains from it are much more permanent though. I think running it for 2-3 weeks in the early parts of a cycle and then during PCT is the best way to use it.

    also, you are going to want to run that HCG throughout the cycle. running HCG in post cycle therapy is old school and hasn't been widely done in many years. Plus letrozol is not used for PCT. I am here to help but you really need to do about 10x more research o here first. there are problems with this cycle and your post cycle therapy is totally backwards. your diet looks far from ideal as well.

  5. Ok - heres a story for you:

    I made myself homeless as of 3 days ago! But Im surviving. I slept in an electrical cupboard just big enough for me and my two bags of few salvaged belongings, in a new block of flats in town - they havnt properly timed the trader's button at the entrance, and the cupboard locks from the inside. I stayed there two nights un-noticed .

    Basically I was Living and working in a gym in town (on £15 a week = bieng exploited), but the boss and I are always arguing, and one day he held me against a wall and smacked me across the face, hes 20st and Im 12st - he benches 260kg and I bench 80kg. needless to say, I thought and prayed about it long and hard, even talked to the pastor about it at church, and decided with peace in my heart that the right thing to do was to get out of there. So technically I made myself homeless, but that just a technical glitch - bieng too honest just gets you into trouble.

    Theres a deal on londonwestmidland company trains for a £10 ticket to london, which is normally £25. So I asked a friend for £1 to pay for printing the voucher off the internet. I also went down to the job centre and didnt leave I explained my whole predicament till they issued me an emergency payment. I got a ticket from birmingham to My dads house in London and surprised him, to say the least. My gear is now in his frige too.

    I had my first ml of Deca mixed with Sustanon today, I must say I felt it kick in very shortly after I put it in my ass, about 20 seconds Id say. I know it didnt go in an artery cos I drew it dack before I shot it in and there was no blood. I notived more agression and drive - and I LOVE it! its been an hour now and Im feeling great, I dont know if thats a placebo thing but its sure welcome to carry on.

    I havnt had any opportunity to exercise since sunday but Ill have a good go at it tomorrow (27.10.10). still trying to get some proviron.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by neverstop View Post
    if it were me I'd front load the deca by taking a double dose the first few shots. I'd probably do the same with the sust.
    Double dose??? Never heared of it, sounds like too much that would mean Id be shooting 1200mg Sus and 1000mg Deca in the first week! Its only my first course, I think Ill do it the traditional way and keep it simple aswell.

    About the HCG, Ive spoken to an actual pharmacist that goes to my old gym and he explained to me that it needs to be a bit of both really - first shot the day before the last weeks first dose of test - second shot 3 days after the last test shot - and the third one week after that. Ill stick with what the exper tells me.

    Point noted about letrozol, Ill check it out. Thanks

  7. if you don't have a house you should probably stop your cycle and wait until your life is more stable. crazy story man.

    you do take a big double dose, this is because the steroid takes a long time to get into your system so it sounds like a lot but it's less in practice.

  8. Ahh just edited my story - Im at my dads house now, I forgot to put that in erlier.

    But then technically that way those suicide doses will all kick in at the same time too.

    I see it this way - if it last 3 weeks in the body technically you could shoot it once avery 3 weeks for medicinal purposes, but by shooting it in sane doses but more frequently lets it slowly build up to give your psycological state and your body in general a chance to cope with the changes - that way you get less sides too. Suddenly having high doses in the body = ance and unwanted progesterone sides (breast milk).

  9. Ummmm it takes roughly 4 wks for sus to kick in... Yes there are short esters but most is longer. Deca takes longer. So there is no way u are feeling anything when you just start. It's all placebo. Esp right after you inject it.

  10. this log is a disaster man, I'm not trying to be a jerk here but you clearly have zero understanding of what you are doing. to be running tren on your first cycle is a bad idea. you don't understand what you are injecting into your body really in any way. your PCT is a train wreck. you should stop now and do about 6 months more research before you hurt yourself.

  11. I had a jolly good workout on back and and shoulders, not much difference in strength though:

    [SIZE="3"]I weighed in at 79.4kg after the workout (27.10.10)[/SIZE]

    Lat pull down 1x 80kg x 6rep & 3x 85kg x 6rep & 1x 90kg x 5rep & 1x 95kg x 5rep - I dont usually do lat pulldown so nothing out the ordinary.

    Machine Tbar row - 187.5lb x 10Rep

    Single arm Machine row - 100lb x 10 rep

    Supine close grip (thumb width) pulldown - 85kg x 10rep

    Single arm Reverse fly - 25kg x 10 rep

    Upright Row 40kg (including bar) x 10rep

    Only improvement there is on Tbar row 27kg increase and Single arm row 20kg increase

    Quote Originally Posted by neverstop View Post
    this log is a disaster man, I'm not trying to be a jerk here but you clearly have zero understanding of what you are doing. to be running tren on your first cycle is a bad idea. you don't understand what you are injecting into your body really in any way. your PCT is a train wreck. you should stop now and do about 6 months more research before you hurt yourself.
    Yes youre right deca and sustanon take 4 weeks to kick in, but reguardless of anybodys opinion on how long it takes Im not shooting it 1000mg in my first week, thats like running into a train on my first course. 400 - 600mg PER WEEK is whats recomened for anybody to bulk up with. Just keep it simple.

  12. "Keep it simple"? Sheeeeit.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by radiodude View Post
    "Keep it simple"? Sheeeeit.
    simple as in Im sticking to 1ml twice a week until it runs out. Im not changing my mind.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by neverstop View Post
    ...Plus letrozol is not used for PCT...
    Quote Originally Posted by neverstop View Post
    ... your PCT is a train wreck. you should stop now and do about 6 months more research before you hurt yourself...
    Letrozole (Femara) is the chemical name of Novartis“ selective third generationAromatase Inhibitor (AI). This drug was developed to fight breast cancer by inhibiting the aromatization. It is usually used as a part of an aggressive treatment in post-menopausal women, to fight and reverse the spread of breast cancer after other treatments (such as Tamoxifen therapy) has failed. It“s probably the most efficient product on the market for this purpose currently (5) It is very similar in structure and action to it“s predecessor Arimidex.

    ...Firstly, it has been shown to reduce estrogen levels by 98% or greater...

    ...Letrozole (Femara) can be used to raise LH and FSH (which are hormones which signal your testes to produce more testosterone)...Letrozole (Femara), of course, can be used for post-cycle-therapy (PCT) to raise test levels...

    ...In non-cellular systems, Letrozole (Femara) is 2-5 times more potent than anastrozole and exemestane in its inhibition of the aromatase enzyme and activity, and in cellular systems it is 10-20x more potent! It also lasts quite a long time in your body,but takes awhile to get going& Letrozole (Femara) has a whopping 2-4 day (!) ½ life, and you need to take Letrozole (Femara) for 60 days to get a steady blood plasma level...

    ...Those are impressive numbers, but here“s one of the most interesting things about Letrozole (Femara):

    It may reduce/eliminate/reverse existing gynocomastia!

    In a study conducted on mice (*no, I know it“s not perfect), gyno-like-changes in the mammary gland were totally destroyed! Here“s a direct quote from that study:

    "Our results also indicate aromatase overexpression-induced changes in mammary glands can be abrogated [destroyed] with very low concentrations of the aromatase inhibitor, Letrozole (Femara)."(7)

    An effective dose of Letrozole (Femara) is .25-.5mg/day (I use .25mgs/day), but be forewarned, if you go over that amount, it can kill your sex drive

    Verdict: HCG (Synthetic LH) and Letrozole seems prity smart to me.
    If you have any better suggestions post them here.

  15. i skimmed this...

    homless using anabolics

    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  16. Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    i skimmed this...

    homless using anabolics

    He who dare's wins - an old scottish saying.

  17. I cant even find injectables
    Maybe I need some homless friends.
    Won't letro cause for estro rebound? I really dont know anything about letro but its good for fighting gyno on cycle. But if you use it after a a cycle can't it cause rebound when you are done using it?

    Or is this different from an Estrogen blocker? Or isnt an aromatase inhibitor the same thing?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Nothingman View Post
    I cant even find injectables
    Maybe I need some homless friends.
    Won't letro cause for estro rebound? I really dont know anything about letro but its good for fighting gyno on cycle. But if you use it after a a cycle can't it cause rebound when you are done using it?

    Or is this different from an Estrogen blocker? Or isnt an aromatase inhibitor the same thing?
    You have a point there with the rebound, Im not even sure what this is, it sounds like a rapid rise in estrogen levels, but as long as my natural testosterone levels are back to normal that wont matter.

    I can finnish it off with arimadex, its cheap round here - £15 for a box of 30 caps.

    Trust me, you can find injectables, the people selling it wont exactly hide themsleves if you have money to spend. If you really want them, you find them no probs.

    Letrozol is an Anti-Aromatose, Novaldex is an Anti-Estrogen, so they work from completely different angles. And then theres Arimadex which does a bit of both which is much safer in terms of sides but not as pwerfull in its effects.

    this is from :

    ...If, however, you are preparing for a bodybuilding contest, you need to use something which will suck most (if not all) of the estrogen out of your body (water retention). I am speculating that you may be able to use Nolvadex for the majority of a contest prep cycle, to keep yourself relatively healthy, and then switch over to Letrozole for the last 8 weeks...

  19. Just skimming over your thread Nothingman. I see how you posted up more details on your diet, Ill make more of an effort now, but Im prity relaxed when it comes to my eating cos Ive been reaserching and implementing my findings for while. see above for diet update...

  20. My posture feels better than normal . My glutes have been feeling like theyve been smashed with a golf club or baseball bat since tuesday evening when I pinned sus and deca together in my glutes!! (half ether side) I couldnt turn over in my bed Ive been having to lift my hips up to avoid any pressure, and sitting down has been painfull.

    It was the worst last night, but this morning its just dissapeared, huge reliefe, But Im shooting again tomorrow, Im gona have to get over it cos it will be like this for the next 12 weeks

    Basically Im shooting on Tuesdays and Saturdays, when I include HCG in the week it will be on a friday.

    Ive been keeping the bottles in the frige but my dad threatened to throw it away the other night . So ive hidden them in a plastic bag in a sheltered place in the garded - its an avergae of 6-8 degress C out there so its better than in the house. Not that is has to be in the frige because its oil based but just to be safe.

    Also is costs £6 at the local gym to have a workout and I only have £25 next till next week thursday so I can only fit in 3 workouts, Ill have to spend some extra time in the gym and cover more ground.

  21. Shouldn't u be pinning turs fri?!?!? This is just a mess!

  22. On Wednesday I also bought some Nettle tea (I Love my teas) to support my Kidneys and some Echinacea tincture to support my skin.

    Tomorrow Ill do my shots at least 2 hours before gym, to give the Acetate time to kick in, then

    Im gona do chest... then chillout at the leisure centre for about an hour and go back and do my arms including forearms.

    Ive been doing an hour of cycling once a week (holding onto my glutes every now and then to make sure they keep firing) and I do glute work with it to keep my lower back in one peace, for the last few weeks, so I recon my glutes have alot of capillary development, so I recon this stuff will absorb fast!

    Quote Originally Posted by Liftingstud View Post
    Shouldn't u be pinning turs fri?!?!? This is just a mess!
    er no, not really mate. lol. I dont see why I should be spoon feeding you information when everybody else will do the reading themselves. All the info is already logged above. The answer to your question is simple, Im running this course on 2ml of deca at

    250mg/ml per week and 2ml of sustanon at 300mg/ml, Im spreading over the

    week by halving the dosage I inject into 2 manageable shots of 1ml ea, less

    fuss, less sides, more of a steady level in my body (no point in pulsing

    because it will remain active for about 2 weeks inside the body anyway).

    According to reaserch those 2 doses are whats recomended for a bulking

    cousre for those two injectables.

    liftingstud for obviouse reasons Im not answering any of your questions unless theyre constructive.

  23. Heres how my Sustanon 300 breaks down

    Each 1ml contains:

    Testosterone Cypionate 100mg (active life 15/16 days)
    Testosterone Enanthate 100mg (Active life 8 days)
    Testosterone Propionate 50mg (3 days)
    Testosterone Acetate 50mg (2/3days)

    so during the two weeks while I overlap daca, tri-tren, sustanon, T-enanth and T-prop my testosterone levels should reach around 1500mg of active testosterone, by this time I will be taking proviron so I will be taking advantage of its Aromatose Inhibiting and Anti-Estrogen proporties.

    Then it should peak at arround 900mg until week 10, then down to 600mg and 300mg over week 11 and finally 100mg from the last prop shot on saturady week 11.

    Howerver HCG will be started on the friday of week 12 (before my last shot of Prop), tuesday of week 13 (3days after) and tuesday of week 14 (one week later) Allong with letrozole.

    Thats more technical than I intended on going with my explanations , but if anybody has any questions feel free to ask.

    The trouble is for all the sceptical critical negative subscribers to this thread is that it will never work in practice out like it does on paper and Im going to have to adjust it "accordingly".

    The second best investment a person can make is in thier own bodies and all the effort required of me does not phase me at all. If you dont want to do things in life because youre fearfull of what life throws at you then youll never get round to anything. Talk is cheap.

    Ill have to adjust my dosage according to my blood test results. My results for my frist blood tests arrived yesterday - My liver and kidneys are working perfectly. My test results for my natural test level from the blood test I had done on wednesday 20th October are coming in in a couple of weeks just for interests sake. I will be having more done, one on the 15th of November and another in january which hopefully will confirm how to dose and finnish more accurately, but there is enough research done on these substances to finnish a course without blood tests.

  24. Just shot my second dose for this week at 4pm. Man let me tell you, make sure you are perfectly relaxed before shooting unless you are very experienced. I pulled back on the needle to make sure I hadnt hit a vessel and what do you think happened. Well what you would like to happen is nothing but a tiny tiny bit of blood to come through or nothing at all, but this time I wasnt sure cos it was worrying me, so I had to stab my self again. I also hate wasting that little bit that you have to pump out to make sure the bubbles are out the syringe, I had to do it twice .. This time I just shot it all in one side, I dont want both sides to hurt again. But Im looking forward to a bloody good workout in a bit!

  25. F*** it! the Gym was closed, some kind of cage fight on there tonight. Ive been waking up with a hardon every morning since last saturday, and libido's been going up and down - probably due to the different esters, but when the libido's up, ITS UP!!!


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