letro and gyno with dbol help

  1. letro and gyno with dbol help

    what up. my cousin doesnt have an AM account so im posting for him and i want some good responses cause i know you guys are smart. here we go. he has a small, small case of gyno. u cant tell unless he told u he had it really. he is planning on taking 30mg of dbol for 4 weeks while running letro with it to prevent gyno. i havent had any personal experience with gyno so i dunno what to tell him...will this cycle WITH letro keep his gyno at the stage its at or do u guys think it will get worse? he plans to run nolva after his cycle along with maybe prime. thanks guys

    - phil
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  2. Tell him to research reducing gyno with letro. have him run that for a few weeks, then in the future have him run the dbol with either some arimidex, or aromasin on cycle to prevent its reoccurance.

    but i would recomend that he chooses a non aromatizing substance like hdrol (tbol) to avoid it happening again, and also make sure to use a serm for pct. If you need any more info phil lemmme know

  3. i appreciate it man. he has done plenty of research, but he hasnt found an answer for running it with a cycle and keeping his gyno to a minimum (where its at now). he will run nolva as PCT, and he doesnt want to run a PH like Hdrol. he wants to run "real" stuff. ive told him to run hdrol but he wants dbol. his gyno has gotten better since being off of a few steroidal products and running a few compounds.
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  4. Yeah what im saying is convince him to run T-bol. Its called Oral Turinabol, its illegal and the same class of drug as dbol is, even has a similar nickname. It will be found anywhere that sells dbol.

    he shouldnt use letro on cycle its very bad for you in extended doses.

    I would tell him to run arimidex .5mg every three days or 12.5mg aromasin every 3 days for the whole cycle, and to bump up the frequency if he still has issues.

    But it would be much better for him to run tbol, his gyno might even shrink a tad on a non-aromatizing cycle.

  5. if we cant get ahold of any of those, would nolva or clomid on cycle and letro as PCT do the trick?
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  6. Nolva as on cycle and for PCT could work but its not preferable just because it has its own toxicity.

    But between nolva and letro i would say nolva for sure. Id try 10mg e3d and if I started getting tingly nips or puffy nips id up it to 20. Then run 20/20/10/10 for pct. no letro

  7. sounds good to me man. i appreciate it
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  8. please tell me this isn't about who I think it is? If so he just doesn't F*uckin listen and you need to slap the **** out of him for me.

  9. nah
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