Make Us Laugh: Win X-factor!!!!!

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  1. Make Us Laugh: Win X-factor!!!!!


    Allright guys. I know we're out of stock, and the shipment is coming. In the meantime, time to get the spirits up, and get a contest!

    I want to know the funniest joke you've heard! It can be a picture, whatever.

    Limit of 1 entry per day, or you are disqualified for the whole contest!

    3 winners will be chosen to run a cycle of the legendary "X"!

    We'll be picking winners at the end of the month!

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  2. Q. What do you call a bulimic vegetarian?

    A. Salad shooter.
    MOTIV8 II Challenge
    -=The Big Squirrel Nut Swingers=-

  3. Thought this was pretty good cuz i went to highschool w/ a girl I saw on the Internet, ha
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  4. another one in the spirit on the Ohio and Texas primarys
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  5. 3-03-08


  6. winner!

    A guy asked a girl, have you ever had magic sex?... She replied, No, how do u do thit?..... He said,"we **** then u disapear." Tada [email protected]!
  7. Oldie but Goodie

    One of my all time favorites

    A man took his pregnant wife to the hospital to give birth, and the doctor told them that he had developed an experimental machine and asked if they'd like to try it out. He explained carefully that the machine could take some of the pain of childbirth from the mother and give it to the father.

    Both the husband and the wife thought this was a wonderful idea, and decided to give it a try. The doctor set the knob on the machine to ten percent for starters, explaining to the man that even ten percent was probably more pain than he had ever experienced. But the man was surprised at how little pain he felt and asked the doctor to go ahead and turn it up a notch.

    The doctor twisted the knob up to twenty percent, and checked the husband's blood pressure, which was fine. Amazed, the doctor turned the knob again and increased the pain threshold to fifty percent.

    Still feeling nothing, the husband encouraged the doctor to give him ALL the pain. Again, dumbfounded, the doctor increased the load to one hundred percent. After his wife had given birth, the man stood up, stretched a little, and helped his wife into the car, both of them feeling fine.

    When they got home, they found the mailman dead on the doorstep.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by TheMouth View Post

    ...And I STILL decided to waste 5 min of my life making sure they were right

  9. guy1: Knock, knock...

    guy2: Who's there?

    guy1: Go **** yourself.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Aeternitatis View Post
    Q. What do you call a bulimic vegetarian?

    A. Salad shooter.

    I think its "What do you call a vegetarian with diarrhea"

    Why did Chad cross the road?

    Because his d!ck was stuck in a chicken.

  11. Totally stolen from, but if you got a pulse you will LOL.


    A farmer went out one day and bought a brand new stud rooster for his chicken coop The new rooster struts over to the old rooster and says,

    'OK old guy, time for you to retire.'

    The old rooster replies, 'Come on, surely you cannot handle ALL of these chickens. Look what it has done to me. Can't you just let me have the two old hens over in the corner?'

    The young rooster says, 'Beat it: You are washed up and I am taking over.'

    The old rooster says, 'I tell you what, young stud . I will race you around the farmhouse Whoever wins gets the exclusive domain over the entire chicken coop.'

    The young rooster laughs. 'You know you don't stand a chance, old man. So, just to be fair, I will give you a head start.'

    The old rooster takes off running About 15 seconds later the young rooster takes off running after him. They round the front porch of the farm-house and the young rooster has closed the gap.

    He is only about 5 feet behind the old rooster and gaining fast. The farmer, meanwhile, is sitting in his usual spot on the front porch when he sees the roosters running by. The Old Rooster is squawking and running as hard as he can. The Farmer grabs his shotgun and - BOOM - he blows the young rooster to bits. The farmer sadly shakes his head and says,

    'Dadgumit.....third gay rooster I bought this month.'

  13. This one is better when I can do all the actions and what not but I'll give it a shot...

    Theres this boy you know average build, brown hair.
    Hes been looking for a job for quite awhile and can't seem to find anything. The problem is he has no ARMS. It's kinda hard to find a job when you have no arms but he finally finds one.
    The ad says:

    Church bell ringer needed immediately

    He says oh man I can ring a bell, no problem. The next day he goes to the church.
    He bangs his heads on the door. BOOM BOOM BOOM.
    The priest answers and says "Yes, my son".
    "I'm here to apply for the job ringing the bell."
    The priest looks at him and says "Well I'm sorry but I don't think your able".
    He says "If I show you I can ring the bell can I have the job?"
    The priest agrees and takes him inside.
    They go up this HUGE flight off stairs. On top of this huge tower stands a bell. The boy gets a good running start and then BOOOOOOOM hits his head on the bell.
    The priest is impressed and says perfect you have the job.
    Everyday the boy comes on time and everyday gets a running start and rings the bell.
    One day the boy goes for a running start and as hes running to ring the bell hits a huge crack in the floor. He trips, stumbles and falls directly down to the bottom and smashes into the concrete pavement below.
    Everybody crowds around to take a look at the boy who fell.
    "OMG OMG OMG WHO IS IT" a fat lady in the back of the crowd says loudly. A man kneels down, picks him up by the head and says.
    "I don't know who it is but his face rings a bell!"

    This joke is WAAAAAAAY funnier in person. I do all the actions and all the running starts.
  14. I am Mexican but I love the joke

    An American, a Cuban, a Swiss and a Mexican were traveling on a train.

    So to break the ice the Cuban takes out a Cohiba Cigar, lights it on, takes 2 puffs and throws it out the window. The otehr thre guys were like

    "WTF man that was a $500 dollar cigar man what the fcuk's wrong with you?"

    The Cuban says (imagine cuban accent here): "no worries man back home we got sh*t loads of them, sh*t loads..."

    So the Swiss guys takes a look at his watch, takes it off and throws it out the window. Everbody is like:

    "WTF man that was a $4000 Rolex man what the fcuk's wrong with you?"

    The Swiss guy says: "no worries man back home we got sh*t loads of them, sh*t loads..."

    The American feeling bad, doesn't know what to do so he grabs the Mexican and throws him out the window!

  15. i like sick here goes. i have a plethora of these so ill add more every day.

    Q: whats more fun than throwing dead babies off of cliffs?

    A: catching them with pitchforks

  16. How do you circumsize JJohn?

    Kick his sister in the throat!

    oops, probably shouldnt have used the contest selector in the joke......

  17. Q: How do you get a dog to stop humping your leg?

    A: Pick it up and blow it!!!

  18. A masked man runs into a local sperm bank immediately screaming "Robbery, robbery. Open the safe!!". The woman behind the counter explains "Sir, this isn't that type of bank!". He explains he doesn't give a ****, and wants her to open the safe. "But sir" she says "There is only semen in that safe", "I know b!tch, take out the cum".

    Scared and quite confused, the woman starts emptying several vials of semen from the bank. "What do you want me to do with these?" she asks "Drink them" he says. "Drink them? What, why?". The masked man points the gun in her chest again and repeats "Drink them".

    So, the woman goes about choking down these three vials of semen in a hurry, fearing the masked man's actions. After she finishes, the masked man takes off his mask to reveal he is in fact the woman's husband - he looks at her and says "See, was it really that bad?".

  19. What do you tell a woman with 2 black eyes?

    Nothing, you already told the ***** twice!

    JK ladies, I love ya'll

  20. Q. What do Mike Tyson and Elton John have in common ?

    A. They have both been beatin around the ring alot.

  21. nuff said
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  22. [youtube]QeMI7LHA7bY[/youtube]
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  23. jjohn-

    I haven't gotten my t-shirt yet.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post

    I haven't gotten my t-shirt yet.


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