LG Sciences Wants you to go POSTAL!!!!

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  1. LG Sciences Wants you to go POSTAL!!!!

    Seriously!, When does it stop!?!...It never does with LG Sciences, thats why we bring you POSTAL!, We are looking for testers, The number of testers right now are unknown, so race in, to put your app's in guys!!

    What is POSTAL?



    Post workout muscles require the most complex set of nutrients to reduce the tearing down of hard earned gains, and to replenish the precious raw materials that give real anabolic muscle growth. We believe Postal contains the most advanced matrix to reduce cortisol, increase muscle volume and speed recovery. Postal contains quick digesting protein, complex carbohydrates and a host of supporting nutrients to help give you maximum recovery after your workout.

    Postal contains high BCAA proteins, creatine and singular amino acids, to help maximize muscle recovery. Postal also contains waxy maize starch to help pull these nutrients into the cells more quickly and effectively. Waxy maize starch and dextrose will help replenish the muscles glycogen stores, spike insulin and create the perfect anabolic recovery blend. Postal can be used by men and women who want the best possible recovery agent after their workout. Don't waste your hard earned workouts by letting your muscles starve, GO POSTAL!


    Years of training-
    How would POSTAL benifit you?
    Training split/program-
    Past Logs, Please post links-
    Past Post work out products-

  2. Age-18
    Years of training-3-4

    Training split/program-I will be working with a trainer/nutritionist so the plan will be static.
    Diet-same as above
    What your looking for - Aid me in my recovering from my workouts after a 3 month lay off. Also I have tried many things that just don't seem to live up to my PWO standards and I believe this will.

    LG has always stood out to me as a solid company, they don't just go with the flow they innovate, and that is what I like.

  3. Age:34
    U.S- Yes (TX)
    Years Training- Off and on sport specific 20 years. Focused lifting physique 2 years. Serious (my wife will beat me if I don't follow through with my workout schedule regimen) lifting 8 months of the which I have added 27lbs and kept 23.

    Training Split / Program: Original Size Surge (Arthur Jones High Intensity Training.) Every other day lifting. Will be on 4 week pulse adding cardio in pct.
    Diet: Mass diet with mininmum 250grams protein intake. 3500 -4000 cals (got time to lean got time to eat!)
    Past workout logs: None. Rosie normally has them covered
    Past Workout Products: USP Labs Jack3d, CTD Decabolen, CTD Noxavol, CTD Testradex, CTD Liver Armor, CTD BCAA 3500, CEL PCT Assist, Axis CEE, AX Perfect Cycle, GNC ZMA, ApNut Osteo-Sport, ON Glutamine, ON Gold Standard Whey, NB IsoPure, Dymatize Liquid Protein.

    How would Postal benifit you? Would be the first time using a waxy maise starch product, so in theory it would be easier to isolate benefits of this alone. It would also work as an all in one for my post workout bcaa / glutamine supp.

    I will be weighing in and taking measurements every Friday throughout cycle, pct, and weeks after pct so in addition to the reports on how it makes me feel post workouts there will be additional data in measurable numbers. Plus before and after pics.

  4. Age-19
    Years of training-5 total on and off last 6 months serious
    How would POSTAL benifit you? I am trying to get to 150lbs naturally and postal looks like it would fit into my diet nicely. I have a very clean diet and would like a new post workout product.
    Training split/program- Chest:
    Incline bench 4 sets
    DB flys/ cable cross over- 4 sets
    Flat bench 4 sets
    pushup 2 sets to failure.

    Pullups/Lat pulls/rack chins 4 sets
    low row/ machine row/tbar row 4 setss
    Straight arm pull downs 4 sets
    one arm row or deadlift 4 sets

    Smith press/military BB press 4 sets
    lateral raise 3 sets
    Rear delt fly 3 sets
    DB press 3 sets of 10

    Leg press 4-5 sets
    Squat 4 sets
    SLDL/ lounge 3 sets
    ham curls 3 sets of 10

    DB curl 4 set
    Dip 4 set
    Pinwheel curl 3 set
    close grip bench 3 sets
    tri extention 2 sets of 20
    Barbell Curl 2 sets of 20

    Past Logs, Please post links- Not really a log but its my own motivation and progress thread for myself. I would be willing to update after each workout and post before and after pics aswell as weight , and bf% according to calipers
    my journey to get to 150 criticizm and suggestions wanted
    Past Post work out products-massport, trueprotein custom waxy/amino blend, recoverpro

  5. I hope non US residents can apply?! I would really like to give this product a try, seems like a great recovery product which I'm always in need of
    Here goes:

    Age - 23

    U.S - No (FIN)

    Years of training - About 8 years but the last 5 with dedication

    How would POSTAL benifit you? Would benefit me greatly after workouts since I'm practicing MMA alongside the bodybuilding. I'm having a hard time getting enough carbs/creatine/aminos as it is and I always feel like I should have been getting "a little more". So in that aspect I think Postal would help me recover better and faster!

    Training split/program:
    MMA Practice - Ground Game

    Tuesday: Back/Biceps
    • Behind-The-Neck Pulldowns
    • Front Lat Pulldowns
    • Seated Rows
    • Bicep Curls (Straight Bar)
    • Preacher Curls
    • Alternate Seated Dumbbell Curls
    • Abs

    MMA Practice - K-1

    Thursday: Chest/Triceps
    • Flat Bench Presses
    • Incline Bench Presses
    • Incline Dumbbell Presses
    • Dips
    • Tricep Cable Pushdowns
    • Toe Raises (5 sets of 12 reps)

    Friday: Quads/Hams (+Back/Calves)
    • Squats
    • Leg Curls
    • Leg Extensions
    • Deadlifts
    • Shrugs
    • Toe Raises (5 sets of 12 reps)
    • Abs

    Saturday: OFF

    Sunday: OFF

    Past Logs, Please post links -
    T-911 & Anadraulic State - LOG : CC Boosts His Testosterone With T-911 & AS
    M1D, Masterdrol & IGH-1 - LOG: CC is on his way to the land of the lard

    Past Post work out products - Universal Nutrition's Animal Nitro, Revolutions WHEY Shake, MHP Glutamine SR, Interactive Nutrition Mammoth 2500, Leader - AFTER Recovery Drink.


    SNS - Serious Nutrition Solutions
    My advice is exclusively my own and may not correspond with the views of SNS
    Questions or concerns? → conny[@]seriousnutritionsolutions.com

  6. Awesome guys keep the applications coming! Looks like my new staple!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Craigmatthew View Post
    Awesome guys keep the applications coming! Looks like my new staple!

    no kidding,, bottom line AS & Postal are now brothers pre and post are 100% covered!

  8. Age- 18

    U.S- Yes (Kingston, RI)

    Years of training- 3

    How would POSTAL benifit you? I've been looking for an edge in a post-workout drink, especially since I can't load up my shake with everything I normally would at college due to not having all of the food that I would have at my house. I've been looking for something a bit different than just whey, and I want to see how much better my gains would be rather than just using whey.

    Training split/program- Chest/Shoulders - 4 sets of 10 reps each
    Flat Barbell Bench
    Decline Barbell Bench
    Incline Barbell Bench
    Cable Flys
    Lower Cable Flys
    Dumbbell Raise
    Lateral Raise
    Dumbbell Shrugs
    Dumbbell Shoulder Press
    Military Press

    Back/Legs- 4 sets of 10 reps each (except for jump squats which are 1 X 10 supersetted after squats)
    Jump Squats
    Calf Raises
    One-Armed Rows
    Good Mornings
    Hammer Strength Pulldowns
    Seated Leg Curl

    Tri's/Abs- 4 sets of 10 reps each
    Overhead Tricep Extensions
    Tricep Pulldowns
    Weighted AB Harness
    70 Degree Decline Crunches
    Reverse Ab Kickups
    Weighted Oblique Twists (each side)
    Weighted Oblique Raises (each side)

    Bi's/Forearms- 4 sets of 10 reps each
    Dumbbell Curls
    Hammer Curls
    Barbell Curls
    Machine Preacher Curls
    Barbell Wrist Curls
    Reverse Barbell Wrist Curls
    Bodyweight Chinups
    Past Logs, Please post links- forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=118884751
    h t t p : /
    It wouldn't let me post the link so just put the ^ in front of it.
    Past Post work out products-
    - Higher Power Whey
    - ON 100% Whey
    - bulk CEE
    - Muscle Milk
    - Real Gains

  9. Damn, would have loved to have given this a run.....stupid border!

  10. If it is available I will go buy and and log it myself! Gheneerate has been amazing for endurance and recovery, now it's time to take care of post nutrition.
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

  11. age 28
    live in TN
    5 years of training
    Hopefully will benefit me in faster recovery time. I am a fire fighter and almost lost my leg in line of duty and am pushing myself to get back in top shape. Between work which gets very physical at times and the gym recovery is key.
    I lift 4 days a week and cardio every other day HIIT and cycle 2 days a week. Have dropped 30 lbs since march (was bed ridden for 5 months) and am basically still building strength and try to improve stamina

  12. i'm 1/2 way thru the original Anadraulic State formula/T-911 stack, and i'd love to add postal to the mix!!!

    age: 30
    training experience: on/off for 12 years, but hardcore about 2 years
    workout reg:
    chest-tris-calves-abs / back-bis / legs-abs / shoulders-traps / calves-abs (with cardio)

    past post WO products: Xtend, Purple Wraath, NO Synthesize, Green Mag.. cant remember the rest

    no past logs... but i need to start somewhere

    i've done a few reviews on products- like LG's 1st Lipotropic Protein, and then the PB flavor

  13. Age-

    Salinas, CA

    Years of training-
    On and off since 18. Currently on 2 year stretch.

    How would POSTAL benifit you?
    Lately I have been very sore. I am only using creainte mono, protein shakes and flax oil. I need something to assist with better recovery.

    Training split/program-

    Monday Chest & Triceps
    Tuesday Legs (Quads, Hams & Calves)
    Wednesday Off
    Thursday Shoulders & Biceps
    Friday Back

    I try to stick with 4 exercises per muscle group. 4 Sets of 10 Reps for every muscle except legs. Leg days I use 4 sets of 15 Reps. Biceps, Calves and Stomach get a little extra work when possible. Squats on leg day, deadlifts on back day and bench press and chest day.

    Past Post work out products-

    CMI B.I.G
    AE Intrabolic (During-Post)
    ON CTG-10

    For post supplement at the current moment I am using 50G Dextrose 25G Whey 5G Creatine Mono.

  14. Good luck to all applicants... once winners are announced I hope no one goes postal!

  15. By the way, any way we could see the profile? I couldn't find the profile on your site.

    EDIT: Found it. Any reason for low protein content?

    On training days take 2-3 scoops with 8-12oz of cold water or juice 10-30 minutes after training. To maximize your muscle building efforts, be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, and consume a well balanced diet that is high in protein. Consistency with your supplementation, diet and workout program is the key to building the body that you want. To ensure you get the most out of each workout, use Anadraulic state prior to each workout, and Postal after training.

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size 30 g
    Servings Per Container 30
    Amount Per Serving % DV
    Total Calories 64.00
    Calories from Fat 0.00
    Saturated Fat 0.00 g 0%
    Cholesterol 0.00 mg 0%
    Fiber 0.00 g 0%
    Sugars 4.00 g
    Protein 3.00 g 6%
    Total Carbohydrates 13.00 g
    Postal Recovery Delivery 0.00 **
    Waxy Maize Starch **
    Partially Hydrolyzed Genus Isolate **
    Postal Creatine Delivery 0.00 **
    Creatine Monohydrate **
    Creatine Ethyl Ester **
    DiCreatine Aspartate **
    Postal Anabolic Delivery 0.00 **
    L-Leucine **
    Aspartic Acid **
    L-Taurine **
    Beta Alanine **
    Postal Nitric Delivery 0.00 **
    L-Arginine **
    pomegranate powder **
    L-Arginine Orotate **
    L-Arginine Alpha Keto-Glutarate **
    Postal Stamina delivery 0.00 **
    Spirulina **
    Yohimbine HCl **
    Postal Insulin Delivery 0.00 **
    Bitter Melon Extract **
    ** Daily Value (DV) not established


  16. Quote Originally Posted by Delta Force View Post
    Good luck to all applicants... once winners are announced I hope no one goes postal!
    Lots of good apllications which is great! I myself can't wait to give this a try!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Craigmatthew View Post
    Lots of good apllications which is great! I myself can't wait to give this a try!

    This is going to be solid! protein , Aminos, ect ect all in one drink
  18. UKStrength
    UKStrength's Avatar

    Age- 25

    U.S- No (UK -England)

    Years of training- 7

    How would POSTAL benefit you?

    I loved Perfect Carb by LG Sciences (see log and review at link) the combination of all 3 (in my opinion essential) post workout products (protein, creatine monohydrate and the PC formula) would make for an astounding recovery drink. I'd really like to compare this complete drink to my normal, perfect carb, whey protein and creatine monohydrate combination.

    Training split/program-

    I'm currently using Layne Norton/Lyle McDonald's Bulking Methodology for my Split, combining 2 power/strength sessions with 3 hypertrophy sessions.

    Day One, Upper Power:
    3 or 4 Compound pressing and pulling movements, 3-5 sets in the 5 rep
    range, and 1 Accessory Movement

    Day Two, Lower Power:
    2 or 3 Squatting and Deadlifting movements, 3-5 sets in the 5 rep
    range, and 1 Accessory Movement

    Day Three, Off

    Day Four, Hypertrophy Chest/Arms:

    3 Benching movements, 2-3 sets in the 8-12 rep range. 1-2 reps short
    of failure.
    3 Supersets consisting of 2 exercises each, 3 biceps and 3 triceps, 3
    sets in the 8-12 range, 1-2 reps short of failure.
    1 Chest accessory exercises, 3 sets, 8-12 reps, 1-2 reps short of

    Day Five, Hypertrophy Shoulders/Back/Traps:

    4 Supersets consisting of 2 exercises each, 3 Shoulders and 3 Backs
    in the 8-12 reps range, and 2 Traps in the 10-15 rep range, 2-3 sets
    each. 1-2 reps short of failure.
    1 Optional Back compound, 2 sets in the 8-12 rep range, 1-2 reps
    short of failure.

    Day Six, Hypertrophy Legs/Calves:

    2 Supersets consisting of 2-3 exercises each, 4-5 sets in the 8-15
    range. 1-2 reps short of failure.

    Day Seven, Off

    Past Logs, Please post links-

    IGF-2 Review: Review of 3 Weeks with IGF-2 :D

    IGF-2 Log: UKStrength is slicing up some British Beef with IGF-2!

    RPM Log: Quick Review of 'RPM' by Applied Nutriceuticals (SAMPLE)

    Perfect Carb Review: FINAL REVIEW OF PERFECT CARB!

    Perfect Carb Log: The Sweet Taste of Perfection...UKStrength Logs LG Sciences Perfect Carb (Sponsored)

    LipoTrophin PM review: Lights out with LipoTrophin PM (Review by UKStrength)


    Dermacrine Log: The Adonis Complex:Part 1 (Sponsored by Primordial Performance)

    Cynostane Log: http://www.uk-muscle.co.uk/pro-hormo...cynostane.html

    Past Post work out products-

    Perfect Carb - LG Sciences
    Golden Gains - Controlled Labs
    Instant Mass - Reflex Nurition
    ******s - CNP International

  19. Great App's Guys!

  20. Age-34
    U.S.- Yes (Ohio)
    Years Training- 17 (last five as a competitive powerlifter)
    How would POSTAL benefit you?
    I will be starting an unequipped lifting cycle after my meet in three weeks. Given the greater soft tissue stress of training without equipment (bench shirt, squat suit) I will have to optimize my training and nutrition to stay healthy and reach my goals. Post-workout nutrition can obviously play a critical role in the overall recovery process from workout to workout. I will likely almost need to add muscle mass in the upper body to reach my strength goals, which again requires optimal nutrition.
    Training split-
    Mon- SQ/DL assistance (rotate main exercise each week for 2-4 sets of 5; followed by 2-5 exercises that target the hamstrings, low back, and abs)
    Wed- Heavy Bench (work up to heavy sets of 1-5 reps, 3 or 4 board presses for 3-4 sets of 3-10, 3-4 sets of lats/upper back, shoulder prehab)(occassionally add 1-2 sets of 15-20 reps after my heavy sets when trying to build more muscle mass)
    Fri- Heavy SQ/DL (Work up to heavy single in the SQ then do speed pulls or do 8 sets of 2 speed SQ's and then work up to heavy DL single followed by 3-4 sets each of rev hypers, calf raises, chest supported rows, and abs)
    Sat- Bench assistance (Overhead press up to 1-3 sets of 5-10, 3-4 sets each of pushdowns or tricep extensions, 3-5 sets of rear delts/upper back, 1-2 sets of biceps, shoulder prehab)

    No past logs.
    Previous post-workout supplements: Homemade mix of gatorade and BCAA's, whey protein (various brands)

  21. App's-

    Years of training-about 6-7
    How would POSTAL benifit you? i really take my workouts to the next level and push my body until i can no longer push it any more. i would like to find a post workout supplement to help me recover as much as possible.
    Training split/program-
    This is a 1 on 1 off split
    Day 1 - Chest & Biceps

    Exercise Sets Reps
    Incline Smith Machine Press 4 10
    Flat Bench Barbell Press 4 10
    Chest Dips 3 10
    Pec Dec 3 12
    Exercise Sets Reps
    EZ Bar Curls 3 8-10
    Concentration Curls 3 10
    Reverse Barbell Curls 3 12

    Day 2 - Legs & Shoulders

    Exercise Sets Reps
    Squat 5 10
    Leg Press 4 10-12
    Stiff Leg Deadlifts 4 8-10
    Seated Calf Raise 3 8-10
    Standing Calf Raise 3 12-15
    Exercise Sets Reps
    Dumbbell Shoulder Press 4 8-10
    Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3 10
    Rear Delt Machine 3 10
    Dumbbell Shrugs 4 10-12

    Day 3 - Back & Triceps

    Exercise Sets Reps
    Wide Grip Pullups 4 8-12
    Lat Pull Downs 4 10
    One Arm Dumbbell Row 4 10
    T-Bar Rows 4 10
    Exercise Sets Reps
    Lying Tricep Extension 3 10
    Rope Pulldowns 3 12
    Reverse Single Arm Extension

    Past Logs, Please post links-this could be my first, i hope
    Past Post work out products-waxymaize, maltodex. , MHP, glycomaize, creatine, bcaa.

  22. Any idea on when winners will be selected?

  23. When we get enough app's in, and time tells us to pick the winners

  24. Age- 19, be 20 real soon.
    U.S.- Yes
    Years of training- 4
    How would POSTAL benifit you? When i workout, i push my body to the limits. the gym is hardcore time blood.sweat.tears man. All the hardwork will only pay itself of if i feed my body with a great post-workout.
    Training Split- im a huge fan of supersets, gets my blood pumpin.
    Day1- legs mainly quads & abs
    Day2- lower chest upper back
    Day3-arms abs
    day4-legs mainly hamstrings & abs
    day5- upper chest,shoulders,lower back,
    day6-cardio and abs.
    day7- rest/ load up
    past posts- ive used nosynthesize and waximaize.

  25. All the apps look great.
    But I'd give to UKStrength.
    His logs are among the best.
    Arnold Classic: 2009 - 2015
    Comments by this person are their own personal opinion and should be taken as that. Unless quoted from a different source.


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