MAKE US LAUGH... (Round #2)

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  1. MAKE US LAUGH... (Round #2)

    ► Make us laugh and win one of our newest products, Peak Beta!

    ► Post your funniest joke or picture (if you edit the picture to include Peak Beta somehow that would be even better!)

    ● Limit of 1 entry per day, or you are disqualified for the whole contest!
    ● Contest will run for 3 weeks.
    ● 1 winners will be chosen each week.
    ● 1 bottle of Peak Beta will be given out each week.

    Tell me about Peak Beta!

    (Tingle Free)
    6-Hour Controlled-Release Beta Alanine

    Peak Beta™ is Molecular Nutrition’s answer to the Beta Alanine phenomenon! Not just another Beta Alanine product, we’ve perfected the technology of Controlled-Release Beta Alanine. By utilizing a proprietary new delivery system called Molecular Distillation & Sustained Transport™ (MDST™), each Peak Beta™ caplet provides Beta Alanine for up to an amazing 6 hours! Just a few caplets per day now ensure your muscles will have a near constant supply of this incredible supplement, maximizing its uptake, utilization, and performance-enhancing benefits.

    Uncomfortable Tingles – Gone!

    In addition to removing the rapid-elimination disadvantages of regular tablets and powders, MDST™ technology completely eliminates “the tingles” for virtually all users! Medically recognized as paraesthesia, this is a form of neuropathic pain characterized by hot, flush, or tingling sensations on the skin. This effect is common when the body absorbs Beta Alanine too quickly. While paraesthesia is not dangerous, it can be very uncomfortable. This has prevented countless people from enjoying the undeniable performance-enhancing benefits of Beta Alanine (Carnosyn™). With Molecular Nutrition’s Peak Beta™, uncomfortable tingles are finally and forever a thing of the past!

    The MDST™ and Carnosyn™ Advantage

    Peak Beta™ is the only Beta Alanine supplement on the market to use Molecular Distillation & Sustained Transport™ technology – providing a 6-hour maximum window of delivery. Combined with the patented Carnosyn™ brand of Beta Alanine, the same material University tested and proven to increase muscle power, endurance, and anaerobic performance, Peak Beta™ is the ultimate in Beta Alanine supplementation.

    More Information on Peak Beta.

    Good luck and don't forget to post your funniest jokes and pictures today... MAKE US LAUGH!


  2. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post


    Nice post to kick this all off.

  3. Someone sent this to me, I posted it a while ago, but I found it humorous, so I thought Id share:

    Diesel's SFW XXX Party Clip Video

    It is NOT a porno, its a joke, at most possibly a rated R clip.
    PHF Rep

  4. Those are all funny.

    Gotta love Will Ferrell

  5. A new form of Beta Alanine .. that's nearly more appealing to me than a half naked swimsuit model .. I need me some of this !

    .. hopefully I can make ya laugh at some point the next three weeks !
    VikingInc's Journey towards NSL Physique 2016 competition on March 12, 2016, in Houston, Texas.

  6. you want good Will Ferrel, this is a must see if you havent seen it!

  7. whats the difference between Sarah Palins mouth and her vagina??

    Answer: Only one RETARDED thing came out of her VAGINA!

  8. The Funniest 10 seconds to come out of a gym:


    YouTube - Steroids PSA

  10. lol
    SFW and GFH

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  13. same show, but funnier



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