help you guru!

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump View Post
    on what supplements?
    better yet, what measurements increased?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by OCCFan023 View Post
    better yet, what measurements increased?
    haha its a toss up between head and waist

  3. here's a video of me posing about a month ago,sorry if it's been takeing so long to get
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

  4. This is too priceless. We need a new video though, that was a month ago. Your up 10 lbs!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump View Post
    on what supplements?
    korean ginsing,that's all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. true ,dinfinetly need a new video

  7. pics i took are recent thought

  8. Part 2 of my cheap bulking is a little more diverse.this is for 100-150$ plus three basic meals a day.Rice,tuna,all that stays.This second level of bulking does included a few extra things thought.first up is fruit. Providing plenty of simply sugers something like oranges is my choice.apples(always green ones)are great too.this fruit should cost less than 15$ every 2 is protein,which can be in two forms,whey protein shakes(at wal-mart near 2 weeks worth is like 12 bucks(body fortress)or a online sorce of liver tabs.this is your choice,thought I do belive in liver tabs.whey is much easier to get now we’re up to around 25$ plus the orginal 50$, so we’re around 75$.the last 25-50$ is going to be spent in two areas,carbs and supplements.this will be split into two options depending on what your weight is.option A is great for those under 200,while option B is better for those over 200.option A is as fallows.those under 200 should be getting plenty of calories for their musclear weight.getting more food would only add fat.thus option A relies on supplements.creatine(10$),glut amine(10-15$),BCAA(15-20$),digestive enzymes(5-6$)are what your going to get.these are basic yet proven.(note:creatine will most likely last up to a month)with nothing eles orther than hard training and rest growth should begin.option B inclues the creatine and digestive enzymes,yet cuts out the rest of the supplements for carbs,namely pasta.

  9. man you cant spell for sh1t and your grammar is pathetic.

  10. here's new video from today!!!!!!!!!
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

  11. thank you guru, i was feeling kind of down cause some issues i have then seen you vids made me LOL

  12. Quote Originally Posted by jamesatba View Post
    here's new video from today!!!!!!!!!

    you looked like a burned out hacksaw jim duggin. HOOOOO

  13. Quote Originally Posted by witt51 View Post

    you looked like a burned out hacksaw jim duggin. HOOOOO

  14. Quote Originally Posted by witt51 View Post
    you looked like a burned out hacksaw jim duggin. HOOOOO

  15. i cant' stop laughing ''hacksaw'' funny stuff LETS BE REAL FOR A SECOND...HE DOES'NT LOOK LIKE JIM HE LOOKS LIKE HIS DAD THE UNIBROWLER...

  16. Did anyone else catch ths first line in this post from hacksaw...He, says not much else to say today then rambles on for 3 hours.I really think we should leave him alone he is obviously

    not much else too say today.This was written early today and later the soreness got even I made the hard deciseion and dicided to workout today even though that was not my plan,But I’m glad I did .I benched up to 180,a new personal record.Sure to say that working out was a good decision.I hit chest hard with lots of sets.hopefully my chest will be sore tomorrow.DAY:12 soreness is very edvindent in my chest.still doseing at 6 caps a day,but I will be going down to 4 caps a day very soon.Today I work biceps and calves,which I will try to hit quite hard.very happy about chest sorness,because normally chest is the hardest bodypart for me to get sore.DAY:13 Great bicep workout yesterday,with a very,very,good pump.not much soreness today for biceps,but my chest is still sore.Down to 4 caps a day now.DAY:14 feel very good today,may work out,may not.still some soreness in my chest,and now some in my calves.still nothing in the biceps thought.nothing much eles to say workout will be BACK/LEGS DAY:14 afternoon.did biceps,back,and legs.cound’t get in the groove for squats,with my hips out of line and one knee feeling I did leg ex. And leg curls,which went good.Back did fine with stiff-leg deads.For biceps it was preacher curls for 13 down,meaning a set with 13 reps,then one with 12 reps,ect.also increasing weight as I went down in reps which is rare for me.Another tidbit of good news is I may be able to post the near future as I may be getting a would like if some for you guys and girls tell me what angles you would me to pose at:crab,double biceps,lat spread ect.It will also be very nice to prove to those who think I’m a joke that I’m not.DAY:15 feel fine today,with soreness in my back and arms and with a small amount of soreness in my legs.nothing much else to say few days will probably be boreing as I will be resting for the next few.body feeling good and hard though.DAY:16 (today) Ate a bit of fatty fish this morning(high omega-3content)but probably won’t be eating much more of fish like this for the rest of x-factor trial after today.feel good,with only local muscle soreness and none of the side affects I notice at 6 caps a day.still,I think that this high dose loading probably worked,as I got sore soon after.also got one bottle of PLASMAVOL,but won’t be using this until after my x-factor trial because of the white willow extract in it.DAY:17 got pics and video today,hope it’ll be up!!!anyway on x-factor the only thing to report today is my weight was 200 pounds yesterday when I checked it,a full 4-half to five pound drop.only way for me to explain this is I’m not raiseing my calories high enough while on x-factor.feel good today orther than that.DAY:18 did a chest workout today,which went very well.hopefully be sore tomorrow.also bought a carbo powder so calories should go up.DAY:19 Increabilely painfull leg workout,one the of the best ever in terms of pain.chest is sore today,so I’m quite happy.BACK to the workout.I only got half the sets I was going to do.pump was great and had to almost crawl up the steps to my door after the workout.tried a new form of training and it was great.feel very good today.After workout was sick for almost a hour and was in horrible pain.DAY:20 :feel fine today,with a boat load of soreness in my legs .x-factor has most dinfintely build up and is doing it’s work now.uped my carbs considerablely.hopefully will have gained weight by another week or so.DAY:21,almost out of x-factor,but man am I’m sore!!!!back,legs everthing short of arms and calves to a lesser extent has been sore.took a longggggggg time to work,but when it works’s it does work!!!!!!love the X-factor and hopefully will buy bulk x-factor later on thing to note is you got to eat the calories while on x-factor.lost 5 pounds in about 10 days when didn’t eat enough calories,esp. carbs.also a odd effect was I had less mood swings on a day to day baseis then when not on X-factor.DAY:23 last full day on x-factor ,feel good , resting today,but tomorrow is biceps,calves.DAY 24 took my last dose of x-factor today.I tell you,it was good sum up my results while on x-factor,here’s how it went on a 1-10 basis.
    Strength:7,did increse strength in my chest,which is one of my most troublesome bodyparts to get to grow.
    Size:8,but only if you eat and eat,and eat!!!!!you will lose bodyweight on this if you don’t keep calories high..
    Soreness: 9.5 here is where x-factor shines.even my chest,which normally doesn’t get sore at all,got sore.
    Side effects : 2 nothing serious,fluish feeling sometimes,esp. on 6 caps a day.soreness also.
    Reccom. For use.use 6 caps a day if you can afford it.don’t think much is going to happen in first few a lot!!!!!
    Took so more pics yesterday too!!!!

    Guide to bulking on a budget. I have decided to write a guide on bulking on diffent budget level because some people don’t have $200 plus dollars a month to spend on supplements and steak. I have decide to split this up in three levels,based on how much money one has to spend plus the basic three meals a day.this means if your family live on the “square 3” and you have to get your orther 3-4 meals a day on a limit budget,here’s one way to do it.PLAN ONE:very litmited budget,50 bucks ever two weeks.OK,here’s what you do,first go to wal-mart.get three thing’s.rice,potatoes,and tuna.these three things are the cheapest source of protein and calories out there I know.I’ve just got this 20 POUND bag of rice from wal-mart the orther day for 8 bucks!!!!it’s that cheap.tuna is one of the cheapest forms of protein out there for 50-60 cents a can. Get 50 cans of tuna.that’s 25-30 get that bag of rice,8 bucks.the orther 12-15 bucks goes to potatoes.this will provide calories a-pleanty for cheap!!and if your really hard core get liver,which is like 2 bucks for a couple meals worth.[/QUOTE]

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Red Dog View Post
    that picture is freaking great. i see the resemblance.

  18. Guru, I've definately missed this thread.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  19. just wanna say that you looking good guru, kinda like a young lou ferrigno, i remember when a young jay cutler started to bust on the scene as a young up and comer, days before the internet.

    maybe you are destined for great things guru.

    why are you running under 2 identities?
    - jamesatba
    - james55555

    keep up the stellar work and it's great to see you've got your video uploading sorted, time to get your youtube profile happening. you've taken AM by storm now hit the mainstream at youtube. i look forward to your training videos. i hope they like ronnie coleman's, when you do a training vid can you please hit some ronnie phrases like "light weights baby", "nuthin but a peanut" & "yeah buddy"

    here's an idea.

    keep up the good work big guy

  20. lol. Slow Mo ROnnie sounds like Chewie.

  21. here's my prediction on guru's rise to greatness but you gotta cut your hair guru and lose the hacksaw jim duggan look, just like in the pic.

    Now get to work on that training video! light weights baby!!!!!!!
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  22. is this kid serious?

  23. Quote Originally Posted by rhys View Post
    is this kid serious?
    you haven't seen his latest dvd?

    the guru rocks bro!
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  24. lol b unit you have too much free time on your hands lol

  25. Quote Originally Posted by Zombie View Post
    lol b unit you have too much free time on your hands lol
    i'm at work zombie, it's Tuesday 11.45am where i am, work is kinda slow and it keeps me off nutra planet or ebay! lol

  26. well its monday 4:53 pm here, and i dont want to make you lurk at NP and make you buy stuff but if you make an ordeer you can add a sample of protein balls for FREE Protein Recovery Balls Trial Size By: ATJ Nutrition

  27. Quote Originally Posted by Zombie View Post
    well its monday 4:53 pm here, and i dont want to make you lurk at NP and make you buy stuff but if you make an ordeer you can add a sample of protein balls for FREE Protein Recovery Balls Trial Size By: ATJ Nutrition
    cheers zombie, i'll see what the guru thinks about it first, see if it's worth it.


  28. guru does your house have wheels

  29. Quote Originally Posted by MESSPLAY View Post
    guru does your house have wheels
    lol i was going to say something about that but i didnt want to sound like a d1ck. the question is does he own a camaro or a trans am ?

    now i get the hair style, mullet like hair do

  30. guru is more than bodybuilding, he's following in arnold's footsteps.
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