Advice for me?

  1. Advice for me?

    hi everyone how are you .havent been on here for a while im 22 now im 5 11 and weighing 172 and 15% BF ..ive been trying to bulk up for the summer and need some advice... from smart people..gym 3 to 4 days a week...take bcaas .stealth weight gainer syngex protein german createin and powerfull to help sleep as i work full time and go to school also ..No FAST FOOD or home cooked food from parents lots of fruit and vegggies chicken and pasta.. some dirty foods not much ..Only gained maybe 6 to 8 pounds in past year or so and was wondering on any tips that could help.. my problem is that the weight i have gained no matter how hard i lift or do cardio it all is in stomach or a little flabby in chest not much anywhere else diet, training, sleep, protein... etc..Thank You
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  2. Ever heard of dirty bulking? Its fun if you have super high metabolism like me..
    I ate ice cream every night before bedtime.. Ice cream is like 400+ - 500 cals? Sure to grow in no time..

    You also can try double your protein shakes.. Instead of 1 serving,take 2 at a go.. like 50g per shake..
    Add oatmeal to your shakes.. Goes down easy.. Carb is essential on bulking..

    I went from 155lbs 7% bodyfat to 193lbs 16% bodyfat in 16 weeks..

  3. i take 6 scoops weight gainer and 2 of normal protein.. haha ice cream yum.. im trying to keep body fat down tho i have gained a couple pounds in the past months 168 to 172 but its all in my stomach and ass.. hate it

  4. at your stats dont get discouraged about gaining some fat on a bulk...just eat and enjoy the process, dont take the fun out of it by stressing over alittle fat gain...
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  5. ya i guess soo its hard tho haha none of my shorts fit anymore and gta buy new pants.. ive just been getting discouraged not seeing anything in arms or chest as far as gaining ive been hitting the gym 3 to 4 days a week for a little over 2 years and barely see any changes when i look at pictures.. even tho it is like a 20 pound difference

  6. that tells me your diet is prolly the problem, id watch the cardio on a bulk too....
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  7. i only do ten mins of cardio to warm up... like i said my diet is not the best but not total crap.. take my protein vitamins and all... live at parents still so they cook almost every night.. eat subway on most days they dont.. lots of pastas and meats here...

  8. Try this.. Set an alarm for every 3 hours to remind yourself to stuff your face..

  9. haha will do... every 3 hrs

  10. Had the same problem bro. Started out at 150 after quitting lifting for a couple years. Couldn't seem to gain weight.

    Best results I had came when I started taking real gains weight gainer twice a day, stuffing my face and I started doing "Mad Cows 5x5 program. 3 day split, lifting heavy, eating heavy, and getting plenty of sleep.

    It's nearly impossible to gain muscle without also gaining fat unless u have gifted genetics. You can kiss your 6-pack goodbye for now but it's all a matter of what you want the most!

  11. ya i DO NOT have those genes... my dad has a big belly nd i am starting to get one to trying to bulk up.. i was trying to stay away from that but its hard as hell when im eating 3k+ cals a day trying to buil my upper body.. i dont care about a 6 pack never had one have a gf so not needing it to get one... want a bigger more defined upper body with atleast a flat stomach... my chest is a prob to flabby not hard unless i flex it and zero shape

  12. Diet that worked for me for a while when I was a junior/senior in highschool.

    Morning breakfast: (6AM)
    5 egg whites, 2 while eggs.
    Two packets oatmeal.

    3 hours later (mid morning 9 AM)
    Shake or protein bar. I would just make epic PB and Js. Triple deckers. Shít was sick, but it works.

    Lunch. (3 hours later. 12 PM)
    8oz at least chicken breast
    Some other light carb source
    Shake optional (high calories)

    Mid after-noon ( 3 o'clock):
    Same as mod morning pretty much)

    Dinner (6 o'clock)
    More lean protein source, fish, poultry, at least 8oz

    Pre bed 9 o'clock:
    Weight gainer shake.

    You will put on weight with that. Do cardio if you don't wanna get "fat". And kill it in the gym. If I had my own place that would be my diet right now.
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  13. ya thats my problem still at home and i work 10 hr days mon through friday... so they way my breaks and lunch are cant cook besides micro.. and they are pretty spread out which sucks...

  14. Yeah same here. 6' 155 lbs although since I started working out a few minths ago I'm starting to go up slowly but I'm just very impatient haha


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