Same situation

  1. Same situation

    Hen I was real skinny a few years ago say 6'2 n 155lb I new I was in bad shape I wanted to be bigger then I grew n that wasn't enough at 170lb now I bounce around at 204 n 199 with I'd say 6 or 7 % bodyfat what do you all think about that but I have a new goal it's 215 I feel I never big enough or strong enough

  2. I will post a pic if someone can tell me how to

  3. sounds like you've come along way! If u wanna get bigger, hell get bigger!! I reckon for your height 230-240 looks pretty darn solid.

    As upload on image shack, get the driect link then click image icon (above) where you type your post, and paste link into it. Or just click image link and select the my computer tab, and upload image off comp.

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