Would like some advice please ;)

  1. Would like some advice please ;)

    Hello. I'm new to this site. My friends been telling me a lot about this site, we go to the gym together everyday and he told me I should check it out. I'm pretty sure that there are tons of topics regarding my situation. But I kind of want to start my own thread to get a direct answer more so towards my needs. I'll appreciate any feedback I get. Anyway, here's my story

    I'm 6"0 24 years old, I used to weight 132lbs. People told me to eat a lot and I'll gain weight. I tried that. Didn't really work I ate tons. Then I was thinking, maybe I can turn this food I'm eating into muscle. Buy a protein shake etc. 4 months later. I'm 156lbs. I'm very ripped. And my posture is very nice. Everyone sees the difference, the definition. I don't look really lanky anymore. I look a lot healthier. Heres the problem. I've been stuck on 156-159 for a month now. However, my muscles look like they keep growing, but the number on the scale is not getting higher. I would like to hit 170 in june or even the end of the year. I'm in no hurry to gain the weight. I would however, like to see results on a two week basis. I got used to seeing 2-3 lbs in 10 days add on when I first began. Now it just all slowed down. Here's my diet.

    Breakfast I'll switch it up. I'm not the healthiest eater in the world by no means. I eat anything since I have no choice, I can't cook. I'll wake up have 3 peanut butter jelly sandwiches one morning, sometimes 5 eggs and toast. Or even 2 Mcsausage biscuits from Mcdonalds. All that followed by a 900calorie protein shake with 60grams of protein. (I forgot how many carbs it has) But I do recall it meeting my requirements. My lunch would easily be a 800-900 calorie lunch, followed by a shake before the gym. I'm at about.. let's say 2,700 calories just with the shakes lunch and breakfast right? I'll go to the gym maybe 2 hours sometimes 3. I work out abs everyday and a new muscle group everyday (I don't do the same exercises, I switch it up). I'll take Volu-Gro immediately after workout, have maybe another 800-900 calorie meal consisting of either chicken steak. Bread. (I can't cook, I just eat anything I can) then I'll take my protein shake. So that's roughly 4,000 calories.

    I take two off days from the gym. I think that might be my problem. For some odd reason. I have absolutely no appetite on my off days. I think sometimes I'll settle for a 2,000-2,500 calorie day. But ever since I quit drinking, I wasn't going out anyways (This is only week 3 of no alcohol) I'm not an alcoholic, But my friend told me exactly what having one drink can do to you. I will admit. Since I quit going out on fridays-saturdays. I'll wake up the following morning and not look dehydrated. I'll look just the same. Which I'm happy with that. I'm considering buying the Anabolic Pump pills. I've read what it does and it sounds like I can use that. Moral of the story, considering my diet, habbits, and gym routine (5-days a week). What can I do to start seeing weekly results? Even if it's just 0.5lbs a week. I had a great run gaining that 25extra lbs. I'm just wondering if it was just fast in the beginning or am I not getting enough carbs / calories because I guess I have 25 extra lbs to feed? I would like some advice recommend supplements too if you can. Thanks! All help appreciated!

  2. whyyyyy cant cook???

  3. Long reply short: i guarantee 100% of people on here will tell you that if you eat more of the right food you WILL grow. if you want a diet PM me and ill give you a sample diet on bulking. as far as training, if you are trying to bulk, try the 5x5 program. supplement wise, protein, creatine, fish oil, multi vitamin, BCAAs and if u wanna try something awesome, try Prime. I am currently logging my training on Prime, check it out under supplement log/reviews section. mine is called HGHup with green mag. anyways. you need to eat around 4k a day, lots of good carbs and protein. I didnt read the whole thread cause it looked like u were talking about alcohol alot and try to avoid that. a drink here and there will not hurt you but as far as your liver goes, try to avoid getting wasted alot lol everybody wants to wake up and look like arnold, but it takes time and dedication unless u wanna juice lol welcome to AM

  4. and you need to use shakes as SUPPLEMENTS, not a meal. eat 4k of food then calculate your shakes

  5. Thanks for the advice. I heard about Prime, I been deciding between that and Anabolic pump. My weakness is breakfast. I have an early schedule. So it's really hard for me to get up make breakfast and get to work on time. Can I settle for a low calorie breakfast and make up for it with a bigger lunch?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Insider3 View Post
    Thanks for the advice. I heard about Prime, I been deciding between that and Anabolic pump. My weakness is breakfast. I have an early schedule. So it's really hard for me to get up make breakfast and get to work on time. Can I settle for a low calorie breakfast and make up for it with a bigger lunch?
    Nooooo breakfast is #1. good big breakfast gives you energy for the whole day, and you can cram so many nutrients in the morning because your metabolism is fast. make some eggs, oatmeal, drink some olive or fish oil and you are good to go. it doesnt take a long time once you get used to it

  7. if you really cant get in breatfast, grab an "oatmeal to go" bar and like some fruit on the way to wherever you go and maybe a shake if you have time. but ya, breakfast is the number one meal. i know if i dont eat when i wake up i will eat poorly all day

  8. main reason is because your body has been without food for 10 hours so its in starvation survival mode. feed the damn thing

  9. hahaha very true. insider, just think. you go all night without eating. then if u dont eat in the morning, u wont eat till lunch probably. thats like 16 hours without food. best bulking tip you will ever hear: eat!

  10. I think Prime and Anabolic Pump would be a nice stack

  11. hope this helps : Gaining mass in a nutshell (a big nutshell)

    never give up the fight brotha. my diet is on post 42 or 44 or something like that. massive calorie surplus is the no fail approach. for an ecto, i can't stress this enough.

  12. Getting your diet in order like everyone has said is a big part of what gains you will get. If you get up a little earlier so you can eat it wont kill you, and it will greatly help your lifting. You really need more whole food protein IMO. If you figure out a meal plan, maybe cook meals ahead of time you will improve just from that.

    You say you spend 2-3 hours in the gym. I don't think your workout is intense enough if it's that long. How many sets do you do, exercises??.. etc. Are you doing compound lifts like squats and deadlifts?

    As far as supplements go, don't get the over hyped **** that people claim put 30 lbs and 50 pounds on their bench or some ****. Stick to the basics, the stuff that has been proven to work like creatine mono and BCAA's.


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