Advice please!

  1. Advice please!

    Hey Guys, I'm new here and looking to get into shape. Watched my diet pretty closely and dropped sugar, smoking and lost 10 kgs.
    Then hit a plateau and decided to hit the weights, did a body for life 12 week program and was pretty happy with the results.
    The only thing I took was a pre workout C4 and creatine.
    Now I'm hooked and want to continue to get a six pack and nicely defined arms and shoulders ( I'm happy with my diet ) but recently began looking into a few "extras" to help my journey.
    I recently purchased pro sups " Mr Hyde" pre workout and 6 Mass by LG sciences as a Test booster ( not rated on this site?)
    I'm 40 and new to this so would be open to suggestions and really want to keep lean. Most of the information I have seen so far is a bit beyond me so is there any good place to start?
    What information do I need to provide you guys with?
    I'm in Australia so may not be able to get access to some of the same products? I don't have any pre- conceived ideas so it's an open slate.
    Thanks in advance

  2. What kind of training are you doing as well as what is your macro break down. Give us some stats about yourself.
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  3. Training 6 days a week, Mon,Wed,Fri weights alternating 2 lower and 1 upper first week with 2 upper and 1 lower the following week. 3 cardio sessions Tues,Thurs,Sat with 60 mins high intensity cardio, HIIT on bike 22 mins and usually a 6 km run.
    Diet is paleo breakfast of seeds (sesame,pumpkin,sunflower,almo nds,flax seeds) coconut, grated apple,carrot, plain yoghurt, berries. Two meals of 150 gems chicken breast, Veges and either sweet potato or black rice, 2 protein shakes and a family dinner ( usually a weight watchers recipie)

    Weights consist of sets of (12,10,8,6, increasing weights with a return to the starting weight for 12 to finish the set) followed by a super set.
    Lower is leg press, barbell squats, dumb bell lunges,leg curls, seated calf raises, standing calf raise,lying leg raises, hanging leg raises followed by 50 chin ups (5 sets 10)
    Upper consist of Bench press,press ups,dumb bell rows, underhand barbell rows, dumb bell military press, front/side raises, hammer curls, barbell curls, triceps push down, overhead ext followed by 50 chin ups (5 sets of 10) and preacher curls.
    There are lots of alternative exercises I could be doing and happy for some suggestions but really looking for supplement advice as well.

    Sunday is a rest day but am usually pretty good with having 5 meals with nothing too bad but usually some bread ( I am a baker!!! And love bread) and will have a good scotch of two. Saturday night would be a good home cooked meal with dessert and a bottle of wine shared. This would usually be the only sugar consumed in a week. I think that's it.

    88 kilos, (194 lbs) 40 years old, play soccer winter and summer. Loving the gym and enjoy getting pumped.
    Not sure of BF% also take zinc, fish oil, multi, coenzyme Q10 daily.

  4. First off congrats on your weight loss and new found love for fitness and getting into some better shape.
    It can be habit forming, I know.
    A few things I have learned over the years (I'm 55 and still love to train hard) Not as much into the aesthetic end of the lifting as you but leaning out is going to be just a good bit of strictness and eating well a major portion of the week (with perhaps some cheat days on weekends or however you cut it up)
    Picking say "one major goal" and staying with it, also produces better focus towards that goal and will most likely have you hitting it easier. Also, longer term goals are fine, but pick smaller easier to hit goals along the way. ie: Long goal: defined upper body and defined abs, shorter goal, dropping say a pound or #2 over 2 or so weeks and adding a little weight or reps to say a larger exercise or not missing many W/O's.
    Losing fat slooooow/BW over longer lengths of time, allows one to keep more lean tissue on the bones. If you drop weight too fast, one can lose some muscle tissue and water in the muscles, so just take your time.
    Another thing to keep in mind is, you may be losing fat, but retaining BW, because you redistribute some of the weight from fat to lean tissue. So the mirror can work as good or better than a scale.
    A leaned out and more defined arm/shoulders/chest/back/legs will always look "bigger", even though they may measure smaller, so going by the mirro more than a tape might help. Frank Zane had maybe 17" arms (maybe less during contest time) but his arms still appeared larger than many other guys on stage, because they were so defined or had very little fat on them.
    Kinda hard to bulky up the muscle and cut the fat at the same time.

    On supplements, IMHO, I guess some are okay, (I use certain ones) but honestly, some are just money pits so be careful on relying too much on them.
    Good solid whole foods and hard work will outplay a lot of the supp markets stuff.

    Above all, enjoy and have fun, since if it becomes drudgery for the sake of doing, it gets hard to stick with it and meet goals.

  5. welcome to the site.
    seems to me you are on track , but drop the creatine, you will never get ripped with it
    include 3 protein shakes per day plus 3 meals, complex carbs . for 6 weeks
    add lots of vegetables especially carcinofen vegetables, like brocolli, brussel sprouts,califlower to keep your testosterone as high as possible and estrogen low
    you can add a fat burner if u like especially with ephedra alkaloids.
    take a water pill the last week once a day
    kick up cardio
    if you do this perfectly you will get ripped
    let me know if you need help with anything else

  6. Thanks to all replies so far. The 6 mass that I'm taking is a special formula for "Australia and New Zealand" which probably means all the goodies have been removed. Can anyone tell me how long I can take this for? 60 serves will give me 30 days, it's not cheap but finding it difficult to know how long I can continue it for and if I need to give a break after a period of time.
    I'll drop the creatine but enjoying the pre workout. This place has lots of info and here trolling through the site daily.

  7. cam you tell me the ingridients in your product?
    also you can buy in the internet any supplement you want, i dont know about customs restrictions in your country but let me know,thanks

  8. Have just started lg 6 mass am 40 and in Oz. Guy told me to take for 8 weeks so bought 2 bottle. He said takes around 4 weeks to really stay kicking in and when finished to take lg Form X for pct. They say you require pct as it is pro hormone not sure if that's true especially allowing it in Oz as pro hormones ate illegal here. Sometimes they do send a product that had the good stuff and re label to get it I the country. I remember gaspari halodrol gels had some whizbang in them. Increased my strength and size before they got taken off the market in Oz and reformulated. So 6 mass may be real deal I am on my first week don't feel any different at this stage. But do run 6 to 8 weeks busy in case it does work and you stop short of getting the best results by going a little longer that would suck. Also run pct just in case. Will let you know how I go in another 6 weeks if interested


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