TRT with Test-E but is it enough?

  1. TRT with Test-E but is it enough?

    So I'm starting TRT in a week or so. He gave me the script. I just had more blood taken yesterday as the Endo forgot to test PSA. I also told him to add free test, cortisol, and E2 to the BW. My total T on 9/21 was 141. FSH was 4.3 LH was 2.4 Prolactin was 11.5 IGF-1 was 139. I was on andro-gel before and it did nothing for me. I had MRI done on my pituitary. It came back that I had some space in the boney structure that protects the pituitary but that was it. The doc said my weight has something to do with my low T. I'm 6'3 and 285 37yr old. I haven't been to the gym in two months but I'm going back next week. Prior to that I lifted 5-6 days a week for a year and a half. So as I do have fat, I also have a lot of muscle as well (38" waist). My nutz were a 2.5 out of 3 (on the testicles scale) so the boys were nice and big.

    The script he gave me is 200MG test E every two weeks. That seems very low. I wanted to get everyone's advice on if this seems low to you guys as well. Does the size of the person have anything to do with Test Dosage?

    I also started taking Erase in anticipation of my shot. Im taking 3 a day. Should I continue to take the erase? My E is probably high due to my weight as well. At some point should I come off the Erase or can I reduce the dose? The endo wouldn't give me an AI. He also wouldn't give me any HCG. Im not planning on having any more kids but figured it may boost my test a little more.

    In my situation, if the Doc is only giving me 200MG every two weeks (I'm going to do 50 twice a week though), can you guys recommend something else I can stack this with to really boost my T levels up? I can then just go back to Test-E a few weeks prior to blood work to show the minor increase the doc is expecting to see. I'm looking to get to 1,000 but with the script he gave me, I'll prob be no where close to that.

    Thanks in advance guys.

  2. 125mg of test C has me at 1200-1250. I don't like being that high, so I am dropping to 100.

    When you are playing with hormones, more isn't always better. You don't know if 1000 is where you want to be until you take the time to really tweak and adjust with labs. Some people can be ok that high, most on TRT feel better below that. Plus, you lower your chances of sides and the need for anything else to combat those.

    It's pretty common to get excited because you now have a script and think the more you take, the better you'll feel and be. Pretty much everyone realizes that isn't the case.

  3. Thanks for the reply Kisaj. Do you take anything else becides the Test C? any AI? HCG? I have you by 80 pounds so I hope weight doesn't play too much importance in TRT. I would love to be even close to the range your in. I'm going to have to wait it out for a while and see how I feel like you said. I was diagnost with low T in April 08. I'm finally getting treated the proper way so I'm real excited. Thanks for your reply again.

  4. I was taking 2 Erase for the couple days following injection because I was doing 150mg and it made me edgy for a couple days. The Erase helped a bit. After I dropped to 125mg, the edge went away and I felt good for 2 days and then great for the rest of the time. I think I only felt good because I was in the 1200 range and then once it falls into the 900 range and below, I start feeling great.

    BTW- I inject every 6 days and I am around 750-800 the day before injection at 125. When I waited until 7 days, I was around 700. One day makes a difference.

  5. Just got my latest labs back. I go this Thurs for the Test-E shot. My Test was up from last time. Got blood drawn early in the morning so it went up 40 points. TSH 1.46, Estradiol 27, Cortisol 5.5, Test Total 193, PSA 0.2, ACTH Plasma 20, Testosterone Free 54.2. Will give update on what my labs look like in a month while on 100MG every week of Test-E.



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