My test levels

  1. My test levels

    So I had done something stupid about two months ago that made me worry about my testosterone levels. So last week I had my blood drawn

    These are the results. I am 37 and work out regularly, eat healthy.

    Cholesterol 250
    HDL 31
    LDL 186

    I don't know what all this means below exfept the test level.
    Sex hormone BIN... 18
    Testosterone, A... 350
    Testosterone, F... 84
    Testosterone, P... 2.4

    The stupid thing I did was use 5 deca zol. I went in for supplements and somehow was weak minded enough to be talked into that crap.

    I ended up in the ER, my creatnine was through the roof as was my blood pressure. It was 191 over 97! I was having HORRIBLE headaches when working out especially pullups.

    My doc took me off ALL supplements so I was on deca for a full cycle and then NO post cycle. Not goo I am aware. I am also aware this is bad stuff.

    On that note spare telling me how much of a dumbass I am and if someone could explane the hormone levels that would be great. From what I am understanding my test os on the low end. Being 37 it could be from 350 on up to around 600ish on the high end? Or even higher.

    I don't know how to tell what my estrogen levels are from this info. I have yet to go back to my doc, I just got blood tests back today. So, any info provide would be swell. Thanks.

  2. Oh yeah if you are wondering about the chol. it is hareditary in my family and I will soon be on some sort of statin. I was on them before but hated how they made me feel and it was hard to build muscle on the stuff I was on. I think it was simvistatin or something like that.

  3. So is your total test 350 or 434? Either way thats the normal lev of a guy twice your age, here is a chart I found for comparison of my own levels when I had my bloodwork done. It won't allow me to imbed a link since my post count is under 50, here is the link, add in the www

    Your bloodwork should have alot more detail to it, can you copy paste it here so someone with the know-how can scrutinize it to help you?

    Here is a look at mine, so you can see how much detail yours should have.

    Sep 25, 2009

    Medical Data from Maxhealth Family Med
    These medical records have been copied to your profile. This notice may be useful for reference purposes.




    Test results
    CHOLESTEROL, TOTAL 156 mg/dL Normal
    HDL CHOLESTEROL 64 mg/dL Normal
    TRIGLYCERIDES 62 mg/dL Normal
    LDL-CHOLESTEROL 80 mg/dL (calc) Normal
    CHOL/HDLC RATIO 2.4 (calc) Normal

    GLUCOSE 82 mg/dL Normal
    UREA NITROGEN (BUN) 18 mg/dL Normal
    CREATININE 1.19 mg/dL Normal
    eGFR NON-AFR. AMERICAN >60 mL/min/1.73m2 Normal
    eGFR AFRICAN AMERICAN >60 mL/min/1.73m2 Normal
    SODIUM 139 mmol/L Normal
    POTASSIUM 4.3 mmol/L Normal
    CHLORIDE 104 mmol/L Normal
    CARBON DIOXIDE 23 mmol/L Normal
    CALCIUM 9.8 mg/dL Normal
    PROTEIN, TOTAL 7.1 g/dL Normal
    ALBUMIN 4.6 g/dL Normal
    GLOBULIN 2.5 g/dL (calc) Normal
    ALBUMIN/GLOBULIN RATIO 1.8 (calc) Normal
    BILIRUBIN, TOTAL 1.0 mg/dL Normal
    AST 35 U/L Normal
    ALT 40 U/L Normal

    TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL 695 ng/dL See Report
    % FREE TESTOSTERONE 1.65 % See Report
    TESTOSTERONE, FREE 114.5 pg/mL See Report

    WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT 4.5 Thousand/uL Normal
    RED BLOOD CELL COUNT 4.72 Million/uL Normal
    HEMOGLOBIN 15.6 g/dL Normal
    HEMATOCRIT 45.3 % Normal
    MCV 95.9 fL Normal
    MCH 33.0 pg Normal
    MCHC 34.4 g/dL Normal
    RDW 13.4 % Normal
    PLATELET COUNT 215 Thousand/uL Normal
    ABSOLUTE NEUTROPHILS 1967 cells/uL Normal
    ABSOLUTE LYMPHOCYTES 2075 cells/uL Normal
    ABSOLUTE MONOCYTES 392 cells/uL Normal
    ABSOLUTE EOSINOPHILS 54 cells/uL Normal
    ABSOLUTE BASOPHILS 14 cells/uL Normal
    NEUTROPHILS 43.7 % Normal
    LYMPHOCYTES 46.1 % Normal
    MONOCYTES 8.7 % Normal
    EOSINOPHILS 1.2 % Normal
    BASOPHILS 0.3 % Normal

    TSH, 3RD GENERATION 1.47 mIU/L Normal

  4. Wow, my report didnt come back with anywhere near that information. I actually typed in exactly what was on the report. I will call my doc, and see what other information I can get. Thank you for your reply.

  5. So I spoke with my doctor today and he admitted that my levels are low. But he says he doesn't want to do anything. He feels that this is caused by my Deca usage and wants to wait to see if the numbers come up again. Also the reason the estrogen levels are not on the results is because the nurse screwed up the order. The results were to be on there and that part of the request was on the notes but it didn't transfer to the order for some reason.

    I am supposed to wait another month/2 months then have bloodwork done again. I think this sux! I am losing size/mass I am tired, NO libido at all and amazing I am moody and forgetful! Which I m absent minded but lately it has been REALLY bad. I expressed my concerns and told him my symptoms but he still says wait.

    It has been two months since my cycle and I can totally tell a difference even from before ever using the deca. How long before I am back to "normal"??? If I am even to get back to normal...?

    Should I post this in a different section?

  6. Well, you can force your levels up natrally some, which is what I would do since your doc isn't helping you yet. Take a good natty test booster, incorporate fish/flax seed oil for a healthy fat for the test to be made from, and do compound lifts at the gym. Your body will ramp up test from hard workout, just give it the nutrients it needs to do it.

  7. Yeah I actually take both fish/flax seed oil already. My nutritionist to cut back on the flax seed oil due to cholesterol but I could take ground flax seed...?

    After my bulking with the deca I have gone back to a cutting workout higher reps lower weights but more exercises for each muscle group... I think I will change that up a bit. Thanks.

  8. testosterone is made from cholesterol, so as long as its the good kinda omega 3, poly unsaturated stuff, I think you are fine. If someone else can chime in and yay or nay that?

  9. If it is made from good cholesterol that would explain why my test levelas are so low... My good chol. is WAY low... HDL is 31...

  10. So I got a letter from my doc today. He says in the letter that my levels are low ( no kidding) but he does not want to test again for THREE MONTHS.... Seriously... THis is going to drive me nuts...

  11. Quote Originally Posted by rab71 View Post
    So I got a letter from my doc today. He says in the letter that my levels are low ( no kidding) but he does not want to test again for THREE MONTHS.... Seriously... THis is going to drive me nuts...
    $30 off our Testosterone Recovery Stack!!

    I would recommend other products as well, but i feel this one suits your immediate needs the best.

    Possibly some Cycle Support as well to help with the lipids and BP..... The stuff works also.

    Im not a doctor so I hate to go against his orders, but the TRS and CS works. Its legal, will help AND its on sale still, i think.

    Get some good fats going as suggested. EFA's and coconut oil.

    Compound lifts as suggested.

    STAY POSITIVE........Dont let your mind screw it up for you.....Stress will lower your test and raise your cortisol........

    Eat right.

    Pray if need be.......

    Good luck PM me if you have any questions, I will try to help as best i can.

  12. Will this stuff help even for not being on the deca? I have a high stress job as well and this is not helping. (Actually it is more the people I work with, the job is not so bad)...

    Yeah I need to keep my head straight, I was going to post my before and after pics, meaning while on the deca and now WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I look like total crap! I cannot believe how much fat I have put on. I have not change my eating habits but I was instructed to take it easy from the doc due to my blood pressure and headaches.

    I am basical back at square one! I have lost so much size in my arms a solid half to three quarters one each... My abs were popping and now I have a spare tire almost... WTF? I am pounding HIIT 4-5 days a week and super set my workouts.

    My strenghth is starting to come back finally but two months ago I was benching 275 and I weighed 178, I am now 185 and bench 225...

    I forgot to mention my nuritionist is limiting my protein intake to no more that 100grams a day! She says that the protein is raising my creatnine levels, and making my kidney's work harder... WTF? I usually try to take in one gram for every pound that I weigh. I don't think that is too bad especially when trying to build muscle.

    I leave for Florida on the 24th I would really like to be able to take my shirt off... lol

  13. Oh yeah by the way, sweet ride. My brother had a 69 big block pro street camaro. I have and 85 rx7 with a ford 302. But those are other forums and subjects... A.D.D.

  14. So I finally went back and had another round of tests on Monday. I have not received the results yet... Hoping for the best. I have been busting my a$$ at the gym. Made some good progress have gotten stronger.

    I started a new program a week ago I really like. I will post my results when I get them... If it is low and he does nothing I am switching doctors...

    I also changed my diet again... 100 grams of protein wasn't cutting it... I try to take in 200 a day on lifting days and cycle my carbs. 200-225 lifting days and 150s non lifting but I still do cardio... Anyway that is another post how I changed my workout and eating habits.

  15. So I got my results today.Good news is my total test is up to 546 and my free test is 131. I didnt know my original free test so this is news to me.

    Acording to the paperwork somewhere between 300 and 1080? That doesnt help much.

    I should scan it and post it... My cholesterol went down LDL down to 178 from 176 and HDL is up from 31 to 34. So that said... It has only been a short time.

    I suppose without seeing the actual forms nobody may be able to form an opinion. But test has come up a LOT I think. I have not actually spoken with my doc yet but it looks like my free test is good.

    Edit: Doc says my levels for test are normal and nothing to do... SOOOoooo... I am up from last test... What is normal? From what I have found my numbers are indeed average... Do I have to be above average to to reach my goals? I hope not...

  16. Your test is in a solid healthy range. You should stop worrying about it. Check out the natural bodybuilding forum and see what is possible without hormones.

    You should research statins before you get put on them. They are hard on your body with lots of side effects. I would use them as a last resort.

    I don't know your lifestyle but I would get all of that in order before taking a statin. Reducing bodyfat and a proper diet will reduce cholesterol more than any statin. There is plenty of empirical evidence to support that. After you get that in order then you are in a better position to consider a statin.

  17. Your test is higher than mine was before i went back on the juice. I was at 580 on test-e 200mg /eow. before that 230 on androgel for 2 years. Never found out what caused the problem. My doctor was an idiot and I had to give her things to read to get me on the test-e. My cholesterol was hit and miss at every blood test. Thats when I found boards like this one. I'm new here. but have been around the block. Get a new doctor. Get as much info as you can to bring with you and don't leave until your satisfied that he's looking out for your best interest.

  18. I'm 36 and have been on HRT for about 3 months, test level at that time was 100, my Doc put me on 50 mgs of testim gel per day and just tested my lels this past friday and they are now 1100. he now wants me to stop the gel. Is this normal and will my levels just drop off again?

  19. Quote Originally Posted by phil216 View Post
    I'm 36 and have been on HRT for about 3 months, test level at that time was 100, my Doc put me on 50 mgs of testim gel per day and just tested my lels this past friday and they are now 1100. he now wants me to stop the gel. Is this normal and will my levels just drop off again?
    I would assume that they would just drop back to what they were before. Is there not a way to use the gel less often so the levels aren't so high?

  20. I really do not want my levels you yoyo up and down like that. Any ideas on a more effective way to keep me in a good range? onestly I feel really good now, when I was at 100 I felt like crap

  21. Quote Originally Posted by phil216 View Post
    I really do not want my levels you yoyo up and down like that. Any ideas on a more effective way to keep me in a good range? onestly I feel really good now, when I was at 100 I felt like crap
    You could try just 25mg e.d. That should keep you in a solid normal range.

    If you go off, you will probably go lower than before.

  22. My doc thinks the reason for the high levels is that my body started producing again. I find that odd since I was on HRT which means I was taking in an exogeneous (spelling) source of testosterone. I really do not want to have my levels drop off to nothing again.

  23. I think you're going to crash. How long does your doctor want to wait to test you after you stop taking medication? I hope not longer than 2 weeks. I think the gel would prevent you from producing your own test since its getting it from another source.

  24. 1 month and then test again

  25. Priorities, man: The low HDL level, along with high total cholesterol, can probably be addressed with OTC stuff, and you should deal with them immediately. Your HDL is wayyy low, and that is one of the biggest risks with regard to heart attacks. 1st, to raise HDL, start using 1000 mg/day of niacin - the nicotinic acid form only - in two 500 mg doses! Because it can cause serious flushing, take a low dose aspirin 20 - 30 minutes before you eat, then eat, then take the niacin with the last of your food. This with help reduce/possibly inhibit the flushing. After 30 days, have your HDL levels checked to ensure the niacin is working

    Next, to reduce total cholesterol (and because statins make you fell like crap), try a brand of Red Yeast Rice extract with CoQ10 added. Use at least 1200 mg daily in two divided dosages, and have your levels checked after 30 days to verify the effect. The most popular statin drug is derived from red yeast rice, and there is some credible research on the topic. Since statins tend to deplete CoQ10 levels in the heart, it's smart to take extra CoQ10 with both statins and red yeast rice extract.

    The research behind my advice is out there, so check out the Life Extension Foundation, WebMD, Dr. Ray Sahelian, etc... if you're looking for substantiation of my advice.


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