Looking to lose some fat.

  1. Looking to lose some fat.

    23% BF and is there anything to help along with the weight loss?
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  2. Less food

  3. ^^^ this. There are supplements and compounds that help with fat loss but unless you sort out your macros and calories and eat at a deficit you will get nowhere. If your not losing fat now you still won't lose fat even on fat loss supplements. When you are at a stage where your losing a pound or two a week then get back to us for help on speeding up the process.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jason.bourne View Post
    23% BF and is there anything to help along with the weight loss?
    At 23% bf you have to go to your diet and see how you can improve that for your personal stats. Once you figure your diet out and add in some fasted cardio you will see the weight come off.
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  5. Diet and training will be the biggest factors.

    What are you currently doing for training? Are you doing any cardio?

  6. I have dropped from 20+% to single digits without any traditional cardio. Circuit training being the closest thing to cardio.

    I know it's annoying to hear "diet" as an answer and on this forum I think it's over used but that's because the question keeps coming up. It's repeated so frequently because it is simply the truth. Not the answer anyone wants to hear, but the honest truth.

    For the record I don't like the diet answers because I feel many members use it to respond to everything and I tend to assume the people who end up on an BB forum already know diet / training basics. Neither is right or wrong. Just different approaches and train of thought.

    IMO the best thing you could buy right now for fatloss is a food scale. Measuring my servings made all the difference. I had lost a lot of weight before this (while at the higher BF) but once I started to weigh my servings I realized how far off I really was with my calculations.

    Fat burners help those in a calorie deficit use a little more fat for energy when cals are already low. They MAY help burn 100-200 extra calories a day, which one (non diet) pop will undo. Stimulants (in many but not all) cases to suppress hunger and give energy to continue training.

    Your question was if there was anything that could help with your weight loss. I'll assume you mean on top of dieting. My answer is a food scale. Best thing you could invest your money in to help with your goals.

    Edit: good luck on your journey. It can be hard at first but then it becomes a life style. never compare yourself to anyone except where you were at yesterday, last month, ect. Beginner or advanced, you will get a lot of support here regardless what stage you are at. I don't intend to sound like a jerk but sometimes my delivery of written communication is not perfect.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jason.bourne View Post
    23% BF and is there anything to help along with the weight loss?
    At your current body fat, all you need to do is eat at a deficit.

    What does your current diet and training look like?
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  8. I am also trying to lose weight in a natural way. What is the best natural way to do that?


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