Cramps after lifting??

  1. Cramps after lifting??

    Long story short it was a long pull day and I decided to do deadlifts. I used the hex bar, 350lbs for 5, 3, 1, then decrease weight and repeat. I noticed after I left that Iím having crazy cramps in the inside of my elbow area and forearms/bicep. Doesnít really hurt but maaaan it gets super tight. Not like a leg cramp in means of pain tbh. Iíve had lots of water, potassium, ate all day. Canít really put my finger on why itís happening and itís bugging me because itís never happened before. Took a potassium gluconate pill 595mg, no real relief. I do a good bit of creatine through the day at 7g through the day and I feel like I havenít had as much water today as usual but I still drank a damn good bit of it. Idk, what you guys think?

  2. Could just be that your arms are too tense while deadlifting. I see a lot of people do that. Might just be soreness from doing that

  3. How much volume do you do for bicep work and how many days before your deadlift workout do you work biceps? Also, do you do any heavy push a day or two before deadlifting?

    I have noticed my biceps are sore, almost feels like cramps, after deadlifting. This has been since my deadlift jump up a lot. I am working with how much direct bicep work I am doing and it seems to be helping.
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  4. When you sweat and lose fluid, sodium and potassium become more concentrated in your blood. If you have had less water than normal. This will also increase the concentration in your blood stream.

    You figure it is an electrolyte deficiency and take potassium, understandably...but things were already concentrated, so that makes it worse too.

    Increasing potassium can also cause sodium loss, which causes water loss.

    It could just be a bunch of small issues like above adding up. Drink more. Have some salt and magnesium.
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