Sup3r epi vs 1 testosterone

  1. Sup3r epi vs 1 testosterone

    I am new to prohormones and such but my goal is basically the same as everyone put on more muscle mass and increase strength.
    Unlike everyone, I do not care if my gains are dirty or lean..
    I have two supplements in mind for my next cycle but I can only afford one. So..
    1 testosterone by hi tech(110 mg of 1 dhea)
    Sup3r epi by Olympus labs(250 mg epi)
    Or ..something else?

    Thanks 😊

  2. This should go in the anabolic section so I will message you my recommendation.
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  3. These will work well together! 1 test will give you more strength and size gains. Epi will help harden you up and lean out a bit. Should give you a decent boost in libido. Make sure to get some CEL Cycle Assist to use on cycle to keep BP and other cycle issues in check. You need a serm for PCT an I like to add in M test (natural test booster) and reduce XT (cortisol control) good luck!

  4. Agreed with express42 you will need a serm pct for sure and always good to run an on cycle assist product during cycle.
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