My CRZ the OG preworkout review (Craze)

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  1. Dmba is only part of it.

  2. Intriguing, was there a Special ingredient ? It was way better than other amp products . Or is better if it hasn’t changed which my last tub seemed

  3. Its the combination and dose of 3 ingredients. That's why it was better then the others.

  4. Im down to order some and try it out when I play basketball.... The Original Craze gave me God Vision on the court

  5. Any news on the status of Frenzy @Sldge ?

  6. Definitely smelling some major BS on this thread rer Nick...

  7. Quote Originally Posted by herosjourney View Post
    Any news on the status of Frenzy @Sldge ?
    I took it (just the raws, no flavor first thing Mon, Tues and wed at 1.5 scoop dose). It feels the same to me. Nothing has changed except the flavoring system and the tolling facility. The active formula hasn't changed (suppliers or doses).

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Dr Nick View Post
    I ordered Rize but got Frenzy, was asked to send them photos and stuff, my oc said Rize. Never heard back from pn since then even having emailed them every other day..I mean everyone can make a mistake but then you correct it if you want to do right by your customer. I will never shop at predator again after this, they don't even answer me anymore.
    Weíve looked into whether weíve ever had any complaints regarding a customer receiving Frenzy instead of Rize. We can see no emails, phone calls or social media communications from anybody relating to this.Ē

    As such, we ask ďDr NickĒ to once again forward the evidence heís ordered and reported this specific issue. We wouldnít want anybody to think youíre making it up because you have a hidden agenda...

  9. Ok took CRZ og for the first time today. Only took 3\4 scoop to test the waters and it was late enough 5pm . Now hereís the thing, I took it before a Road bike ride . The taste was as expected and just like rize . I didnít like it . Itís not a good tasting pre and to be honest I just donít like the flavor . Anyway I can get over that if it works, and wow it certainly did.
    Iím a regular cyclist and tend to this particular route today at least three times a week . Itís pretty easy to measure statistics from this on Strava.
    First off it gave me a good mood lift and I can still feel it . Itís a nice feeling but nothing mad . Now hereís where it gets better . I felt fantastic . It nearly had a Superman effect on me . I felt super strong and my average speed was up considerably. To be honest Iím a bit shocked - 3/4 scoop isnít much. Iíll reserve my judgement on this pre until Iíve used it a few times but on that first use it seemed really good. It seemed better than the previous DMHA products Iíve used. Iíll report back on my next use .
    I didnít get the aggressive feel I got from Frenzy . It felt different like very smooth . It will be interesting to see what it will be like when I take a rounded scoop before the gym

  10. i might have to give some of this DA OH GEE a try...

  11. I've been using 2 scoops daily with zero tolerance I sip it all day and feel the same as you do feel great but it's a 2 scoops thing and would buy forever if it had 60 scoops.

  12. Interesting on the 2 scoops . I only used 3/4 and it had me flying . I’ve used Re1Gn for the odd road ride and although I loved it for gym work and rowing in particular I got nothing from it on the bike . I’m wondering if CRZ is going to be a fantastic cardio supplement . Let’s hope . I didn’t like the RIZE one to be honest and I still feel they changed Frenzy and aren’t telling us . I’ll ley ya know my feelings after my next use .

  13. I still have a sample of Re1gn I haven't used yet. I've been kind of scerd to try it lool

  14. Quote Originally Posted by bubbabignuts View Post
    I still have a sample of Re1gn I haven't used yet. I've been kind of scerd to try it lool
    Ah you will be grand . Itís strong but wonít blow the head off you . Itís quite good .
    Iím talking about the DMHa one .

  15. Quote Originally Posted by _Endure_ View Post
    Any idea on caffeine content? Honestly doesn't look to be much to the ingredients to put it in some sort of elite PWO category but you never know.
    i believe its the first two ingreidients that matter here.. iirc 1 of those were the problematic amines.. the fact OP stayed awake all night makes me wonder if they won their court case.
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  16. My CRZ the OG preworkout review (Craze)

    Ok two more times Iíve used this - initially a 3/4 scoop and today a full scoop. Didnít get quite the feeling I got the first time . Having said that it worked very well both times . One thing I have noticed is how time flies when using it . A good sign .
    Another thing is I have been starving the three times Iíve used it a few hours later. Iím not sure if itís because Iím killing myself thus burning more calories or it just makes me hungry . Definitely no appetite suppression for me .
    Next time Iíll use it will be tomorrow for some indoor rowing on the concept 2 . That usually is flat out for approximately 25/30 minutes with near maximum heart rate by the end . This will be another good indicator of how well it works . I row a lot and itís easily measurable
    The taste as I say is not pleasant and actually annoys me as itís just the same as Rize and the latest batch of Frenzy . I liked the flavours of the original craze and it would be nice if they changed it up a bit . No issue sleeping the two times Iíve taken it around 5pm .

  17. How are things going for you still like crz?

  18. I’ll
    Quote Originally Posted by patrick25 View Post
    How are things going for you still like crz?
    Tried it today -1 rounded scoop the most I’ve taken thus far . Not getting the mild euphoria I got the very first time . Good energy but motivation wasn’t high .I’d say it works well but I won’t be rushing out for a second tub . Overall I prefer original Frenzy .
    To be honest the taste is a killer and I know that’s not that important but it just puts me off. I’ve a tub of Rize here so I may try that next to see the difference. Flavour is the same . It feels like the 3 ds products Rize / crz / Frenzy now are all the same !
    I’d give CRZ og a 7/10 . Good but not brilliant. It does work well on the indoor Rower so cardio etc may be its strong point .

  19. I like crz but only at 2 scoops and unless I can figure a way for my insurance to cover it I can't maintain at that price I was hoping it got better over time like the claim and somehow would only need one scoop but it didn't happen.

  20. 2 scoops would have me on edge I think . The rounded one I took this morning is still giving me a few jitters strangely . It’s not a bad pre at all in fairness . I go easily like with one scoop

  21. I use it differently I take it through the whole day and fit my workouts in whenever love it that way.

  22. That’s an unusual way to take a pre workout. Never heard that one before , I might just try that and see does it give me a nice boost throughout the day . Now it’s just a shame it’s not the original .

  23. Frenzy hasn't changed. There's no reason to change it.
    As for CRZ flavor, we waited to release it because of how bad it tastes, trying to improve on what we had and unfortunately this is the improvement. The raw materials together taste disgusting on a good day. Recently I sent out a tub with no flavor to have someone else work on it and see what they could do. They came up with one that was very good but it would have added and additional $4 to the price of the tub. For the time being this is it. Add more water, that might help.

  24. I’d pay the extra for taste . It’s a killer for me personally. I know taste isn’t that important but it turns my stomach . It’s a decent pre though . Definitely not as good as your frenzy . That was a complete game changer for me in pres . Surprised it never got the credit it deserved . That had a huge effect for me on interval training in comparison to the other well known pres . It blew jack3d away .
    You say it’s unchanged but surely the amp citrate was removed no ?

  25. I really donít think the taste is that bad at all. If anything, it just reminds me of fruit punch.


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