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  1. Chosen1 black stone labs

    Just curious if anybody has tried this product and how did it work for you? New to the page. New to the world of ďsupplementsĒ. Have done lots of research on 1 andro and have heard it is affective and very little side effects occur. Anybody else think differently?

  2. The problem with chosen 1 itís just so underdosed

  3. Ive heard they did that because its more absorbable than your average 1 andro because of the delivery method. Is that true? Is it lt dosed lower because of that?

  4. Truly I donít know much about 1-Andro so Iím not gonna comment on that. But Iíve just heard of people having to buy 2-3 bottles to get good results. By the way would this be your first cycle?

  5. Yes it would. I am currently 6’1 210lbs at 11-12% bodyfat naturally. Looking to cut a little fat and maybe gain 5lbs of lean muscle

  6. If your looking to cut some fat and add muscle then I would 100% recommend you epistane. Great for a first time cycle. And will definitely lean you out more and add more muscle on you than something like 1-Andro.

  7. The only reason i went with 1-andro is because it has very few side effects. What kind of sides would i be susceptible to with that?

  8. Iím actually running epistane right now and have zero sides. Sides on epistane are very limited to non. Most people donít get any sides. But some sides you may encounter would be Headaches ,back pumps and lethargy (if not running with test base)

  9. Ill have to look into it. Have you tried any laxogenin products? What kind of sides can happen with them?

  10. Laxogenin is a natural product. Pretty much trash. Lots of people have tried and seen nothing Iíve also tried it at 100mg a day for 4 weeks and I seen no results

  11. Ok well i already started this chosen 1 ive been doing it for around 4 days and the only thing ive noticed so far is a slight vertigo, small non painful musclespasms and hunger. I know you dont normally see results until the second week but have you heard of anyone with that happening?

  12. Yes those seem like typical sides for any Ph. Whatís your cycle support and pct

  13. Im not running any pct and for support im taking a high dose of nac and milk thistle. I was told it fidnt require a pct because its non methylated and doesnt convert to dht.. should i be taking one?

  14. Donít know where you heard you donít need a pct as where 1-andro is super suppressive. Maybe the person who told that meant to say you donít need a cycle support supplement. Since it isnít methylated. But you absolutely need to be taking nolvadex with some sort of OTC PCT afterwards.

  15. I had no idea that was the case. Everyone i have spoke to said to not do one.

  16. Ya man if you know you wonít be able to get your hands on some nolva then I would just quit the cycle before itís to late.

  17. My gym sells pcts. What other kinds of pcts could i take? Only that one?

  18. Yes you need a real serm. How old are you by the way

  19. I am 22. So what are some examples of real serms that would work well?

  20. If I was in your shoes. I would buy nolvadex and run it at 40/20/10/10. And buy an otc pct of your choice

  21. What about arimistane?

  22. Thatís a useless AI. Man I donít mean to sound mean. But you should just stop taking Chosen 1 and do more research please.

  23. I mean i felt i had done tons of research i am getting mixed information from many people. So if i get nolvadex i should run it at 40mg first week 20 mg second week and 10mg the next two weeks?

  24. I mean ill stop taking it if im not able to get nolvadex

  25. Do you know some reputable brands with quality nolvadex?


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