Punching elephants in my sleep with the help of HGHpro (mini-log)

  1. Punching elephants in my sleep with the help of HGHpro (mini-log)

    hello and welcome all. I finally got my HGHpro samples in the mail today now for those of you who have been living under a rock or just joined here at AM.com heres what its all about.

    AI Sports (Anabolic Innovations) HGHpro (120 caps): Discount HGHpro Supplements

    HGHpro: Optimally Advanced HGH Enhancer!
    Looking for a HGH product that works? Well, you have come to the right place. Anabolic Innovations has the world’s first working over the counter, all natural growth hormone product that actually does what it claims to do. HGH-PRO focuses solely on elevating HGH levels in the body using the highest extracts of ingredients available, while other GH products fall short. HGH-PRO is not the old let down GH product that promised to stimulate your pituitary or the multi-facet GH product that promises to do more than just elevate GH. Grab your bottle of HGH-PRO today and experience the awesome effects that you used to have to pay five hundred dollars a month to get.
    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of human growth hormone boosters you have used in the past? Most people feel let down, and lied to. Let down because when it comes down to it, the things we were “supposed” to feel, according to the bottle, or the person selling it, never happened. Many other companies try and make their GH product do other things such as boost testosterone or add stimulant type components so you feel “something” to mask the lack of effectiveness on boosting HGH levels in the body.
    HGH Pro Poses a Number of Benefits Including:
    • Promote healthy HGH levels.
    • Promote deeper and more restful sleep
    • Increase appetite
    • Increase strength
    • Increase recovery
    • Promote clear skin
    • Support optimal acetyl-choline production
    • Control prolactin
    • Control somatostatin
    • Increase fat loss

    with me currently being deployed and constantly working 14-16 hrs a day 7 days a week I hoping to really put this to the test and get some good sleep and recovery out of this. I would also like to thank the guys over at AI for letting me try their products. Now people sub up and let see what happens!!
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  2. How is it going with HGHpro?
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  3. Yeah, how was the first night?

  4. sorry guys internet on base here went down. here it is though the first nite i took 45 min before i went to bed on empty stomach. It put me into a deeper sleep than i had since being deployed. I didnt here anyone come in or out of my tent lol that could be a bad thing. I woke up feeling pretty rested.

    the sleep was even better than the nite before i fell asleep faster recovery seems much better than before i think im going to pick up another bottle of this. Im def going to make this one of my staples for here on out.

    again sorry for the late update.

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