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  • thaOrleanyte
    Whats up man, long time no see. I see you're still the man around here.
    my friend want to tell me that I use to take muscle mass since I have 19 year and only weight 106 pounds and want to use something and can not stand the ridicule and not being able to wear the clothes I want to know that I can use my training to get started I hope in the gym to help me I am waiting and I must use
    ha, i cant get to 6 either dude. Its going to take me probably a year to get back to 4 pack with a little oblique definition. I've had a tough year that included, amongst other things, 4 months of pneumonia during which time I was taken from the gym to the hospital because I pasted out. Long story short, I'm just getting back into it and have alot of work to do.
    Hey bro, just wanted to say whats up. I've been inactive on the forum the past 15 months but I'm back and
    wanted to see who is still active on the board
    What's the sample again that starts with a l
    hey what did your pct consist of while on monster? and did you take anything while on the cycle to prevent gyno?
    hey thanks alot man for the info, ill just have to figure it out alittl at a time
    Hope all goes fine man, please check your pm`s
    wow man did them sprints after wieght training tonite, all i can say wow, never did anything in 4 minutes that was that hard yet such a rewarding feeling afterwards...i damn near threw up...im definatly gona keep doin them...thanks alot for everything man!!!!! very much appreciated
    I greatly appreciate the help and comments regarding the LCLT... I would be interested knowing if LCLT would be/could be stacked with GPLC in order to have the best of both worlds and have Carnitine exhibit its positive effects on all tissues?
    Hey there!

    I am in need of serious help. It is about a t3/t4 cycle I started. Can you give me some pointers? (see my newest threads). Thankyou so much once again
    Your answers are awesome! expect me to be picking your brains alot more often! haha.
    okay thanks..

    i have 1 more question,... i bought 2 5mg vials from... melanotanpeptide.com It was cheap for me ($27 bucks for 5mg) and i am running 500 mcgs a day...but this is my first time trying a peptide gh product and its day 4 now..
    all i feel is
    1. slightly increased hunger [it could be placebo (aka all in my head), cause i read about it making you have increased hunger] and
    2. ive had some bad gas..like rotten egg status...ughh

    could the second side effect^^^ show that what i bought was just sugar powder or some crappy product, or could that be a side effect that would show its starting to work??

    if that website i listed isn't legit, whats the cheapest best peptide site?

    thanks if you respond, i'd appreciate it:]
    'I'd say if you are getting it cheap enough, then yes its worth it. I found some for $5/5mg (not including shipping) so I felt it was affordable to run it at 400mcg per dose. much different run that high than 100 '

    you said this some time ago in one of your posts, what peptide site did you find this low of a price at?!!? all i can find is $30/5mg....my profile is brand new btw
    Realy good to see how dedicated you are man. It's not easy, and only the strong survive. Remember...the day you become satisfied, is the day you loose it all.....lol. Sad but true.
    E, you have come a LONG way bro! It's all about stickin to it over the long haul. Def with the peptides, as they seem to do some great things. Keep bangin man, it's now or never.....

    good stuff - progress in the right direction then. Does that impact on your training?
    Hey man check the one out of the predator clip I posted. I liked urs man thats funny shizzle but when u get a chance recheck back at the thread ^_^
    dude that ATHF clip is the ****. proly one of the best episodes. (next to the danzig episode)
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