I started using Zero Carb Isopure in Apple Melon flavour today. I highly doubt that my observations on the product (aside from flavour) will change with continued use...

What is it?


* Great tasting, lactose free, fat free, glutamine enriched, state of the art carbohydrate free protein supplement

For more information see Nature's Best Zero Carb Isopure.

Formula: 8/10. Zero Carb Isopure is actually a pretty good formulation. It definitely suits me well re the no fat or carbohydrate content (I generally use protein with little of either, or, if it has carbohydrates in, with no simple sugars if possible). The fact that it contains ONLY whey protein isolate re protein takes away a little.

Smell: 5/10. In the tub the powder smelt like rock melon; not unpleasant, but not the nicest smell either. The smell did not change when mixed with either water (as a protein shake) or with oats (as breakfast).

Taste: 2/10. I actually selected Apple Melon because I thought that it would be a great flavour and was hoping for something similar to Green MAGnitude's Green Apple flavour. I was completely WRONG!...From the first bite of my breakfast I felt like being sick, and had to actually force it down, before stopping halfway through. The melon taste was there, but it was highly unpleasant and did NOT go well...Despite that I had a protein shake mid-morning, thinking that the flavour might taste better as such. Wrong again. The flavour did not taste any better, and I 'gagged' the shake down (since I needed it). NOT happy at all!...This doesn't taste quite as bad as LG Sciences' reformulated Extra Rich Vanilla Lipotropic Protein, but it caused the same nauseous feeling.

Mixability: 5/10. Zero Carb Isopure mixes fine with the oats (and water); no clumps. With just water in a protein shake, despite shaking well, there were clumps of powder floating in the water (making the experience more unpleasant).

Texture: 5/10. With oats Zero Carb Isopure created an oatmeal texture. As a protein shake with water Zero Carb Isopure was little more than slightly frothy water (with clumps in it).

Effects: 2/10. Zero Carb Isopure in Apple Melon made me feel nauseous from the first serving. The nausea continued throughout the duration of the day, causing a loss of appetite and a definite NOT looking forward to using the rest of the tub...On a completely random note, the one cool thing about the Isopure was that, although the powder is an off-white colour, when mixed with water it turns lime green...

Overall: 5/10. Zero Carb Isopure in this particular flavour I definitely give a low score overall. Take away the flavour and Zero Carb Isopure as a product would still only score between 6-7/10.

Would I use it again? Well, I have a whole tub to use in this flavour, so I am probably going to finish it (or most of it). However, I would NOT use Apple Melon again. In another flavour maybe...

Would I recommend? Yes, if one prefers to use only whey protein isolate, because it is a solid formula and definitely has a place in the supplement regime; but I would NOT recommend Apple Melon flavour.

This review is also available in my training/supplementation journal (post #788) in the Supplement Reviews/Logs subsection of the Supplements Forum: The Female Terminator Chronicles.