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  • Hope your not getting any trouble from stalkers.... i didnt mean me.
    Hope your ok, im away for at least a week possibly more, so i just wanted to say take care, thanks for your help too.
    its more how low it goes, very tight and trim good work :)
    I know there is a lot of threads about Pct s of the one and would it be beneficial to take 2nd gear drive and igf2 for your pct
    Rosie,I sent this to Eric today but he may not be checking his mail:

    "Ok, so Caught a stomach bug over the weekend. Its hard to keep food down so I havent taken anything today. I think im just going to stop TO and let someone else have the cycle. I still have enough caps for 27 days.

    Should I take 2nd gear after 6 days? Even a few doses?

    As far as the Gyno is concerned I do believe I have a touch of it and I think the elavated hormones irritated it. One nipple is noticeably larger in diameter than the left. Breast area seems "meatier". Nolva tomorrow ,tracked it. How should I dose & for how long? " Rosie, never done hormonals before this but seem to have a touch of gyno. Cant say that TO is the cause but I think it certainly aggravated it. Im hoping some nolva will call it down.
    On the plus side im up 5 lbs and leaner.Many noticed. I may not have any lasting gains but hope to keep losing fat. TO didnt really work out for me but it is certainly powerful.

    You mentioned in a thread that you used to have a binge eating problem for years. I NEVER had this problem until after I competed in my first figure show. After that, I was addicted to binging. Now, I can't seem to get this crap under control. I eat SQUEAKY clean. No preservatives, no fake crap, all natural. But, I will chill in the kitchen and pick at food. It's frustrating because I want to maintain my bodyfat at 10-12% or so and I am floating around 15-16%. It's just frustrating. Any suggestions??
    hey there u have a great physique where are the rest of your pics though?
    hi my friend matt introduced me to this site so i joined it and have been reading what u have posted i lift at a gym and people come up to me for help usually i know what to say but a couple of days ago this lady came up to me she wieghs about 300 pounds an is between 5 4 and 5 6, she has diabetes and her doctor told her if she can get down to 150 lbs she wont have to take medicine for it so i was wandering if you could help me on a work out plan for her and was wandering for the diet should i set her on a calorie intake for a 150 lb person or just cut her normal intake down by 500? You help is appreciated thank you for the time,
    Just a lol, nothing else.....awwwwww
    Yummy i like curves, do you want to swap pics...hehe.
    Lol, ive never seen a pic of you soft and it even possible?
    No Im just runnin it in there. Dont really feel the need to do a separate one. I told some of the reps that that's where Id be if they wanted to check it out and none of em seemed interested when they realized that I wasnt going to do a "The One" log specifically. Kinda turned me off of the whole idea.
    Rosie, you look fantastic in your new avy! I hope all is well with you, an hopefully get to meet you and sean soon!

    Remember, if you're ever in the tampa/florida area, you always have a place to stay! :)
    no joke...virtually all supps are marketed to men...and women are left with "diet pills", balance bars and soy products...there's a real opportunity to target serious supps to women...and guess who'd be the main visual in my ad campaign ;) luck with the rest of your log, lady...still following...(amazing work,btw)...
    Hey Rosie... thnx for the info re IGF-2...just bought a bottle...been using bulk 1-carboxy for sleep...curious to see how the l-dopa in IGF-2 compares...dont know if AN markets specifically to active women but a lot of their line seems a natural sell to that audience..and what better spokesperson for the products' effectiveness than you? anyway, thats my 02...:)...cheers...
    you sold me on IGF-2 :)...i'm really impressed with the length/quality of your sleep...always an issue for me since i train at night and dose 2-3 RPMs at abt you can imagine sleep is dicey DOMS!!! was on the shelf for abt 10 days with a stomach virus (brutal winter here in NYC --everybody's sick)...started up training again and bam! big time DOMS...any tips on dosing it? or just follow the bottle?... im totally down for The One/2nd Gear...who knows, could be my last hurrah cycle...when you're 40+, relative risks with PHs rise a bit...but looking for one more round of quality dry gains...:)...btw do you model? Noticed you mentioned a photoshoot in your log...what kind of work do you do? And why the heck isn't AN using you in their advertising?!!
    just read thru your log...OMFG had no idea who i've been talking are world class...i'm totally humbled...incredible performance...i must say though be careful with the stress're young yet but stress will bite you in the a$$ down the road...i lift to REDUCE only rises when i DONT workout...and when our shows dont get ratings, believe me thats STRESS any event, god bless you,'re an AMAZING have my applause and respect...(and DONT be so hard on're already a winner)...
    leaner??? dont see an extra oz of bf on you...totally shredded...but i get it...i'm about 12% bf and still want to drop some..crazy are we? havent tried IGF-2 but you've got me interested....will def check your log...btw is feb 25 a lock for The One release? I've got some furazadrol ready to go but will put it off for a run of The One...anxious to run something soon :)...
    haha...not that you'd need it...looks like AN's other products have done you just fine :)..cheers back, lady...i'll be looking out for your posts!
    hey fellow adrenaline junkie/driven person here...exec in the crazy television business in NY and still ripping it up in the gym at 47...props to you on your dedication and your informative posts. Looking forward to The One...AN's a class act...btw your profile photo is even more stunning than your avatar...beautiful, Stan
    Rosie, is it? Hi, I'm Greg. I'm sorry if this was annoying to you. I just recently saw the pic and wanted to say hi and let you know how impressed I am. It's both super sexy and bad ass! LOL Keep up the good work, sister!
    Is that you in you're avvy?! If so....Wow! Good job!
    I am actually offline. Messenger is not on. LOL. This time your computer is right!
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