Calling Slin Experts! In your opinion is it worth it for my lifestyle??

  1. Calling Slin Experts! In your opinion is it worth it for my lifestyle??

    Yo brothers, I will be running my first combo cycle soon, ran plenty of AAS cycles in the past, but this will be my first HGH, AAS, T3 cycle. I am a busy guy and will probably make it to the gym 3-4 solid times a week some time during my busy work day. I have no plan of competing just like to be big, strong and feel good. I have done my research on Slin and a considering just running it for 1 month mid cycle at 10iu's, 3-4 days a week once a day, right after workouts, with all the proper sugars and nutrition afterwards. My question to you guys is will adding SLIN to the mix really do THAT MUCH MORE, than just running the HGH, AAS, and T3 alone? Will it make that much of a difference in your opinion of triggering these unused strenth and growth fibers. Because if not, I would rather not bother with it. I REALLY, REALLY, appriciate your honesty, knowledgable feedback here bro's. My goal is more of a lean mass cycle, not trying to be shredded and will eat plenty, but not planning on a bloated/bulk look either. Kind of the happy medium. And again I will not compete. THANKS A TON BROTHERS!!!....INFLUENCER

  2. bumpdizzle

  3. chime in fellas

  4. you can try that, insulin can make you fat tho so watch and also start lower than 10ui until you get the diet down perfect. always have sugar handy just incase, im talking like 4-5 sodas worth of sugar beacause you never know how your body will react especialy while using hgh.

  5. So you want to use insulin, but you are not intending to compete ?

  6. Yes Reaper, that's why I am weighing out if it is worth it or not. I know with proper nutrition, training, and sleep along with Test, Deca, Var and HGH (first time running HGH ever) I should be looking pretty big, but I have been reading a lot on slin and don't want to "miss out" I guess you could say, on possibly potential size during this already elaborate and expensive cycle. Thanks bro...FLU

  7. bump, no one here realy uses slin I take it?

  8. Since no one else is answering I will.

    Test,Deca,Var,HGH is plenty, esp for recreational bb'ing since you stated you are not competing.

    I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone who would recommend using insulin in your situation.

    I've seen a diabetic person go into seizure. It isn't the situation you want to be in. Esp if you don't have to.


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