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    Pheromones are not something that I have ever used or been interested in using, since I believe that using them does not make one any more attractive to the opposite sex, nor more likely to get a response if they have not already 'come into their own' and are confident and know what they want. However, I have an open mind and after noting males' experiences with such products as Renegade and Axcite, etc, a small curiosity as to whether or not there was any mettle to them arose...I was one of the lucky few selected to test RPN's Entice...

    What is it?

    A Pheromone soap designed by RPN for females.

    * Potent, long lasting change in own attitude.
    * Potent and long lasting change in receptiveness of those around you.
    * Boost in focus, confidence and workout intensity (used preworkout).
    * Long lasting, skin soothing formula.

    Look: Entice is a cream coloured cake of soap shaped like a miniature upside down BOSHU ball.

    Fragrance: Entice has a delicate scent; almost a faint hint of vanilla tinged with something floral like jasmine. It is fresh and light.

    Effects on Skin: Entice lathers on well. For some reason I used Entice on my face once (I do NOT use soap on my face EVER) and, not only did it NOT cause a reaction (I have sensitive skin, especially around my face and neck) or my skin to become dry, but it acted as a moisturizer. It moisturized the other areas of my skin where I used it as well.

    Using Entice: I used Entice over a mix and match of application sites: Face/neck, neck/shoulders/chest/arms, and full-body...I used Entice in a variety of situations/settings, including at my First Aid Refresher course, a 21st party, the gym when I was training, when I was traveling (i.e. NZ to USA), and just around in general (i.e. the house, shopping, etc.)...The people that I was around in each situation/setting varied, from males (and females) that I did and did not know, to males that I had been and/or was intimate with. Each time no one around me knew that I was using Entice...

    Effects on Wearer: Initially I did not notice that using Entice made me feel any different. Coincidentally, when I used it on a more daily basis, instead of sporadically, I noticed that my mood did not seem to fluctuate as much as it did on the days that I used it to the days that I did not, and that I seemed to be in a better mood and more 'accepting' of myself...In the gym I did not notice that I was any more focused or confident than I usually am, and my training intensity was as hard as it always is. I DID notice that I was less tolerant than usual of other females when I was in the gym, though...Where or how much area I covered with Entice did not make a difference to my 'reaction' to it.

    Effects on Others: In the situations/settings where I was around those that I had never met until that day/place (i.e. First Aid, 21st, traveling, etc.) I did not notice that their 'reactions' to me were any different than what they might usually have been (i.e. the males were chatty and friendly and some even approached me to talk, but that is nothing out of the ordinary)...In the gym, where I was around people that I saw almost every day (but did not know) the reactions were different again. The first time I 'wore' Entice to the gym a couple of the regulars watched me through my sets more than the normal "a girl is doing that exercise and lifting heavy!" The next time I definitely noticed that I was being watched more than usual by the regular males in there; and even got talked to again today by one, who asked if I "play touch rugby", because I "look like a girl on tv that does". I also noticed that I was less tolerant than usual of other females when I was in the gym and had used Entice pre-gym...I noticed that my ex was more irritable than usual when I wore Entice on a more regular basis (i.e. to the gym, during the day, etc.), and that for some reason he got pissed off a lot easier...My partner was more physically affectionate on the days that I used Entice than the days I did not (this could also have to do with my moods on said days)...When I used Entice full-body (including face) I noticed that I had more 'response' from males compared to just using on face/neck or neck/shoulders/chest/arms.

    Durability: A single cake of Entice lasts quite a long time. I still have some left, and it has been 6 weeks since I started using it, using it daily for 4 of those 6 weeks.

    Overall: As a pheromone product I know that for different individuals Entice would have different effects; but overall my mood is better on the days that I use it if I use it consistently; and others are more 'receptive' of me if I use it over my full-body. As a skincare product Entice is great, especially for those with sensitive or dry skin.

    Would I use again? Yes. Usually I use bodywash (i.e. NO soap) since my skin is so sensitive and soap leaves it dry or causes a reaction. However, next to Java Lather, Entice is the ONLY soap (or bodywash) that moisturizes my skin. The fragrance is not strong either, like some bodywash scents can be.

    Would I recommend? As a soap that moisturizes and soothes the skin exceptionally well, yes. For any other reason, that would be up to the individual user to decide.

    This review is also available in my training/supplementation journal (post #748) in the Supplement Reviews/Logs subsection of the Supplements Forum: The Female Terminator Chronicles, and as a separate review in the Supplement Reviews/Logs subsection of the Supplements Forum:
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