Focus XT (30 Servings)
Focus XT (30 Servings)


Serious Nutrition Solutions

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Rating: 4.56 out of 5 stars, based on 27 total reviews.
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Focus XT (30 Servings)

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  1. 5 out of 5 rating for Focus XT (30 Servings)

    Gotta love Focus XT. Best all around study/nootropic product on the market. I love it pre workout or pre study session. One of my favorite products.
  2. 5/5

    SNS Piracetam and Focus XT - great for studying, test taking, gaming, dating (used it on a blind date once with great success) and as a preworkout.

    I've noticed consistently higher scores when taken before studying sessions and tests. Also helps me by significantly reducing my social anxiety during class, public speaking, conversations with new people and dating.

    As a preworkout it's great for a establishing a solid mind&muscle connection. Which helps me improve on my form.
  3. 4/5

    Got this stuff to help study for a big exam. I was locked on! Not jittery but a nice linear level of energy and well FOCUS! Great for what it was designed for. If you have been using alot of the stimmed PWO's out there and want to use this PWO you may be slightly disapointed.
  4. 5/5

    I will start off by saying focus xt is an amazing product,and so versatile and enjoyable.I have recieved some of the best mental focus ive ever had in my life.I love to stack this with my pre workout or even just take with beta alanine and citrulline malate.

    I have only used the cotton candy,and can say it is the best tasting product ive ever had,i love the flavor,on point.May not be if you dont like cotton candy though.I have yet to try any other flavor,but have heard they are all amazing and am gonna try others on next order.

    It mixes great,has no residue whatsoever,and has no floating particles in bottom of shaker.Also usually gets a little clumped in the bottle,but just shake it up and its good to go.

    Amazing value,30 servings for $24.99,really?I added it to my cart to make sure it was right.1 scoop is plenty and I know many people who dont need a whole 1 even.So 30 servings at 1 scoop a serving for $24.99 i would say is a great deal.

    As i said before,this gives me the best mental focus i have ever had from a product,period.Some people may not realize how important it is to have good focus,but once you workout with it once,you will see what im talking about.I will and have recommended this to many people i know.Will always have in my stash and enjoy the great benefits from this product.On a side note,dont ever let your wife try this,i cant keep mine out of my tub,apparently its great for cleaning,cooking,heck anything you need a great boost for honestly.SNS knocked it out the park with this one.You have a customer for life and it all started with focus xt for me!Not to mention the stacking options with this are endless!
  5. 5/5

    I thought Focus XT was a 10/10. It had a great profile for exactly what it claims: FOCUS! This product is perfect for anytime you need that full focus pick-me-up.

    VERSATILITY: I personally like to mix up Pre-workouts and this one is perfect to mix with any pump pre-workout. I Mixed it with Hemavol and had awesome pumps and INTENSE focus. I think I will try mixing it with others in the near future.

    TASTE: Taste of this product was easily a 10/10 and it mixed up very easily.

    VALUE: 24.99 for 30 servings- easy 10/10.

    I would definitely recommend this product to anyone interested in a versatile focus engaging pre-workout formula

  6. First I like to thank Mack and SNS for the opportunity to try Focus XT this is my first nootropic I and let me tell u in the energy I can't really comment on I need to take a stim break nothing works anymore which is why I wanted to try something like focus xt my first does went well with in 30min I felt like whatever I did I was in the zone specially In the gym I wAs doing dead lift and some trainer started hitting on my wife and my focus went some where else I wanted to [email protected] him up with tho focus I had I would of seen those punches coming like the Matrix movie but kept calm and had my tunnel vision on him just to see if he tried anything stupid.
    After the gym I felt like my focus was better and I think my workout just kicked it up a notch the rest of the day went by smooth I would recommend it to any A.D.D because it also had a calming affect and relaxed I would of love to just tried the two scoop in one serving but I lie to try the products with the recommend serving size to see it tolerance and affect on me thanks again to Mack and the SNS team 1solid company plus the price very much worth it ;-). [/QUOTE]
  7. 3/5

    Quick thank you to Mack for sending me two samples of SNS Focus XT. I've tried quite a few PWOs in the past and wanted to give this a try.

    Mixing: 1 scoop mixes well with a couple of swirling actions.

    Taste: middle of the road, nothing bitter or sweet in here.

    Flavor: like the blue raz over the pink lemonade but both were OK.

    Energy: I'm a stim lover. This had clean energy with no stim effects. No jitters and no crash. Truthfully I thought I needed 2 scoops to feel more from this PWO.

    Focus: that's where this PWO shines. This is the kind of PWO I would recommend to someone studying or giving a speech.

    After effects: no crash and no stim dck.
  8. 4/5

    First off I would like to thank Mack for letting me try some samples out greatly appreciate it.

    Taste- Taste was excellent did not have any bitter taste at all punk lemonade was my favorite

    Mix ability- very good no clumps or anything just added water mixed quickly and was perfect!

    Focus- Hell yes it made you focus no jitters or anything like that which is what I am used to, like when a pwo kicks in you want to go Beast! It wasn't too much like that more energy focused like I felt more in the zone rather than just bouncing off the walls which is entirely different for me.

    Overall- great product anyone doubting this product should stop those doubts and give it a try, especially for an exam or something in that sense.

    Thanks again Mack!!
  9. 5/5

    Thanks again Mack!

    Got to try the Blue Razz flavor and thought I'd give my .02 on the product.

    First definitely stir this product, shaken it caused settling and a wee bit of foam and stirring solved both of those problems!

    Taste - solid. nice light and present but not over powering, leaves you wanting more.

    Focus - I loved the focus, normally waking up and going to the gym is a struggle and I have to walk back into my house 2-3 hell even 4 times because I forget things. With Focus Xt it kicked in quickly and I just had a way clearer mindset.

    Cost - 30 servings for what less than 25 bucks? Win!

    Effect - a little side note, this stuff lasted for hours. the really cool part was the more intense nootropic effects occured within 45 minutes of consumption but the rest of the day I had a nice little boost.

    Solid product and I heard Cotton Candy is the shizz so will be buying soon!
  10. 5/5

    Was given 2 sample packets of this. Used one pre workout with my regular preworkout and one serving to help me study another day.

    my workout was insane. My favorite part about a good preworkout is the focus and this just took everything to a whole new level. The mind muscle connection was incredible. Definitely did not want to be bothered , amazing stuff.

    For studying it was great as well. My mind always wanders but not with this, kept me in the zone and led to some serious learning.

    This stuff is a must in times of needed focus or just to take your workouts to that next level!

  11. 2/5

    Taste - I bought the pink lemonade and the taste was fine. It mixed well with no after taste that I could detect.

    Focus - I started with a scoop and a half. I can't say I noticed much. Tonight I will try two scoops. I usually have to take more than the recommended dose of almost anything I use. I don't know if its me or if most things are just underdosed.

  12. Taste: 7.5/10 for Pink Lemonade. Never been much of a tart fan. I prefer sweet, but this was tasty enough to drink. Can be overpowering if not enough water is used. I preferred Blue Raspberry and I will give that an 8/10. Did not experience any stomach issues either.

    Focus: 8.5/10: I wasn't super amped but I definitely had good energy going into my workout. No jitters or crazy stimmed out feeling which I'm always wary of when a product contains caffeine. This provided me with enough endurance to do a few extra sets as well, especially since I had finished a cardio session only a few hours prior to lifting.

    Effectiveness: 9/10. This is what stands out for me. Strength increased because I hit a new PR during my workout. I went from 110 lb Reverse Grip Barbell row PR to a new PR of 115 lbs.

    Mixability: 10/10 A few shakes and everything was dissolved. No issues here.

    I really enjoyed my samples and I'd like to give a big thanks to Mack for hooking it up! Would recommend this product.
  13. 5/5

    Got a two serving sample to see what this was all about. Not disappointed. I did not use it for lifting, but wanted to see if it'd help me with work.

    It came in handy as I got sick during our busy time of the month and I missed work one day. I needed to hustle like mad and took my serving just before heading into the office.

    My body was tired and jacked up from all the medicine I had been taking. Focus XT gave me a good early stream of energy and I felt better just on that note. Still remnants of a cold, but I was alert!

    Got to the office, dialed in what needed to be done and zoned in on all of it. Focus XT gave me what I needed to literally get the job done.

    Took the second dose the following day to make sure all my stuff was accurate and on point and to also finish up more of the same.

    Firing on all cylinders, no crash, sharpened concentration and clarity were my allies!

    So versatile!
  14. 5/5

    This is the best focus product ever! Hence the name. Perfect amount of Hup. A and DMAE so it doesn't give me bad head aches or anything. The focus lasts for a good amount of time. Great product, will be ordering more!

  15. I have a tub of this stuff. I't really does do wonders for focus. I have stacked it with multiple pre workouts to get that extra focus. I usually use it for studying now.
  16. 4/5

    SNSís Focus XT excels at providing a smooth, lasting energy while enhancing concentration, mood and alertness. This is a product well worth trying!

    If youíre like me, youíre always looking for something that will provide additional energy during the day and keep you focused on the tasks ahead. Coffee, energy drinks, soda, etc only go so far by hitting you with that flash-in-the-pan energy and next to no assistance with mental focus. This is where Focus XT outperforms the usual suspects.

    Formula Overview

    Focus XT is a powdered drink formula and has a 10 gram serving comprised of 200mg of caffeine and 9,800mg of a proprietary blend including the following ingredients:

    Choline Bitartrate
    DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate)
    Huperzine A

    Without delving into the details of each ingredient, all have research behind them supporting their various abilities to improve cognitive performance, alertness, mood, energy, etc. While we donít know the exact amounts of the individual ingredients in the proprietary blend, a little research will show that this is a very solid, effective formula.

    Effectiveness: 8/10
    Focus XT works quite well in what I felt was something of a unique manner. Iím quite stimulant tolerant but a 200mg dose of caffeine will usually have an affect on me. A serving of Focus XT does not hit like a typical 200mg dose of caffeine. It comes on slow, smooth in a stealth like manner. I didnít realize it had hit me until I realized that it hit me Ė if that makes any sense. All of a sudden you realize youíre functioning at a higher level Ė more focused, on task, alert and awareÖaware that itís working!

    I used Focus XT under the following conditions:
    - Upon Waking
    - During the workday
    - Pre-Workout

    For me, it functioned best when consumed during the workday. I found it kept me engaged, focused and able to perform better at my job. This aspect alone makes it a worthwhile product in my book.
    While it performed when taken upon waking, I find I need more of that 200mg kick-in-the-pants dose of caffeine to get me going. I would find myself awake and tuned in eventually after taking Focus XT but Iíd rather have that caffeine jolt first thing in the morning.
    I used this pre-workout on a number of occasions, usually when I didnít want to be over-stimulated too late into the evening. It didnít have the same impact as a more powerful, pre-workout specific product when working heavy compound movements (squats, deadlifts, etc). I did find that it worked quite well when doing isolated concentration movements though. My contractions felt better and the mind-muscle connection seemed stronger.

    Taste: 9/10
    This product tastes quite good. I tried both the Cotton Candy flavor and the Pina Colada flavor. Both were very good and drank easily. I absolutely loved the smell of the cotton candy flavor and it would hang around my water bottle all day long!

    Mixability: 7/10
    I usually donít rate this but in the case of this product I thought I would. Focus XT mixes up into a very cloudy suspension. Everything seems to mix well and hold up for the most part, but I always swirled my bottle before every drink. I donít mean to say this as a negative by any means because I swirl my bottle before I drink pretty much anything! Itís just that it didnít seem to stay thoroughly mixed if I put it down for too long a period of time. The last couple of sips often seemed to have a silky, filmy texture to them as well. Again, not a turn off for me, but some may have an issue with it.

    Value: 9/10
    You can pick up a 30 serving container of Focus XT for right around $20 online. To me, itís well worth it and certainly cheap enough to throw in the cart next time youíre ordering up your supplements. If youíre like me, you wonít necessarily use it every day but it has its place during the workday, for later workouts, etc. Not using it every day will stretch those 30 servings out a fair distance and increase perceived value in my book.

    Overall: 8/10
    A solid product that actually works Ė try some!
    Seriously, if you have a chance to give this product a try I highly recommend it. Especially if you need that extra energy and focus during the day to help you get things done. Serious Nutrition Solutions makes a quality product in Focus XT thatís absolutely worthy of purchasing.

  17. I have some in my supp stash, I can't wait to try it. I heard it is amazing to stack sulbutiamine with it.
  18. 4/5

    Dosage: I've been using this as my preworkout, one scoop in the morning. Also been supplementing with noopept on side also(On and off).

    Effectiveness: It's one of the things I look forward to every day, taking a scoop, mix it with water and chug down the awesome cotton candy drank. First thing I notice is the lack of brain fog then a rapid fire of clear and almost overwhelming thoughts. Everything seems to be a little hyper real with the noted effect of better multitasking. The only downside is that about 3-6 hours latter after it's mostly wore off I get a weird stressed feeling. I fix that with a little L-dopa or phenibut.

    Value: It's competitively priced with other pres so no complaint here. The only thing is if used as a preworkout you may want to pickup some agmatine or some other pump product.
  19. 5/5

    First off I want to thank Mack for sending me two samples of focus xt. The two flavors were pink lemonade and piŮa colada. I wanted to try this so bad that I actually went out and bought a tub right before the samples came, best supplement decision I ever made! I hadn't opened the tub yet so the samples were the first experience with focus xt. The was my first experience with nootropics and it was amazing!
    Mixability: everything mixed just fine, no settling at the bottom.
    Taste: the flavors were very good, so all you guys that are crazy about how your supplement tastes you'll be just fine with this one.
    Effect: this supplement in one word would be "impressive". I was not expecting what this delivered. I knew it had to be a decent supplement with all the good reviews on it but not this good! The focus and alertness on this is wonderful! I was on a mission to get everything done that I needed to! It put me in a great mood and kind of game me like a brain buzz which was very cool. The way I felt on focus xt was amazing! This supplement will always be on the shelf at my house, I will never go without it! To date I have to say that this is the best supplement I have ever tried! For everyone that's on the fence, don't be. I'm upset that I didn't try it earlier. Thanks again Mack, SNS has a customer for life!
  20. 5/5

    Big thank you goes out to Mack first for letting me give FXT a shot.

    I was able to try Pink Lemonade and Pina Colada, both of which tasted pretty good. No nasty after taste or foul burps. They mixed very easily which is always a plus in the supplement world.

    I tried FXT by itself first just to guage what benefits I would get out of it. I'm a morning workout guy, 4 a.m. almost every day, so if something really gets me going in the morning I certainly take notice. FXT didn't snap me awake like a stim would but about 15 mins. after drinking it I started to notice I felt more awake than usual for that time of day. I started my warm ups and my mind was already going thru all the exercises, sets, and reps i needed to complete, and I found myself calculating weights and percentages much faster than normal. I certainly feel like I got that "mind/muscle" connection people have mentioned previously, because I was able to get 2 more reps on pull ups, and 2 more reps each side on Kroc rows, which I feel was because I was more neuroly connected, if that makes sense. At work, most of the morning I was very well focused, productive, and knocking out lists left and right.

    I had the same experience yesterday morning, so I went and bought a full container yesterday afternoon.

    This morning I mixed a scoop with VPX Shotgun before a hard quad and calf day, and whoa man what a workout. I normally take Shotgun by itself and get good pumps and workout results, but I feel like adding FXT really made a difference. It felt like a very synergistic effect, and I was able to go a little heavier, for a few more reps, from what I believe is a better neural connectivity.

    I will certainly make Focus XT a permanent part of my PWO regimine.
  21. 5/5

    Taste: 7.5/10 for Pink Lemonade. Never been much of a tart fan. I prefer sweet, but this was tasty enough to drink. Can be overpowering if not enough water is used. I preferred Blue Raspberry and I will give that an 8/10. Did not experience any stomach issues either.

    Focus: 8.5/10: I wasn't super amped but I definitely had good energy going into my workout. No jitters or crazy stimmed out feeling which I'm always wary of when a product contains caffeine. This provided me with enough endurance to do a few extra sets as well, especially since I had finished a cardio session only a few hours prior to lifting.

    Effectiveness: 9/10. This is what stands out for me. Strength increased because I hit a new PR during my workout. I went from 110 lb Reverse Grip Barbell row PR to a new PR of 115 lbs.

    Mixability: 10/10 A few shakes and everything was dissolved. No issues here.

    I really enjoyed my samples and I'd like to give a big thanks to Mack for hooking it up! Would recommend this product.
  22. 5/5

    First of all, thanks to Mack for the samples. I used it to study for my real estate test(Which I passed) and it definitely helped me focus in. I think the Caffeine free version would be alittle better for studying because the caffeinated one had me alittle gittery and made me feel like going to the gym. Either way, it still helped me focus in and get alot done. Still have one more sample to try as a Pre-workout. I'll leave another review for that purpose when I use it later this week. Great Job SNS! Another quality product as expected!
  23. 4/5

    I keep a container of Pink Lemonade in the freezer all the time and I use it like once every 2 to 3 weeks because I like to rotate my preworkout stims and at 200mg of caffeine it's the perfect amount for me to play around and mix other stims for extra energy and focus.

    I've combined this with other products such as RPM, UNCUT, and other stim
    products that might be light on the caffeine but if I am combining it with something stronger then I will use just 1/2 scoop. I have also made my own preworkout using Focus XT as my base and just adding agmatine, creatine, citrulline malate and this way I can add the dosages that really are effective for excellent results. I just picked up a jar of SNS Glucuronolactone so I am looking forward to staking 2000 mg with it to see how well it works combined.

    I have only used the Pink Lemonade flavor over the few containers that I've used because I really enjoy the not to sweet but tart flavor that it has and when I add Sulbutiamine powder to boost the energy I can tolerate the flavor of the Sulbutiamine. Lol (not to many people can)

    One thing I need to mention to anyone who is trying Focus XT for the first time DO NOT TRY TAKING MORE THAN 1 Scoop or you will be sitting in the bathroom instead of working out.

    This is another solid product from a company that puts out good supplements at very good prices.
  24. 5/5

    Too many times... too damn many times you are looking a product over and wonder if it's marketing hype or factual information you are reading. i was afforded the opportunity to test drive a jug of Focus XT and let me tell you... it does not disappoint -

    I would highly recommend Focus XT to anyone looking for a little boost of energy but even better a great boost in ability to focus in on their current task at hand.
    I would take 1.5scoops as a preworkout and be good to go. I have some of the most intense workouts ever wth Focus as my pwo. I have during this log also taken Focus XT when I just needed a boost or extra focus on what I was about to do. Works great! as some have said they have taken the product as a replacement for their coffee and while I have not done that I can testify that the effects are there.

    Bottom line:
    Taste: 10/10
    Product claims: 10/10

    FOCUS XT does what it claims and tastes great while doing it. It does not leave you so stimmed up that you shake, in fact it is the only pwo where I would feel comfortable taking for the focus without the workout. Mixes well with plain water and protein shake alike.

    I will be adding Focus to my regular supp line up and suggest to you that you should as well.

    Thank you the opportunity to test this out!
    Git you some!


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