How To Find a New Dr.

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  1. How To Find a New Dr.

    Finding a trustworthy competent male hormone doctor is probably the most important step toward treating hypogonadism. Do take the time and effort to find a good one. You will not be saving time by merely going with someone your doc refers, unless you qualify him/her as being competent and experienced. Many group members have spent years with bad treatment, and finding a doc is probably the single biggest reason people come to this group.

    IMO you want a doc who treats male hormone issues as a regular part of his/her practice. Your doc will probably suggest an endocrinologist or urologist, but many don't know male hormone therapy, or are even philosophically opposed to it. I suggest you research & find a specialist yourself. Here are some tips:

    For compiling a list of "SUSPECTS" near you, try:

    Back trace docs from pharmacies that sell them male hormone products:

    College Pharmacy (Colorado Springs, CO)
    College Pharmacy - Home
    click 'Find a Health Care Provider'. There's a form to fill out. Submit the form & they'll e-mail a list of docs nearest you. In the 'I would like to find a provider who specializes in:' I suggest choosing 'Pellet Implants'; you might not want them but those docs know most other therapies too.

    Bartor Pharmical (Rye NY) They manufacture testosterone pellets (docs who do pellets also know most other therapies). Call 914-967-4219 and ask if they can recommend three docs near you.

    Women's International Pharmacy (Madison, Wisconsin)

    Kronos Compounding Pharmacy (Las Vegas, NV) has a list of docs:

    ApotheCure (Dallas, TX)
    ApotheCure - Web Form


    Docs who have shown an interest in treating male hypogonadism can be found at:
    National Testosterone Tune-Up

    Life Extension Foundation, List of Innovative Doctors:
    Life Extension Foundation: Directory Of Innovative Doctors

    American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM). Look for docs with 'HRT' listed in their practice codes.
    ACAM: Find A Doctor

    There's an AACE docs search page at:
    In theory they would use the AACE Hypogonadisn Guidelines,
    but are still too 'old school'.Confirm they treat hypogonadism prior to a visit.

    To pre-qualify and select the right doc, call him or his staff and ask: how many men he/she treats for hypogonadism, if he/she offers hCG therapy in addition to TRT, if he/she uses Arimidex to keep E2 down, and checks for Primary or Secondary Hypogonadism.

    You have time to ask the doc some pre-screening questions (probably through his/her staff). Like: What does he think about the AACE hypogonadism guidelines? (American Association Of Clinical Endocrinologists Medical Guidelines For Clinical Practice For The Evaluation And Treatment Of Hypogonadism In Adult Male Patients' 2002 Update, available in the Files section here. How many hypogonadism patients does he treat? Does he ever use hCG treatment? Does he regularly test for estrogens, specifically estradiol? Does he ever prescribed anything to keep estradiol down? Does he use a stimulation test to determine hypogonandism is primary or secondary? Does he ever use hormone pellet implants?

    Did your doc mention that TRT like Androgel can make you sterile? I'm assuming your marriage plans might include having children. If so, a different treatment than testosterone supplementation would be needed. It would involve taking a hormone that stimulates the body's ability to make testosterone.

    IMO, a complete range of initial tests should be done, way above and beyond the total testosterone levels you had tested. An hCG stimulation test (or similar) should be done to see if your body can respond to stimulation.

    (This was made by Bruce at the Yahoo Hypogonadism2 group.)

  2. Best way to find a new doctor I have found is to call your directory assistance line asking for an anti aging clinic, or do a google search such as:
    urcity "anti aging" +clinic
    urcity +hypogonadism +clinic
    urcity "mens health" +clinic
    urcity "low testosterone" +clinic

    And go though all the 50 or so pages of results which come up.

    When you find a clinic, contact them prefebly via email and after very briefly explaining your hypogonadism, straight up ask them if there willing to prescribe arimidex and HCG, and if there ethics are of question you can ask what there basic protocol is.

  3. Anyone near ------------------

    (no problem....sorry about the post. I didn't see that this wasn't just an anti-aging website and did not read all the rules of the board)

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  4. Doctor John,

    Does most labs have the capabilities to run the extensive test? Or do you have to get a script from your doc to have more extensive test ran?

  5. Heat Miser. Im sure you had great intentions and thank you but most of your links are DEAD.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Whacked View Post
    Heat Miser. Im sure you had great intentions and thank you but most of your links are DEAD.
    Three years ago they were active. Time changes everything it seems.

  7. Contact your local compounding pharmacy and ask for docs who prescribe testosterone, hcg, and anastrozole for men.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Philec48 View Post
    Contact your local compounding pharmacy and ask for docs who prescribe testosterone, hcg, and anastrozole for men.
    I'm a real noob so please bear with me for some questions:

    1) Compounding pharmacy: what's that? What specific search on google, say I'm in New York City, will turn one up?
    2) If I have the number of a compounding pharmacy, exactly what do I say when I call? "Hello, my name is Gary. Would you mind emailing me a list of doctors who prescribe testosterone?"

  9. Hi I am the Co Mod. from the Yahoo Hypogonadism2 group Phil go to the link above and open the Collage link try to get there home page and click on "Find A Healthcare Practitioner" I can't give you a link here it's the rules here fill out the Email and they will send you a list of Dr.'s names and numbers in our area that they sell Compounded Testosterone Creams and Gels to. Then start calling them and ask the questions above at the top of this thread you will know when you have found a good Dr.

  10. Great info HeatMiser, may I also suggest AMMG - Age Management Medical Group.

  11. Cenegenics specializes in Age Management Medicine and have offices all across the country. They are not for everybody but they do a GREAT job. I was a patient long before I joined them as one of their doctors. Their program is comprehensive looking not just at your hormones but also your diet, your exercise program and all you dietary supplements. If you are new to this and can afford it they are the way to go in my opinion. They will walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know.

  12. Just curious, I have seen the Cenegenics ads and what not. Im sure their system is not covered by insurance. Is their program really expensive?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by goldwinger63 View Post
    Just curious, I have seen the Cenegenics ads and what not. Im sure their system is not covered by insurance. Is their program really expensive?
    I know a good dr out in cali which does it for cheaper and takes insurance for the blood test.
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

  14. Anyone used the college pharmacy to find a HRT/TRT doc? I got a list of local docs here in denver and was wondering if anyone has had success with using college pharmacy
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  15. The list is just names of Dr.'s that buy from them in your area now you need to call them and ask questions like do they use HCG and do they test for high Estraidol is so will they use Arimidex to get high Estraidol levels down you will know when you have found a good one.

  16. Nice... ill be making some calls tomorrow!
    You are born small and weak, you die small and weak...How you look in-between is entirely up to you...

  17. I completely agree, finding a great doctor is important. I am lucky to find my doctor on my first try, however it's probably because she was recommended to me by a longtime counselor friend. She is a female doctor who specializes in internal medicine. The great thing about her is that you only need to check in with her once a year by phone for follow up appointments. I don't think you have to see her in person either, but you do have to have a first evaluation like all doctors require-consultation, blood test for free & total testosterone, may be others, I only had to get free & total test. She is not too pricey either. She uses a blood lab called Genova.

  18. My first post. I understand this is long, sorry about that. Just sharing.

    In this particular area of men's health, it's hard enough to find a doctor who does the job right to say the least. The hardest factor in finding treatment is money. I do not read about this factor much at all in the forums about this condition in men's health sites. I am not asking for money. I am relaying an important fact about finding a doctor for low T and related male hormonal conditions. I wonder if other people can relate, and if and how it could work with people who only have Medicare or little money.

    The biggest problem I am finding is that nobody who can treat such conditions knowledgeably, safely, and successfully takes Medicare, which is all I have. I'm on disability, with an income less than a kid with a part-time job. Mine is a long story in my conditions and my search. I have found only ignorant, careless, dangerous doctors and no luck any place and searching for a couple of years. When I say I searched, I did call all places I could find, tried more than many search engine combos, called the compounding pharmacies and doctors they told me, asked people at the gym or anyplace, and more. Out of the doctors I was told to check out, only a handful would respond, or showed indications that they were doctors who knew what they were doing in this area. All possible doctors were unaffordable. With no treatment, I progressively am suffering mentally, emotionally, and physically, probably a large part of why I am on disability. Totally wiped out from searching and my condition getting worse on all levels. The worst is the mental and emotional. I can hardly do anything, and try my most. Not trying to complain, just saying it how it is. Can't wait to feel better and tell you is the a huge understatement.

    A month ago in my search, I spoke to the vice president of a company who specializes in male hormonal imbalances and anti-aging, and probably/hopefully would be good. He saw the urgency of my case, and sort of took it personally. He told me outright that his company's doctors know and specialize in complete and optimal male hormonal balance, which is what I need and not just T, but he knows I cannot afford what they charge, so it isn't an option. Other places like this either hang up when they hear I only have Medicare, or they still try to sell it and call me many times to sell. He gave some advice based on my health background and said I have to do something right now. He said the T is what I needed the most, and even if it is the minimal treatment, that I couldn't wait. He personally doubted estrogen would be a problem with me because I am thin, 4. something percent body fat, losing muscle from low T, but still told me to regularly check estradiol.

    My internist knows of my low T in the past, but isn't into too much fuss or the details, so this is why I clearly looked for another doctor to treat the low T. That got me nowhere, and worse off from not finding doctors and treatment. I went back to my internist, who prescribed what I was looking for, testosterone cypionate injections (50mg or .25ml every three days). I started a week and a half ago. I have my estrogen checked regularly and at some point (though I am using Quest blood tests and am not sure how reliable they are). I'm going to ask for HCG. He treats a lot of men with low T but doesn't like to get into too much "extra" with other hormones. He was familiar with HCG and DIM, said we can speak about HCG, DIM if I need it, at a later date. He said my testicles aren't making much T, so why bother. I'm telling him want my body intact, plus I read that HCG is good for adrenals. I don't know if he learned a little more about this issue in the last couple of years or what or not. I hope he follows through and is receptive. The condition is complicated and stressful enough without having to be playing my doctor, which I really can't, but I sort of have to make sure I check up on myself and levels, and watch out. Like the company I spoke with, at least I am getting something as opposed to nothing.

    What I really need is a doctor who is experienced in knowledgeably, safely and successfully checking and balancing all hormones and related conditions (estrogen, adrenal, thyroid, all of it) with men. I'm just saying this is a serious and debilitating health issue for me and many men. It can and does lead to many conditions/diseases untreated. I already have severe osteoporosis from it. It can also lead to fatal diseases, including Alzheimer's, which I hopefully will not get. My father had that.

    Hopefully, it will work out with my doctor, and we can work together, and find successful treatments. Boards like this help in understanding what it out there, and information about treatments. I can't give advice at this point until I find lasting successful results. All I can say is what I did so far, which is the following. If you don't have any money, read up on T and HRT, anti-aging, what treatments are from top doctors who treat this. This will take time, probably months plus to really comprehend. If you can't find doctors who If you can afford, see if your doctor or look for another doctor (if simply an internist, just to go to him/her for low T, etc.) who you can afford and is willing to work with you towards your goals, and who is at least somewhat familiar with the treatment you are looking for, and has treated other men similarly.

    The conditions of low T, andropause, hormonal imbalances, are a serious health issue, a threat to our mental, emotional, and physical health. It should not be either have good health insurance and/or money, or no treatment or bad treatment that does nothing or makes you worse. I wonder how many men are in a similar case, suffering, and know or don't know it. Or how they resolved this situation with little money, or only Medicare. Thanks for reading.
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  19. Do a search for a compounding pharmacy in your or e-mail them and ask if they know or recommend a dr in area that specializes in testosterone replacement

  20. Clever I like it

    Quote Originally Posted by firewally1966 View Post
    Do a search for a compounding pharmacy in your or e-mail them and ask if they know or recommend a dr in area that specializes in testosterone replacement
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  21. Hello,
    Is it possible to get that Docs information from you? I am here in Southern Cali.

  22. Dr. Wagon......

  23. How about in the Maryland area? Any help would be appreciated!

  24. geezerjude,

    They are charging a dam high price for this starting level of Test Cream 5% cost about $75 / month at most compounding pharmacys.

    Most men need 10% this avg. cost is about $120 you need to shop around.

    And from what I remember when the Androgel came out Drug Plains stopped paying for Compounded Test Creams.

    Quote Originally Posted by geezerjude View Post
    I read this thread a million times. Google searched for Doc's, read the LowTestosteronedotcom, Ehormonesdotcom websites, etc. Finally I did what you suggested. I'll admit I had contempt prior to investigation but I made the call to Alexandria Compounding Pharmacy. They were very nice and gave me the name of a Doctor that sends patients there for testosterone. It really was that easy. I went to the Doctor today and got my prescription for a 60 gram tube of Testosterone 6% Cream. A 30 day supply. Doc wants to raise me from 420 to 800-1200. I go back in 4 weeks for blood work and follow up. I have one refill. The guy at the Compounding Pharmacy, where I got the prescription filled, was extremely nice and helpful. He even made a few good natured jokes when I had to show ID to purchase the controlled substance. Said the government was worried I might hit too many home runs! LOL!
    Anyway I am officially on TRT. Cream not injections. What was a shocker was the co-pay. $130! He said full price for the compound was $300 plus. I asked what the difference was between Androgel and what he was giving me, my insurance only charges me $10 for androgel, and he said that this stuff is a lot stronger.
    Any thoughts on 6% cream? Should I call Insurance Company and ask for a cheaper alternative? Is $130 about average for compounded testosterone cream? Thanks for your information!

  25. Try this link other wise do a Google Search or switch to shots men are getting Test C 10 m. vials of 200 mgs./ ml. for $65 from Costco Pharmacy.
    Quote Originally Posted by geezerjude View Post
    Well I already paid for 1 month. I have Care First, Blue Cross, Basic, for Federal Employees. They set the co-pay, correct? When you say shop around what do you mean? Call Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS, and see what the co-pay is with them? Call member services and ask if there is a preferred Compounding Pharmacy that will charge less for the cream? Thanks for your reply.


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