I have now used 2 tubs of LG Sciences BC+EAA and have started on my third. I have used EACH flavour available (Kiwi - Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, and Grape). Therefore it is now time to give a review on the product.

What is it?


* Increased recovery
* Increased muscle growth
* Reduced catabolism and muscle wasting

For more information see LG Sciences - BC+EAA.

Kiwi - Watermelon - 8/10. Smelt like watermelon/cucumber.
Blue Raspberry - 5/10. Smelt ever so faintly like raspberries; smell so faint it is barely there.
Grape - 8/10. Smelt like grape flavoured Hubba Bubba.

Kiwi - Watermelon - 5/10. This didn't taste like it smelt. In fact it tasted like fruit cordial, which I do not like.
Blue Raspberry - 5/10. There was the faintest of faintest hints of something; but more bland than anything. Didn't taste like cheap cordial like the Kiwi - Watermelon flavour. Not sweet, either.
Grape - 6/10. Tasted like a sweeter, sugary, watered-down version of grape juice.

Solubility: 10/10. The powder did not dissolve at all on just adding to water. It didn't even dissolve on stirring. However, after shaking (which is the point) all the powder mixed with the water well, leaving no clumps. Lots of froth and bubbles lingering.

Texture: 10/10. Like fruit juice diluted with water.

Recovery: 8/10. I noticed the difference when I used my first tub more re recovery (and I was also doing the most hard and intense training at that time as well). I usually have very good recovery, but I was doing 3-4 training sessions a day and keeping the intensity and volume high without faltering.

Muscle Growth: N/A. At no time during my use of BC+EAA was I focused on muscle accretion.

Catabolism/Muscle Wasting: 8/10. I did not lose any muscle mass over the course of my usage of BC+EAA, even when I was unable to train as I would have liked (i.e. over the last 7 weeks).

Overall: 8/10. This was my first time using a specific separate BC+EAA product (usually they are included in my protein powders, so I do not use another supplement). Definitely came in handy when I did NOT feel like having protein powder.

Would I use it again? Yes. I still have the Grape flavoured tub to finish. And, as mentioned, since most of the protein powder that I have been using of late has been making me feel quite nauseous, BC+EAA comes in useful when I cannot bear the thought of gagging down a protein shake.

Would I recommend? Yes. BCAAs are considered a 'staple' supplement, and therefore have a definite place in the supplement regime.

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