Upper outer quad pain

  1. Upper outer quad pain

    Hi guys, real quick intro - I have a meet coming up in less than 9 weeks and I tweaked by quad. Strength is fine but the pain is not.

    It is the upper, outer quad. It does not hurt unless I go up stairs or squat, etc. It never bruised up but I felt a sudden pain/cramp/tear type thing happen in the middle of a squat.

    Any help on what it may be really appreciated!!!!

    If there is a way to insert a picture i can point to it.

  2. Hip flexor, maybe???

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jm88888 View Post
    Hip flexor, maybe???
    No sir, think to the left side and down just an inch or two
  4. Upper outer quad pain

    IT band?

  5. Sounds like IT band

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Jm88888 View Post
    Sounds like IT band
    I believe you are right. I asked a few people at my gym a little bit ago and that was suggested twice, I then did a stretch to target it and it felt a bit better.

    Do you have any suggestions for this? I have read online that it affects most people at the knee, but mine is about four inches below the hip. I'm tall, so basically just the top 25% of the quad is where the pain is.

    I tried some light SSB today at 170 just to see. I initially hurt it on Monday. It flared up after the squats today so I quit.

    As of now I am planning on moving my deload up to next week so I do not have to squat heavy on monday again as well as icing, but I definitely welcome any other suggestions!

  7. Do you foam roll? You may need to spend some time working with the foam roller. Sometimes you get knots that develop in your muscle, and you need to break them up....

  8. I will do that, but it has never really done that much for me.
    The X-wife on the other hand hurt like a bitch so I may utilize that.
    I'm going to try to ice every night.
    Just was not sure of any movements that should be done to help it or just rest and wait for it to get better.


  9. Another thing you can do is use a massage stick to hammer that area.... Or I use a rolling pin. If you have access you can go see a chiro/PT he can do some treatments. Stem, massage, electro pulse therapy. They also do a new technique called scraping. They lube area and then scrape at it with a very dull blade. Itís a localized version of myofascial release, similar to what rolling does

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    Hey man i think i found out how to add a pic.
    I hurt the bastard again deadlifting and circled the exact spot the pain comes from.

  11. Definitely in the area of IT... Does pain go all the way down the leg, or stay localized. I know you blew off the hip flexor suggestion, but Iíve had hip flexor groin issues that only felt in my balls..... Referred pain is bich

  12. It is very localized in that one area - quad drive in dl and from squatting is painful in just that circled location. May move down a few inches depending on the angle of my squat
    I don't think its hip flexors because i stretch them daily without pain
  13. Upper outer quad pain

    Wonder if itís a quad strain. Personally I donít mess around with that.... I go to my PT, get treatment, and rest for the week. Then cone back and Iím G2G

  14. May be, but I think there may be a slightly stronger case for it being IT. I can't afford a PT but I can afford to talk to a guy in PT school at my gym haha. Everyone seemed to think IT.
    I can now air squat with no pain. I **could** ***probably*** hit 90% of my max easy strengthwise but I just know that would aggravate the **** out of it and reset my healing process.
    I'm going to take two weeks off anything that I found has aggravated it thus far.

  15. But changing gears here, do you have any suggestions for things to do to maintain strength in my two week "chill" period?
    All I can think of is leg extension machine and heavy RDLs. I feel like I need something else for quads so they don't lag behind. I usually do back and legs once a week but I'm thinking of doing both on the same day twice a week since considering the circumstances.

    I don't want to try lunges yet as that's too similar to a squat, and I'm not quite sure if leg press is a good idea so I'm really grasping for anything to do for my legs :/

  16. Personally Iíd take the recovery time. I canít see you losing my in just two weeks... if you are working the muscle you are resting it

  17. Howís the leg?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Jm88888 View Post
    How’s the leg?
    It's pretty good IMO! Thanks. I missed half of my lower workouts last week and all of them this week (just main movements, been doing accessories) and I feel like it is healed up. Will not know for sure until I put a heavy load on it.

    Going to chill today as well. I'm supposed to test my maxes next week and deload so should all work out.

  19. Cool. Interested to hear how you end up


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