Tricep Pain on Deadlifts

  1. Tricep Pain on Deadlifts

    Was doing deadlifts today, warming up, had 315, did two reps, and the upper part of my tricep hurt, almost like a pulling, then immediately stopped my set. I did one pull-up and felt the pain again. Decided not to do back, and instead did legs. Did I strain my tricep and/or not allow enough recovery time? First time this has happened, and I last did triceps on Saturday.

  2. If you felt pain you did something. take it easy and slowly increase weight next time and feel it out. If it hurts stop it asap

    you could try some fricton massage , feeling out where it hurts
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  3. This happens to my regularly when i do heavy deadlifts or heavy shrugs, it's almost like the weight hanging from your arms is too heavy so your triceps start pulling. I also normally just stop when this happens, with a bit of rest it normally goes away

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