Kentucky pistol owners

  1. Kentucky pistol owners

    The governor has signed the constitutional carry bill, and one can now carry a pistol (non felons), without a conceal license.

  2. Thats sick. Wish my state enabled us to actually exercise our rights
    Chaos & Pain Rep

  3. yup NH has had this for a while! it's great! also means you can carry a loaded and "hot" firearm in your vehicle where as before it couldnt be ready to go and on your person...

  4. Wish NC had that

  5. Quote Originally Posted by dds View Post
    Wish NC had that
    If Trump has another term, there may be federal legislation to make a Union wide constitutional carry. Going to take a change in the house though probably.

  6. Does it take effect immediately? We just passed it as well but it doesn't go into effect until later in the year and one guy has already been arrested for it. Lol

  7. Thanks for bringing that up. Takes about 90 days before the law is in the books here.


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