So I'm sure some of you guys play mobile games or use some type of messenger client on your computer. Just curious if there might be a chat group somewhere for us AM folks?..

The game I play is Lord's mobile. I've been playing it for about 2 years now. It helped me to stay occupied when I had too much time on my hands during early sobriety. Also served as an alternative thing to waste money on. Money was a trigger for a long time lol.. For the better communication outside the game, most users have Line Messenger. I'm in it all the time and it's fun to share memes and stickers with friends from all over the world. Was just thinking this morning that It'd be kinda cool because then people could discuss their training, diet, or fitness stuffs in more real time. Being able to ask a quick question and get feedback in real time would be awesome for stuff that doesn't warrant making a thread