Rosie's Review of White Flood (White Raspberry Flavour)

  1. Rosie's Review of White Flood (White Raspberry Flavour)

    Yesterday I finished my tub of White Flood in the exciting new flavour of White Raspberry...Note that unlike usual, where I would use a preworkout product EVERY day, I only used White Flood on resistance training days (with two exceptions)...This review is based on my experience with White Flood over the last 30 days...

    What is it?

    * Fast absorbing and fast acting
    * Increase focus, concentration, and stamina
    * Focused, relaxed energy without the jitters
    * Increase Endurance
    * Strength gains
    * Improve explosiveness and power
    * Incredible pumps and vasodilation
    * Nutrient delivery and recovery
    * Enhance fat metabolism
    * Stimulate muscle anabolism

    For more information read Controlled Labs - White Flood.

    Smell: 9.5/10. As soon as I open the tub the scent of magnolias fills my senses. There is the faintest hint of raspberry, but to me the scent is predominantly floral. I love it; it just makes me want to keep sniffing it, LOL. This is the BEST smelling product I have ever used.

    Taste: 9/10. White Flood in White Raspberry tastes strongly like raspberry sorbet, and is definitely one of the nicest tasting products that I have ever used. However, the first time that I dosed White Flood there WAS another taste underneath the raspberry that hit about halfway through consumption that was highly unpleasant; albeit I soon discovered that if I drank it quickly then that undertone taste was not there at all.

    Solubility: 10/10. White Flood dissolves almost instantly on contact with water and needs only a few shakes before it is all gone. There is no trace of powder and no clumps or excess left in the water or on the bottom of the shaker.

    Texture: 10/10. Like fruit juice diluted with water.

    Focus and Stamina: 9/10. For mental focus White Flood provides that concentration and 'locked on' mentality. Mental and physical stamina seemed well matched.

    Energy: 5/10. For the last 26 days of my use of White Flood I did NOT use RPM; therefore I got an accurate experience of how White Flood affected me re energy. At 2-3 scoops White Flood did nothing for me re energy, and I had to chew ThermoGum quite a few times to get close to the kind of energy that I have using RPM. 4 scoops gave me the energy that I get using RPM, and is about my sweet spot re energy effects for White Flood. 5 scoops gave me a short burst of energy. However, with both 4 and 5 scoops of White Flood use I crashed: ~3 hours post 4-scoops and a mere ~80 minutes post-5 scoops. As far as energy is concerned, White Flood did not do it for me.

    Endurance: 9/10. My endurance is already pretty high. However, using White Flood I was just progressing week-by-week back into training back up to Maintenance training levels. Most weeks I performed 2-4 post-weights cardio sessions, something that is NOT a part of my usual Maintenance training (although my pre-weights cardio was often shorter than Maintenance levels), and I had the endurance to complete it post-weights (and I DO push myself during my weights).

    Strength: 7/10. My strength has slowly increased over the period that I use White Flood. However, given the fact that I was almost starting back at training from nothing, this is an expected natural progression. The one exercise that my strength did NOT increase on (and still is not anywhere near close to what it was) is with Close-Grip Pull-Ups.

    Explosiveness and Power: 7/10. I am not as explosive as I used to be and my power is somewhat diminished (to be expected though, considering). With White Flood, I had the explosiveness and power when I wanted it during resistance training. However, re cardio (HIIT and otherwise) I only started being able to 'kick it' again properly during the second half of my use of White Flood.

    Pumps and Vascularity: 8.5/10. The pumps I got on White Flood were like nothing I have ever experienced before. Funny thing is that most of them were NOT experienced during RESISTANCE training. A few days into using White Flood I had shoulder and arm pumps so strong that I could barely move my arms without extreme pain; this lasted a few days before settling down. However, after that the pumps experienced on White Flood were strong and sometime painful. I got pretty strong pumps in my shoulders and arms every time I ran and they would last quite a long time post-cardio...Vascularity was pretty high most of the time, especially if I was warm, and the veins trying to climb out of my skin were most noticeable after running and between sets during resistance training.

    Recovery: 5/10. My recovery on White Flood was not that great. I got DOMS after almost every resistance session right up until the last few times, especially strong through my chest, shoulders, and arms, and sometimes my hamstrings and adductors. I was still sleeping a lot (and my sleeping patterns changed all over again). My recovery didn't start improving until the last weeks of using White Flood.

    Body Composition: 8/10. Pre-White Flood I was 53.81kg (i.e. 118.4lb) at 15% bodyfat (BF). Post-White Flood I am 54.64kg (i.e. 120.2lb) at 11.8% BF. Although I GAINED 0.82kg (i.e. 1.8lb), I LOST 3.2% BF. This means that I LOST 1.63kg (i.e. 3.5784lb) of BF and GAINED 2.44kg (i.e. 5.3764lb) of lean body mass. Most noticeable is the loss in BF from back and midsection. Muscle mass gains are obvious in shoulders, arms, and legs. Girths remained UNchanged from pre to post-White Flood...Please note that I was also using Sustain Alpha during my use of White Flood, and was gradually building back up to Maintenance training levels over that period, which could have contributed to these results...However, despite that, this is the most successful recomp I have ever done.

    Other Effects: 8/10. The first time I used White Flood I experienced STRONG Beta-Alanine tingles, starting ~10 minutes after dosing and lasting for a good 50-60 minutes once they started. The tingles were pretty bad in my face and ears (which I have never felt them in before); I felt like my face was burning up and it became a little more flushed than the usual ruddiness from exercise...After the initial dosing the Beta-Alanine tingles pretty much all but disappeared; I would notice them sometimes for a few minutes ~40 minutes after having White Flood. Beta-Alanine tingles did not really change from using 2 scoops to using 3 scoops of White Flood, except that with 3 scoops I experienced them in my legs and glutes instead of in my face and ears. Using 4 and 5 scoops of White Flood, the Beta-Alanine tingles were as strong as after my initial dosing of White Flood, but lasted much much longer, with post-5 scoops starting almost immediately and lasting for 3.5 hours!...Aside from the Beta-Alanine tingles, (which were to be expected) I did not experience any other 'side' effects from White Flood.

    Overall: 8/10. White Flood is a preworkout product. For me the best parts about the product re non-effects were the smell and taste; and re effects were the mental focus and concentration, endurance, and recomp. I was highly disappointed with the energy and recovery aspects of the product, as these are, IMO, two of the primary reasons for using White Flood; but it was solid almost everywhere else.

    Would I use it again? Yes. However, I would stack it with another preworkout product such as RPM, so that I got the benefit from the White Flood, as well as having the energy to get through (and so that a tub lasted longer, since at 4-5 scoops a dose it would only last 10-12 days).

    Would I recommend? Yes.

    This review is also available in my training/supplementation journal (post #917) in the Supplement Reviews/Logs subsection of the Supplements Forum: The Female Terminator Chronicles and in my sponsored log (post #83) in the Supplement Reviews/Logs subsection of the Supplements Forum: Rosie rides the White Raspberry wave of Controlled Labs' White Flood (Sponsored).
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  2. Wow thanks for the amazingly detailed review!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by CONTROLLED LABS View Post
    thanks for the review and glad you are enjoying white flood
    Quote Originally Posted by Dracoy View Post
    Wow thanks for the amazingly detailed review!
    No worries. And thank you, both of you, for giving me the opportunity to try it

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