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    Lol.. I asked the team if they had something extra added which wasn’t on the label. The obvious answer was, No.
    Same here, I got a sample a while back and tried it and it worked way better than I expected. Got 2 samples still, might try it again soon.
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    Just sent another email
    Build Fast Formula Vasoblitz & FullBlitz --- Coupon: Bob15

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    Our New Website is Live!
    33% Off Everything to Celebrate!
    Promo Code: NewSite33
    We’ve done it. We redesigned the Chaos and Pain website! And because we aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, I am sure that we overlooked some mistakes. In fact, I am so sure that we missed something, that I made a bet with Wayne, and he agreed to it.

    The first person to take a screen shot of any mistake on the website and send it to [email protected] will get hooked up with a sweet prize, and I get bragging rights over Wayne. Come on guys, don't let me down.

    And because Wayne is so happy about the new website, he is giving everyone 33% Off now through Sunday at midnight. Just enter coupon code Newsite33 at checkout for the discount.

    Also, don't forget all the new articles to help with your gainz. Click here to learn something.

    Highlighting and going straight to the webpage from your signature goes to a Cyberroam Login portal. Dont know why but the Permaswole link works fine,
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  4. New permaswole coming today!
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