Ferox eu bogo plus 25%off

  1. Ferox eu bogo plus 25%off

    BOGO Ferox EU, New Articles from Ian and Jamie, plus 25% off Everything
    We all love reading new things. And to give you the energy and focus to read our cool new articles, we are hooking you up with a Buy One, Get One FREE on Ferox EU, plus 25% Off Everything!! Enter coupon code EU25 at checkout for the discount.

    Now that he is free, there is no stopping Jamie! He has been making up for lost time by locking himself in a tiny room and writing non-stop, day and night. Check out his new articles HERE, with more coming shortly.

    Want to be cool for the Holidays? Check out our Merch here.

    Don't stay small!! Get 72 delicious servings of Cannibal Kraken here!! EU25 at Checkout


    -Chaos and Pain Rep -
    20% off = brice20 (Not my personal code - just there to hook up AM members)

  2. Good to hear about Jamie! He has had some sick articles in the past. If you guys haven't read any, definitely check them out. The training for an apocolypse write-ups were solid. An interesting take on training none the less .

    Also if you haven't tried Ferox EU, I would strongly suggest giving it a shot, it's a very clean stim and kicks hard. I definitely enjoy using it especially on days where I need a boost. Usually will do half a scoop and be rocking. A full scoop and I'm going off the rails.
    Chaos & Pain Rep

  3. Took advantage of Ferox EU BOGO when it dropped and havenít regretted it at all - perfect tasty stim blend that doesnít leave you hanging.

    Get the Love 66 orange soda pop flavor! Reminds me of how the OG NO Xplode would fizz slightly. Great flavoring.
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    [email protected]
    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

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