Cannibal permaswole

  1. Cannibal permaswole

    Picked this up from a few mentions on one of the c and p threads and I gotta say I'm normally pretty iffy when it comes to pump products. So was a little bit Leary but pulled the trigger bc of the amazing sale and the fact that everything I've tried from c and p was great so why not.

    Flavor: razzbloody lemonade

    Subtle flavor overall I thought. I loved it bc it's like your drinking a sweetened but not overly sweet lemonade and every once in a while the juicy raspberry taste comes through almost as if they were floating in your glass.

    Effects: the pump was unreal. So swole it hurt and the pump lasted hours and hours afterwards.

    After 1 use this has replaced Vasomax as my#1 pump product.

    Next up is running this and ferox together as a stack.

    5 out of 5
    Use code RUTHERFORD30 to save 30%

  2. I've been looking for something to replace MaxReps. Sounds like this worked well for you.
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  3. Just to add to this review:

    I love this stuff. Here's a couple pump pics courtesy of permaswole

    Name:  IMG_0664.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_0656.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_0654.jpg
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    It works period.
    Use code RUTHERFORD30 to save 30%

  4. The permaswole is awesome I love it. Feel free to use my code:skellie and save some cash next time. Thanks for the support.

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