your parry on my training



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your parry on my training

I wanted to share how many days I train at the week and the groups I train; I've been doing it for 5 years now, with good results; there is a small but constant growth;
but I do not know if sharing things with you could be optimized, for more results

Monday: chest - shoulders - biceps
Tuesday: back - triceps
Wednesday: legs
Thursday: chest - shoulders - biceps
friday .: rest
Saturday: back - triceps


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I know for me nothing has optimized results moreso than adding an extra rest day when I need it or splitting my training weeks with rest days in between. Play around with it. I personally found I grow quicker, recover better and have much better workouts with a 2 day on, 1 day off scheme. I feel the best that way. Every now and then I’ll go an extra day on or take an extra day off and usually when I take 3 rest days in a week, I notice a positive difference all around.
Try playing around with your splits too. Add the triceps to your chest/shoulder day and the biceps to your back day and alternate every couple weeks. Take a week off from training arms every now and then. Try back and shoulders together every now and then. It’s all about #1 enough rest and recovery and #2 playing around and seeing what your body likes.

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