XCD Athlete Training Programs.

XCD Matt

XCD Matt

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Hi we have a page on our website dedicated to our athletes training programs.

We have an awesome team of gals and guys with killer bods who compete at all levels.

Including two IFBB Pro Figure Ladies Yvette Brown & Rinnah Schmid

Three men's bodybuilders, Julian Gaylor, Joe Gunn and Christian Skilladellis

And ex figure competitor turned fitness model Flavia Basile.

You can see the workouts on XCD Nutrition

and also get info news and company updates.

First workout in this thread

Yvette Browns MAKE LEGS YOUR BITCH workout.


1- box jumps x 15 reps

2- jumping switch lunges x 15 reps

3- jump squats x 20 reps

4- step ups x 15 reps

5- sumo squat jumps x 20

Do 4 rounds or be real crazy and push 5 rounds.

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