Unanswered Workout timing question .


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Looking for advice on my current training situation.

I work from 6pm till 445 am

My normal workday schedule is follows.

Wake up around 1-2 pm
In the gym usually by 245 pm
Out hour later sometimes I stay longer . I get a lot in during this time frame

Work at 6
12:00 is lunch and we have a gym so I workout for about 40 mins

Off at 445 and usually asleep by 6-630

Is having not much rest between gym times hurting my progress building muscle?


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It all depends. This isn’t necessarily a problem if your body is recovering. Seems like your getting around 8 hours of sleep, so as long as your diet is in check with your training output it should be fine. Also let’s face it your schedule is what it is... that’s life. Just keep an eye on your progress. If your not gettting stronger or reaching your goals within a reasonable time you may need to adjust some things. I actually do something very similar to you. I workout for 40mins at lunch and double back for a full session at night. Things like back and legs I hit at night. Chest, shoulders arms and cardio I do at lunch. But and a big but... I will take days off as needed, some times 2-4 straight, or I will skip out on either a lunch or night time session. Maybe one week I will only do lunches or only night sessions. I listen to my body. I adjust my diet and such, but if I notice my strentgh is dropping or stalling (grip strentgh is also a good indicator) I just take some time to recover. You can still do cardio if you need to stay active, but for weight training i just leave it alone. And every time it works like a charm, I’m back to my intense workouts, with a great pump and progressive numbers on my lifts. it’s a constant game of push and pull for me. I have been getting excellent results especially given my schedule and life parameters at the time. I just make it work!

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