Why Do You Work Out? Everyone Has A Backstory Worth Sharing



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If you consider yourself a fitness fanatic, do you ever wonder what other people’s story looks like? What I mean is the person working out next to you. Or the person you always see at the gym. What’s their backstory? Why do they work out, what results have they seen, and what goals have they accomplished? And more importantly, what obstacles have they needed to overcome?

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Love the article! For me, it was for a number of reasons.. first, when I was a kid (probably starting at 6) I was very much into playing sports with the neighborhood kids.. I was always one of the fastest sprinters. I was always one of the best at basketball, and street hockey (on rollerblades) and I also had a fascination with Dragon Ball LOL (as you can see in my current avatar I still love it and got my kids into watching it) so I would train like the characters on the show did. Meaning I would do hundreds of pushups and sit ups every day.

Fast forward to 6th grade, when I was about 11 or 12, I wanted to play basketball for my middle school team. I was too short, didn't have it. I got frustrated cause I was dedicated and played all night once I got home from school daily. At this point, I was the short skinny kid who nobody thought had a chance at playing sports or being strong.

7th grade, family issues happened and I stopped caring altogether. Although this was a year when my PE coach told the class that pound-for-pound I was the strongest kid in the school. I did the most pull ups, pushups, etc.

Throughout high school I was always super skinny though, never trained and dropped out at 16.

When I turned 18 I started lifting weights due to a buddy from work getting me hooked. He was an ex-football player and huge, so I listened to what he said and started training. We went halves on 700+ lbs of weights, barbells, bench, etc. Also, being 5'8 and shorter than most guys, I felt like being skinny and shorter was not an option for me so I had to do something.

Lifting changed my life! I ALWAYS wanted to be strong. I always wanted to LOOK strong as well. It started to happen. This gave me confidence, helped me overcome my shyness so I didn't come off as a little b*** anymore and I really started to love life for the first time since I was a young kid. Even though I didn't play a sport, I felt good competing with my previous self, and always wanted to be better than I was the day before. I love that sh**!

I DID NOT DO IT FOR THE GIRLS. I DID IT FOR ME. I think this is what separated me from most guys I know who lifted, as they all gave up after a few months (even the guy who trained me at first gave up due to other things in his life - I surpassed him after 2 years), but I stayed with it.. at least until I turned 24. By this time, I went from 140-145lbs to a lean 180lb and looked strong as fuk compared to the average joe.

After that, I had moments where I stopped training for 1-2+ years at a time, but my gains always came back quick and I only quit due to having many other responsibilities and lack of $$ for gym or equipment. Whenever I could, I always trained. The confidence I got from lifting those first few years always stuck with me though and lifting forever changed my life.

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