Where Can I Exhaustively Research "Single Leg (Unweighted) Deadlift" aka "Single Leg Hip Hinge"?


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Hi Everyone,

In my getting back into fitness, I have focused solely on the Single Leg Deadlift (with only bodyweight). It is also known as the Single Leg Hip Hinge.

1. Is there a single expert or single source of the best info?

2. I ask because, interestingly enough, even unweighted has at least four variations:

- Bending down with hands at the side, in a T formation, with thumbs up. I feel it helps the shoulder rotation more
- Bending down with one hand down, and the other in a Thumb up; almost like practicing for the KB single leg deadlift.
- Arms Out, Hands in front, like a freestyle swimmer pose
- Arms Out; Hands in front, with palms inward

3. I myself have been doing sets of 30 at a time. Over the last few weeks, I have noticed many subtle changes in posture, core strength, evening out imbalances, etc. even though my weight and body composition remain basically unchanged.

4. Nevertheless, I will keep doing more until progress stalls, as I think this is a great exercise everyone can benefit from.


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If you feel like you want to try a more challenging body weight leg exercise at some point give pistol squats a try.

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