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Any recommendations on a good weightlifting belt?


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What do you plan to use with the belt or what is the specific reason you are looking for one?

It kind of depends.

1) Nothing too crazy and just want something to help with overall improvements on bracing and support or something you can wear for a wide variety of activities: A velcro belt. I use a super cheap Harbinger belt for most of my work that I wear a belt for. They are really cheap (cost not quality) and you can find many similar types out there. Search on weightlifting/olympic lifting type sites (you can even find them in stores if those are open around you).

2) Something more substantial for heavy lifting (powerlifting/strongman): a) Prong belt. I have a single prong from Best Belts that is nearly 10 years old by now? A solid belt like that will last forever. b) You could get a Lever belt as well. A thick belt like either of those takes a bit to break in but provides better stability for bracing depending on context.

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