various HGH/ghrp/ghrh/mk677 cycle stack ideas. smart or stupid solution?


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hello, i am new about the peds world and i am especially interested in peptides and gh optimization.

i have some strange ideas to show you.
First problem using HGH i know is the endogenous shutdown so i ask, why not to mix days/weeks where to use real HGH alternated to ghrp/h like ipa/modGRF or mk677?

something like 1day hgh and 1day ghrp/h or something similar always in 1:1 ratio, 1 week cycle, 4 week cycle etc.
isn't it a GOOD WAY to give a break to the external hormonal input and recover the "natural" pulse of natural gh with ghrp/h ?? i've never heard such a cycle stack before, is it so stupid?

or what about to exclude HGH (to avoid the problems it gives about shutdown) and do the same thing between ghrp/h and mk677? some people say mk is really strong and gives good results but the prolactin and cortisol issue are always there for some.

and at the same time, people who would try ipa/modGRF (modGrf is the same as cjc1295 no dac right?) maybe are not so happy to pin the belly fat 3xtimes a day, EVERY day/week.
a scheme could be 1 week to use peptides, 1 week to use mk.
or on days mon/wed/fri to use peptides and the other 4 days just oral mk, so the injection days are only 3......(not 5 on the 5on/2off scheme or even 7on)

please tell me if my concept is totally bad, for a chemical or hormonal standpoint. my idea is that mixing substances it's possible to have the pros to have a big release of GH (or external pure hgh) without to suffer from the SIDES that each substance is gonna give after time, like mk prolactin or insulin problem, hgh that shutdown production, and ipa/modGrf that ok it virtualy 0 sides but has the big problem of 3x pin a day, EVERY day (if any scheme such mine is used)


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I understand your reasoning. Keep researching.

Do it from the perspective of down-regulation due to exogenous admin of HGH vs promoting higher production using peptides, MK and how the pituitary responds.

I don't know the answer and it would require research. Since I am not contemplating this cycling technique, I leave the research to you.:)

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